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Since I started playing kissu factorio, I've slept around 3 hours a day in my chair, and figured out a really neat thing. So I got some Pad Thai from a Thai restaurant and it was $13, but it's lasted me 3 whole days there's so much food in there. Would recommend trying out if you've got a Thai place nearby. Are there any other really good value for your money foods /qa/ knows of?


worst value for money is some big sausages i got recently which cost 21 dollars a kilo and then i ate a third of it in one sitting
good sausage though






There's a Mediterranean place by me that's really good and has huge potions. So big they wrap the takeout boxes in plastic wrap to keep them from bursting open. I get like 5 meals out of it and it's only 15 bucks.


Not cost effective. You can eat a dozen and still be hungry for more.


File:R-1672438553581.jpeg (437.02 KB,1920x1080)

did someone say rooster


File:1543214286013.jpg (118.78 KB,1280x720)

Love me some 'thai but I don't think eating what is essentially just fat and carbs for 3 days straight can be good for you.
There was a period where I ate a lot of Chinese and Thai takeaway and gained weight because of it.


can't be. But at least it's nice t chinese food... or worse American burgers...


File:[SubsPlease] Ijiranaide, N….jpg (325.12 KB,1920x1080)

Feels like there's less and less good value foods recently and anime keeps on shoving delicious things in my face...


Flan really isnt that good


File:[SubsPlease] Buddy Daddies….jpg (268.2 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, you could look at the ingredients and see that flan wouldn't be as amazing as other modern desserts.
Sugar, eggs, milk, vanilla. It's like a gelatinous pancake, and people usually eat those with toppings


File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (199.18 KB,1280x720)

Hamburgers don't deserve all the scorn they get as a cheap food. For its price (depending on location) it's a cheap and dense source of protein. It's one of the most popular examples of a "loss leader", a product that attracts customers but actually loses the company money on each sale.
The empty calories and unhealthiness comes from some optional condiments and bun and not the burger itself, or the fries and drink that accompany it.
There's often tomatoes and lettuce on them, sometimes onion, and those are quite good for you. Mustard doesn't have much to it, but it's extremely low in calories. Ketchup is probably the worst thing as it's full of added sugar or corn syrup unless you get some fancy type, but there's generally so little of it that I think it can be forgiven. Some people eat them with mayonnaise, and that's definitely unhealthy.
It's recommended to limit the amount of red meat you consume, but unless you eat a burger every day I don't think it would matter. So, get a good whole wheat bun or fancy bread and it's actually a pretty great food.


File:Garlic-Dill-Pickles-nutrit….png (5.64 MB,1500x2634)

Oh, and pickles. Pickles are interesting in that they ride the line of being zero calories depending on how they were prepared. The energy it takes your body to digest them is not necessarily more than is provided by the pickles themselves. It might take more.


Burgers are one of the most popular foods online


File:1603373785357.png (139.23 KB,446x348)

I always get a bunch of frozen Pizzas for 2 euros each when on sale. The absolute best in terms of value and taste for money and time!


I meant as a trashy junk food without nutritional value. "Tastes good, but bad for you". It's not entirely true


sigh wish mayo wasnt so unhealthy

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