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File:1669144180036.webm (679.92 KB,640x360)


She's not your wife! Stop insulting her!




I don't like very many vtubers, but I like Fubuki. She's got a funny airheaded personality. I don't think you can really fake being a ditz so it seems more genuine than other vtubers who are clearly putting on a persona.


Ahh!!! I can't agree with her because she is a V t*ber but I have to agree with her because she agrees with me. What a dilemma...


File:Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Se….webm (5.83 MB,1024x576)



File:8b9113958985d2efbc07a5819d….mp4 (2.69 MB,500x600)

Oh yeah? Would a friend act like this?




shut up


Don't fall for the vixen's tricks, she seeks to deceive and entrap you in her snare!


Is her gimmick engrish


Why is anon so in love with these long girls


Anonymous was injured in a taffy stretching machine at a young age


I thought KISSING was what you did with friends...


the long ying to the wide yang


I will destroy all vtubers.


File:Botan shares her experienc….mp4 (44.12 MB,1280x720)

Im sorry anon, you're too late. I've been converted and will defend their honor


File:837889a2b7807a837221baa23….webm (18.42 MB,1920x1080)

Botan cute

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