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File:77b580e569dedf6ab191aa277c….png (301.81 KB,875x700)


It's lovely how young, aspiring pokemon trainers meet so many nice people in their journeys.


poke trainer meets kimo tamer


game freak...


getting freaky with pokegirls


File:d7f71d1d6957b0dd32381f4856….png (235.24 KB,875x700)

Don't be judgemental.


File:1668973061999.png (767.48 KB,1280x662)

Korone... uhh...


The new girl looks a little uncanny honestly






So nice that she can encounter so many people. I hope she's having a lot of fun with them.


File:1669243646018.jpg (1.03 MB,2048x1444)



>Diglett used astonish!


File:20221124_113953.jpg (906.85 KB,1280x1810)

So we know it has bad functionality and whatever, but what about the SHABS


File:3562c2f7b87e45f37c14accccf….png (1008.98 KB,1000x969)

Most have a look to em. Right now most of the attention is on the player (f)


File:d4ab6565e87c382214548cd6c5….jpg (1.46 MB,1600x1200)

Ahh delicious chocolate.


I remember the netoyous boycotting swsh over her


Is that Laura?!?!?


well gardeners do tend to catch a tan after all


File:20221126_125601.jpg (247.86 KB,650x900)

This isn't how you're supposed to obtain masterballs......


ok, it's time to vacate the net for a bit and actually play the game, I'm still only 3 badges (and two star bosses) in.


File:a9ab368aefaca3de5b73f3efb1….jpg (260.69 KB,1254x1939)

Nemona is made for /ss/


File:FiKWusKVsAAAWFU.png (496.22 KB,900x579)

The player(m) sure is lucky


It's good to see that the pokegirls are still amazing. Well, apart from that one being a streamer or something. I think it's that one >>45895
She does look a lot like a vtuber


She's just a little brat in need of correction. She'll get a real lady's job soon enough.

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