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File:6aea8db08eb336c59bb1a55561….jpg (6.25 MB,3507x2480)


Does /jp/ like naps?


File:doremi.png (299.95 KB,1300x1359)

To sleep, perchance to dream..


in theory yes, but I can never fall asleep


prefer faps to naps


I can't sleep for short amounts of time like some people can. I always end up sleeping for at least 3-4 hours and then my sleep schedule gets messed up because I can't sleep...


File:1669231630031810.jpg (52.31 KB,691x900)

I take naps in the morning just a few hours after I wake up. Then I take a nap in the early evening. Then I sleep at night. If I could, I would sleep all day long.


Waking up after 8h of sleep makes me feel frustrated, waking up from napping makes me feel dizzy.


I don't know if I like them but I do often nap particularly in summer, if I lie down to listen to a Youtube video or just for a break I often fall asleep, I also have trouble staying awake while driving on warm afternoons. I think food makes it worse, I did some fencing for my dads friend who was fencing race horses and we would go to the pub for lunch and I would always be incredibly tired afterwards, my dad's friend would say that I was useless once I had been fed.

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