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File:Legend.of.the.Galactic.Her….jpg (173.53 KB,960x720)


/jp/ could be so much better.

If only Sachiko were here....


Pardon my ignorance, who's Sachiko?


File:91277cfa09fd9a9af6cec33576….jpg (1.07 MB,1383x1722)

I agree /jp/ needs more vtubers.


File:71362603_p0.jpg (826.47 KB,860x1214)

No matter how much time passes, I'll never forget the queen of /qa/....


Not the Queen, the King.
King Kong




File:1440982-bigthumbnail.jpg (38.62 KB,450x311)

It up to our post to make /jp better



The tuber tide cannot be stopped. You will submit.



hate tubers


File:80391398_p0.png (777.23 KB,1800x1200)

Sachiko is Sachiko! Koshimizu Sachiko, if you use the Japanese name order is one of the 142 idolmaster girls named after their height. She is known for her smug self-satisfaction in her cuteness that no one seems to appreciate as much as herself. After being posted a bunch, she was nicknamed "the /qa/ girl" by a random [s4s] user and the phrase stuck due to a bit of history back in the 4chan days which was imported from /jp/. Notably, Sachiko was placed on the 4chan homepage after a joke campaign on /qa/ managed to reach the new admin.

Importantly cute thread:


The ones who basically erp with the viewer are ok...


File:1500746899343.gif (579.94 KB,800x1138)

Tragically, she met her end when a present prank went out of hand and bapped her to death


what happened to hapf of her images


File:72232768_p1.jpg (1.52 MB,1692x1157)

Oh, huh. Not sure. Might be a moved server or something. I still have them and could re-upload them I guess, maybe.


File:1463312701680.png (610.44 KB,629x569)

True, a tide of her size would be far too massive to stop.


stinky vtumor


it's a shame how boxing has gotten out of control


File:1456910622382.png (482.58 KB,800x1138)

The images have been fixed, by the way! I think I'll add some more images soon


File:1969544_1315449985228.72re….jpg (22.98 KB,500x281)

Looking forward, so shall I.


File:tumblr_inline_p2k7l9Oexo1q….gif (1.2 MB,450x337)



File:sachiko-koshimizu-64973.jpg (55.99 KB,300x417)

:0 wow, nice.


I like the background of that gif.


Actually her birthday is late this month so I'll upload a bunch then


File:if only sachiko were here.mp4 (1.14 MB,960x720)



Whateber happened to her being on the front page? I think it was before the move, but I'm not sure. Although I'm definitely not sure why.


Mmm, I'm not sure when it happened really. You could probably dig it up by archive searching, but I have no idea what you'd search for


File:1474141796354.png (481.45 KB,532x532)

Why is jaypissu so kuso?


if only T were here...................................................



Trevor Moore


RIP ;_;






i would gladly trade Ron Paul's life away in exchange for trevor moore's


File:68220680_p0.png (1.19 MB,733x1025)

Speak of the cute...

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