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File:0bae3ad0ed8051f6726665fccd….png (231.19 KB,618x716)


Remember those nen people that came to kissu? They say that you are shaped by your environment and this is what's known as the Koruriolis effect in action. Science is pretty amazing sometimes.

(remember that japanese time is counter-clockwise so it's right to left)




Those are gyaru proportions on the left


Right just doesn't look right




File:gyaru hatate.jpg (121.06 KB,657x966)

Unsurprisingly when looking at the author's other works...


boobs so big her face is being sucked inside them from the gravitational pull!


You can see her desire to be korurized
fully korurized and loving it
permanently korurized and bellied hatate


File:6a5cc352de0b16d270492565e1….png (236.32 KB,579x819)

"what on earth do these kissuers put in their food?"


File:__himekaidou_hatate_touhou….jpg (635.89 KB,700x824)

look at her go


File:FF1trUrVQAMPTVJ.jpg (494.78 KB,2500x2500)

loook at her let go...


You know, I'm actually starting to see the appeal of the morbidly obese ones.


oh no....


File:1609245199085.png (331.42 KB,875x639)

Too much chub.


It depends on the artist really


I've always been wanted to be in a horrible relationship like this


it's true, I gained 10 lbs since I started posting on kissu


It's probably like faces in that the more detail you age the worse it gets


File:__laura_la_mer_and_elda_pr….jpg (499.87 KB,1000x800)

This thread has been designated Living Heritage by the Kissu Board of Tourism


File:1662578481182.png (266.52 KB,934x1026)



So cute!


File:1664639113196 copy.png (398.59 KB,934x1026)


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