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File:bb3b9327c58853ec7e2764b3d….jpeg (589.22 KB,2480x3508)


can't believe pixiv locked my account and i have no idea why


File:1535126180306.jpg (979.43 KB,850x1105)

did you post art on it or something


no. not sure why.
My account is still around but I can't use any social features.
Bookmarks, comments, follows and messages all disabled. Yet no reason given.


File:[SubsPlease] Prima Doll - ….jpg (113.72 KB,1280x720)

That's really weird, especially since there's so many accounts posting terrible stuff, making horrific comments on english, and so on.
Some pol kid's propaganda account I reported a few months ago is still there making spam comments on hundreds of things a day, so who the fuck are they actually taking action against?


You might've used a blacklisted IP?


it's just automatic anti-bot. Pixiv seems like a company that only exists because it's necessary for Japanese artists... not because it provides a good service.


File:waterfox_H3A4aaOHfF.png (288.15 KB,692x754)

just got this and it seems like a good thread as any to post it in
*vomits uncontrollably*


you must convey this feeling through an emoticon
:O ~ $#*$&^@*$&^#@*$&^


Can you post the image behind it please?


File:101366937_p0.jpg (4.39 MB,3544x5303)

Good taste. One of the best big sagging boober artists.


nice, thanks


File:C-1663726696151.png (16.06 KB,561x74)

I was happily clicking on the emojis but then I say that one.


I got a guy who was soliciting real life hookups and using it as a Twitter clone banned



File:waterfox_EBWe9bKTWo.png (107.1 KB,637x220)

What the HELL are they thinking? It looks like some combination of social media and twitch and discord. And I wonder how they're getting them, because this 'man wipes sweat' thing is (was?) a 4chan thing a decade ago but here it is in vtuber form, and of course it's in english.
And there's Spongebob?
This is a real mess


I prefer sticker in the comments and given the responses I've gotten I know artists do too


They're user generated. Hope you can disable it/get an extension to do it eventually


File:tea-react.png (465.81 KB,1377x1080)

I don't see the issue with the emoji reactions. I don't use discord or whatnot but I find it a cute way for the audience to interact with each other, the artist or the art and those who are shy to comment can use a react as an alternative. These are not much different than the elephants. I don't know how much people will be using the feature in the future but the only issue I can understand is that they clog up the screen above the comments but the majority of artists I follow have no reacts on the works that they posted today, sometimes 1 but a maximum of 3 (note: I follow more than 500 artists, many are active). More than that such as the images in this thread and you probably have a bad taste in art.

I just used the feature myself and added a reaction to an art piece and it was nice to find that someone else added to the count.


Emoji reactions themselves are probably not bad, what I have an issue with is the costume meme ones.


Eh, just because an artist becomes popular doesn't mean he deserves to have 5 annoying lines of emojis below his work. Your example does seem nice and hopefully that becomes the norm


File:react-example.png (503.3 KB,753x1080)

I guess I was being a bit too mean but I think it's the type of audience that they bring in. Here's an example of a popular work with just 2 different emojis.

Artist: ハメドラゴン


Put simply it's just the overtly sexual stuff, or rather artists that mostly draw that since people would have them followed for that reason. Non-Japanese that like to look at cute or pretty drawings are seemingly still as rare as ever, but hentai presumably is still skyrocketing in popularity to people that don't otherwise have much of an interest in art or Japanese stuff in general


File:Untitled.png (2.11 KB,63x43)

Got my first emoji reaction, and it had to be this one.


you've gone a long way my man
keep on trucking

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