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File:[ORIGINAL ANIMATION] Gawr ….jpg (100.38 KB,1280x720)


i'm a chuba
i chube


File:1663465859031608.webm (2.16 MB,1280x720)

This doesn't look like chubing...


nice webbum


File:1663463494919157.png (183.6 KB,418x409)

Thanks, I saved it myself.


The internet is a series of vtubes.


hate vtubers


File:where did my food go.png (57.17 KB,800x800)

'ate vtubers


the rear shocks are under max compression...


the nubile body of a young shark


File:Max-Headroom-1985.jpg (283.66 KB,2000x1270)

just donated a month's worth of neetbux to my oshi max headroom, the first computer-generated tv presenter.


herd u guys liek overlord


File:R-1663730135760.jpg (60.9 KB,362x470)

delete this


File:headroom.png (25.63 KB,1418x123)

>the first computer-generated tv presenter.


didn't know "cover" meant "sing it in the worst way possible"


Just because one can sing a song well doesn't mean they should. The song's intentions don't come out with a clear voice


to rid of the foul taste


do not turn on captions


what the hell, I thought they were baked into the video
youtube captions have come a long way


How much does this cost...


3 months of superchats


might sperm to the shark


File:16212b26b03f1be41cf5c8c54e….jpg (282.97 KB,579x822)

Imagine if all the egirl donations were spent on developing persocoms instead. We would all be living the wotaku dream by now if that was the case.


File:1663762064894585.png (1000.93 KB,850x767)


File:82e719312ac9c9d7335c5d3a3b….png (11.32 MB,2128x3022)

That was a very cute animation. I liked all the references.


is that how butts are supposed to look like? That looks weird...

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