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Barmy this here bloke really shagged this lassy n' this bird don't look very chuffed 'bout it wish she shut her gop wake the whole flat innit?


File:Lum tries to make Ataru sl….mp4 (3.1 MB,480x360)

These lovers got quite a naff bout'em eh? Dunno bout him but I would be tickled pink to have a bird like Lum I quite fancy her she full of beans.


File:[SubsPlease] Soredemo Ayum….png (687.25 KB,1280x720)

I really wish they did more than a couple episodes. It's just so surreal and a completely different show. But, maybe the novelty would wear off after more than that


you can pick thumbnail frames you know...


Oh nice I had no idea of that.


File:1596493788732.png (577.79 KB,640x486)

I wonder if this is just my bias towards non-American English or if the actors are just good, but I don't think this is all that bad as far as dubs go. It also makes me wonder what a British Cromartie High School would be like.


Well, the voices were so silly and out of place to me that I couldn't really judge it fairly. I can't compare it to other dubs because other dubs seem "serious" to me, most of the time. If Ataru calls Lum a wanker or something I just can't accept it

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