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File:closed.jpg (112.55 KB,1280x720)


Are there any on the jay?
How are you holding up?


Lost my rights to being a NEET, but doing well enough in the hikki life.


File:hikki definition.jpg (135.23 KB,1690x510)

Yes, I'm pretty sure I fulfill all the requirements. I fall right into the exact age range as well (late twenties), but I've been like this ever since I graduated college.

Sorry but w*rking means you lose your right as a hikki too.


Yes, but I don't talk about it


>Exclusion of schizophrenia, intellectual disability, and bipolar disorder
wow what the hell look at this gatekeeping
disqualifies a great deal of people


File:1595610241728.jpg (64.09 KB,428x627)

I mean, you could just "take your meds" to fix the issue in that case. I consider myself pretty mentally stable. I don't think I could fix my issue with medication.


It's so the people in the category that fit can feel special


I take all of my medications every day.


that's the point


File:[SubsPlease] Prima Doll - ….jpg (184.79 KB,1280x720)

"Gatekeeping" makes it sound like it's a positive quality. It's described as a major failing of the individual, a failure to thrive akin to those other illnesses.
It's not something to put on your profile like "dubstep fan", but something to qualify someone's mental state


By definition, hikkis don't leave their homes for an entire span of six months? I was called a hikikomori IRL by a close relative(who teaches them such words?!) but I didn't care to make an effort to explain the differences between hikkis and NEETs. I do go outside if I feel it's worth my time to go to the store or for a nightwalk; and needless to say I'm not Japanese by blood nor by citizenship.


They say time heals all wounds, but I wonder if that's really true. At least, for hikki's and NEETs, I think particularly bad events leave more of an impression because there's less stimuli to help you forget the pain.

I've made a lot of bad decisions. Stupid things I'd said years ago keep me awake at night, and I pushed away people who probably meant well. It feels like guilt and regret over things I've done will eat me alive lately.


File:[SubsPlease] Soredemo Ayum….jpg (196.95 KB,1920x1080)

If you step your feet 1cm outside of the door you're automatically a normo and not my brother.


not the entire span of six months, just most of it
also you can be a hiki if you're not japanese..


Time only does if it's spent on healing.


On the Internet, anything can be considered as a possitive label and in-group


i'll have to get a job eventually ;_;


File:dcb7f3f31a3f8b1c8abac35768….png (1.18 MB,867x1416)

I'm still alive. I do have a cat though, so I'm not all that alone.
I've tried so many times to leave this lifestyle, but I collapse like Satou when things get too real. Meeting people, talking, doing things together, maybe one day. A job though, I don't think I could ever get. Even if I tried and overcame my fears I don't think anyone would want me. 10 years of no work. No real world skills. Uncharismatic. Socially stunted. I'm more pitiful than Satou. Can dream of a Misaki coming to rescue me, but I know better than that. If I want it I'll have to make it happen myself.

While I think it's somewhat strangely specific in this example (bipolar, really?) and it doesn't differentiate much more than if it's by choice or by illness, but gatekeeping is important. I have witnessed far too many labels get completely blurred and communities subverted completely. Gatekeeping is not inherently bad. I'd argue it's usually more positive than negative when it comes to definitions.
There's a neet board out there with one anon very insistently trying to push his idea of part-time neets which is just ridiculous.


it's a JOKE you doofoosses


File:1543436177732.png (747.31 KB,632x720)

I wish I had a Yuno poster.


File:a2dcb8c16c0a4f750beb02e28f….png (10.6 MB,4800x6912)

what about her Yuno seifuku



File:1e9779723401a29d9a3dd859d4….gif (1.47 MB,1000x562)

I turn into a hikikomori on the weekends. Since it is currently the weekend, I am rightfully posting here as a temporary hikikomori.


>10 years of no work
living off the government or your parents? i'm a parent-parasite right now, personally.


I am neither a hikki nor a NEET, and I also never was one in the past.


File:Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sen….jpg (195.87 KB,1280x720)

I might be a hikki


It's been years of freeloading with parents, eventually moved on to government.

It's my duty to continue living to finish Call of the Night.


been hikki since i dropped out 10 years ago


Damn, I'm not fulfilling my duty. This season just sucks.


File:[EMBER] Isekai Ojisan - 02….jpg (174.82 KB,1920x1080)

It doesn't suck though. There just isn't anything very notable airing that isn't a sequel. Ayumu, Yofukashi and Isekai Ojisan are the best non-sequels, but they don't seem to be very popular.


File:heh.jpg (73.43 KB,853x480)

>they don't seem to be very popular
Because they blow.


I was a NEET for 6 months and it was probably the worst time of my life. I really wish I had the mental fortitude for it, but leeching of the government/my parents gives me terrible anxiety


File:[EMBER] Isekai Ojisan - 01….jpg (428.38 KB,1920x1080)

Delete this right now.

It's easy to tell why they wouldn't resonate with the memelord crowd (they are busy bandwagoning the vtuber trend instead of anime these days anyway). Doesn't mean they are bad.


Yofukashi is neat, but I was also reading the manga before it aired. Just have a weakness to dorky vampire stuff


She's the ultimate omega dork.


File:Touhou Alice 038.jpg (100.59 KB,837x1280)

... I don't know how I am holding up.
On one hand, I don't like living where I am and for many reasons it's untenable but on the other hand I might be able to leave this eventually and buy my own house due to a government policy to get people into the housing market here, but that would be next year at the least, possibly even more if I have to build it as well. If that happens then my perfect life will be achieved, but it's the wait and the anxiety of not knowing if this will happen that is irritating.


>I might be able... buy my own house due to a government policy
Wow, that's crazy.



Expected this to be an article for people who are stupid to feel like they aren't that stupid, but really all it did was highlight the fact that I am stupid whereas an average person reading it might actually feel not so stupid. I am actually stupider than the stupid average. Stupidiot.


Without reading it, am I right to assume it says "introverted = smart"?


yes, it's a rather strange article. I was going to quote it

> You listen more than you talk
> You can focus on something for hours
> You are a night owl
> You adapt to change easily
> You know there is a lot you don’t know
> You are curious
> You are open-minded
> You like being alone
> You have great self-control
> You have a wicked sense of humour


File:Patchouli.Knowledge.full.2….jpg (283.7 KB,1403x2048)

Wow, that's me alright


File:1a19f608da60965bfae3ab0cef….jpg (727.95 KB,1000x1650)

Wow, that's not me alright.
>> You have a wicked sense of humour


File:69149552_p0.png (1.22 MB,1060x1060)


File:__patchouli_knowledge_touh….jpg (215.05 KB,850x1739)

Wow, that's me alright.


what is a wicked sense of humor anyway?


idk, it's self help guru lingo






Going to bed when the birds start singing.


I don't get what that site is good for except blocking up space in search entries the same way p*nterest is infamous for.


I get a lot of programming theory from Medium. Some of the earlier concepts of this site came from articles written on it.


other than that it's programmer blogging,

then there are posers who use it for things no one wants for their life hack pseudo psychology posts


It looks like official media written by lesser official goods(authorships). If search engines led me to something authentic like wordpress, that'd be a whole another story.


you have to pay a programmer for them to touch wordpress


Is it even possible to change your life once you've been hiki for a few years?


Yeah, it's better that people are shown what they want to read instead of that meaningless life hack fluff. Accusing someone of not acting genuinely though, that's a dangerous slope to go down.


Yes. It depends whats wrong with you though I guess


it's not that it's impossible, but you have to bear much worse discomfort than what brought you to be hikki in the first place.


i guess that comes naturally when joining the workforce


yeah, prisoners can rejoin society and they've done far worse


For many the fear of interacting face to face with people in general can be enough.


Personally, imageboards took away my fear of real people. Their pressure doesn't compare to Anonymous'.


There is no more inexcusable act to the average person than shutting yourself in; people have compassion with thieves, drug dealers and other shady folks for whatever noble-seeming motives they have and how much friendliness those people(most of the time they are functional) occasionally express to their surroundings when they don't sacrifice other peoples' goods and health for their own benefit. A living person naturally sympathizes with somebody who does something to feel alive, even if it's morally wrong; it's much harder and less promising to have faith in a person who is preparing for death.


How does Anon pressure you? The reason I come online is because here I don't feel pressured.


batshit insane worldview, are you a troll against shut ins or something?


I don't think normalfags have more compassion with criminals than hikis. They just don't understand hikis, which makes it hard for them to say anything about it. Would be my guess.




File:86361288_p0.jpg (1.4 MB,2067x1447)



File:WoWScrnShot_072822_201037.jpg (1.77 MB,1328x968)

I've never worked a real job in my life; it's not so bad. I find interesting projects to pass the time away.

Lately, I've been working on modding MMD models into World of Warcraft. I'd been banging my head on it for a month, but I finally got it all figured out recently. WoW modding is extremely difficult, and it's kind of pointless, but it's cool to know it's my own little one-of-a-kind thing even if it is a bit silly. I've ported a few 2hus and other girls already.


File:1442962463666.png (250.77 KB,646x614)

I saw that image, thinking to ask since when did people manage to mod WoW like that, and it turns out you actually did it. That's pretty awesome, she doesn't even stand out there, in fact it looks oddly natural. Are you going to post your method somewhere so others can turn Azeroth into Gensokyo?


File:normo.png (383.36 KB,640x480)



File:WoWScrnShot_072822_224308.png (1.01 MB,1284x725)

Glad you think it's cool anon. There's a lot you can do - for example, weapons and shields will show up on your character. You could replace the Lich King's head with Cirno, and so on. WoW's main strength is that so many different types of skeletons means nearly any character can be ported over relatively well unlike a lot of games. For example, shimmy or other small characters can be rigged on a dwarf or gnome skeleton. It could act as a poor man's open-world touhou RPG.

>Are you going to post your method somewhere so others can turn Azeroth into Gensokyo?
That's what I was planning, as well as uploading my models, though I'm unsure of where a good place to do so would be. Sadly an old netoge like WoW isn't too popular, else I'd be tempted to actually try to do something with this.

Most of it is done via hex editing, so there's a lot I'm still learning myself, it's a bit of trial and error, but it's fun seeing what I can get away with.


what annoys me the most about going outside is that I want to tell everyone that they're annoying and should mind their own buisness, but I don't want to be confrontational


how about calling them "nope" (normal people).
the nopes.


I thought we settled on 'norm' forever ago?



"norp" sounds too 90s for me


File:[Commie] Call of the Night….jpg (470.8 KB,1920x1080)

I remember like a decade ago there was ERP-focused modding that relied on model swaps and stuff. For instance if you wanted to give your female draenei a penis you needed to equip a certain dagger or something. So apparently a non-modder would see high level characters with a crappy low level dagger and might be confused why. hehehe


File:uwaaaa.jpg (27.6 KB,349x295)

This gives swordfighting in goldshire a whole new meaning.


The more time you have the less you end up doing it seems.


File:1659122570206.jpg (369.89 KB,700x1093)

I can attest to this. Ever since unNEETing myself I've been partaking in my hobbies a lot more.


File:53.jpg (30.27 KB,392x446)

I cannot attest to this. Ever since unNEETing myself I've been partaking in my hobbies quite a bit less.
Im absolutely thinking of reducing my hours.


File:__suiseiseki_rozen_maiden_….jpg (121.29 KB,634x734)

played games until 6am again
now to watching tv until i fall asleep
going to bed when normal people go to work and waking up when they come home will always feel kind of strange desu

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