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File:WIDEvamp.jpg (472.36 KB,3840x1080)




File:widemana.png (948.24 KB,2274x712)



File:[Commie] Call of the Night….jpg (453.08 KB,1920x1080)

Shouldn't her bite marks be further apart?


File:wide.jpg (529.79 KB,1920x1080)



File:[SubsPlease] Prima Doll - ….jpg (140.19 KB,1280x720)

weird coincidence


File:[ASW] Yofukashi no Uta - 0….jpg (193.04 KB,1920x1080)

More wides just dropped


File:[ASW] Yofukashi no Uta - 0….jpg (180.27 KB,1920x1080)



These wides stand out in their sharpness, look at how pointy they are. Hardly what you'd expect from a typical wide.


File:Nichijou - 18 - Large 14.jpg (150.87 KB,1280x720)

The OP one is the same though. It's Nichijou shark nose wide. The pointy part is actually the nose.


Wait, isn't it their cheek? Do they have frontal rhinoses?


You can see it turning into a nose in motion in Nichijou. It's obviously not where the nose is supposed to be, but it gives that impression when the characters turn.


File:wide.webm (2.7 MB,480x360)



How does this work?


a video can be as wide as you want it to be




File:failed-2022-07-29_10.28.4….webm (4.66 MB,538x504)

It's not resizing, I guess this is a bug?




each frame is a different width and each one is combined together at once in ffmpeg to make a video which changes dimensions over time.


The widening occurs only if you stretch the frame beforehand, I'm guessing its size is set from just the first frame and doesn't get updated.


I have a $$$ request to get this working on the kissu-ui. Not sure if it's possible, but I got it working rather quickly through the CSS inspector so it should be


hm, looks like it was easier than I expected... maybe in previous versions the CSS and expander was much less flexible...

In any case, experience the wide >>39489 and as usual tell me if I broke the site(on /b/)


File:1657270280182.webm (696.23 KB,632x388)

Like This!


File:out.webm (30.01 MB,640x360)



I have to give this thread temporary permanent status to eventually test some bugs


File:[Commie] Call of the Night….jpg (305.91 KB,1920x1080)

truly vampire kissu is important.. some might even say it's vital to our identity



File:Hello.png (977.12 KB,1920x1080)



I always hear the wide putin meme music in my head when I see this thread


File:wide_faces_walking.webm (21.08 MB,1280x360)

i think you're going crazy anon


good suggestion


File:nazuna poweruppu.webm (1.73 MB,1280x720)



File:C-1659781628357.png (360.56 KB,693x376)

lol @




File:1638362056513.jpg (1.53 MB,2067x1447)



Thank you for realizing the dream


hehe that's great


File:[SubsPlease] Yofukashi no ….jpg (315.15 KB,1920x1080)

You know... with her hair like this and a nurse outfit... Was she going for a Nurse Joy look?


File:[Commie] Call of the Night….jpg (318.42 KB,1920x1080)

What is it that compels a girl into wideness?


File:[SubsPlease] Teppen - 06 (….png (573.25 KB,1280x695)

Okay now that I prevented the thread from dying while I mess around with editing this, does anyone have any ideas of a proper way to make a wide edit?
On this I cut off the top so I could move it down a bit, then I widened both layers separately.
I don't have the motivation to mess with the hair and background and stuff, but the face itself seems... almost decent.


I watched this yesterday again and laughed


It didn't take very long for everyone to forget about this fad.


It was just a bit of fun.


File:[Commie] Call of the Night….jpg (280.74 KB,1920x1080)

just noticed that this is an 'eternal' thread that won't die
we should keep it for a few years


There's actually a bug on mobile phones which I don't know how to resolve so it's going to be eternal until I figure it out. It's a minor issue which will take me a while of research... so this might last for a few years


Maybe we can celebrate New Year's in here


File:[Commie] Call of the Night….jpg (383.28 KB,1920x1080)

can't wait to celebrate Christmas with Nazuna


File:7342870b2bd8b522d0c8f23532….jpg (1.84 MB,2010x3079)

return of the eternal bampire!


File:__uguisu_anko_yofukashi_no….png (2.19 MB,1080x1920)

return of the eternal 17 year old!


I miss her


File:C-1674580317631.png (523.26 KB,704x734)

I miss her sigh


Last run

Some mobile bug with this >>39489
. Can't fix it. I think it's part of the meta data you can't remove from webm.


Nazuna is going to die....


>Last run


File:Yofukashi no Uta - S01E01M….jpg (236.72 KB,1920x1080)

She's not going to make a whole year?
At least she will always be with us in the banner.




the manga really went to shit


File:[ASW] Yofukashi no Uta - 1….jpg (64.06 KB,497x513)

Editor-kun strikes again.


File:[Commie] Call of the Night….jpg (327.61 KB,1920x1080)

This thread must live forever!
So, uh, what's your opinion of bedsheets?


very beddy


File:1324278_p0.png (716.65 KB,1000x1400)

wetty beddy


Love bedsheets, but it's hard to find ones that are really good...


Thats so sad


File:[Drag] Utawarerumono OVA -….jpg (251.82 KB,1920x1080)

I love this storyline


File:1667548906147945.gif (182.57 KB,370x300)

I had a dream where I had to piss, and I thought to myself, am I going to wake up covered in piss if I piss?
I pissed, then I woke up and I did wet the bed after all. I was pissed. Then I woke up again and the bed was dry.



I wish I could be as successful in life as you.


enjoy your victory piss


the pissu pro


The piss dried from your body heat.


File:20230323_164855.jpg (455.62 KB,768x1152)

BEHOLD, Nazuna's hips are wide as well


File:C-1679606009825.png (199.93 KB,504x418)



Stop giving shabs big asses


Continue giving shabs big asses


was just thinking about how much i wanted to see posts of world weary christmas cakes
if only there was a brave anon to make such posts


wide and breedable


File:normalvamp.jpg (355.06 KB,960x1080)

Nazuna (unwide version)


narrowed down




Is that the actual manga style? She looks pretty cute in the disembodied head form.

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