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File:92c0754d529c9355f68d44c1ad….jpg (226.93 KB,718x910)


If you think about it very broadly and not really think too hard, Madoka was just a better rendition of Claymore.


File:[SubsPlease] Prima Doll - ….jpg (123.74 KB,1280x720)

The sword or the mine?


File:PMMM893 Howa.jpg (78.7 KB,800x450)

Howa Howa


File:[GJM] To Aru Kagaku no Rai….jpg (259.39 KB,1920x1080)

Abusing the spoiler tag broke your link! You have paid the price for your insolence!


The link works fine for me?


Oh, huh. Looks like it's a Kissu UI thing. Interesting.
Yeah, it's not clickable for me on the Kissu UI.


are you insane... it's not clickable on any ui


File:[GJM] Ascendance of a Book….jpg (222.18 KB,1920x1080)

Yes I am!
4chanx makes it clickable on the old vichan. Man, imageboard software is weird.


File:27779037_p0.jpg (96.39 KB,600x830)

Are the other girls even trying with their arsenals? Homu really has to do most of the heavy lifting herself...


File:[SubsPlease] Teppen - 05 (….jpg (148.26 KB,1280x720)

>If you think
Why would I do that?


File:IMASINE.jpg (151 KB,1275x718)



I still can't get over how someone decided just having half the screen covered by a sword was a good idea for an ED, that probably would've been a lot better without it...

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