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File:86361288_p0.jpg (1.4 MB,2067x1447)

Is she a joke to you???


File:fat.jpg (107.67 KB,1282x1208)

Nothin' to laugh at


I hate being asked if I have funny images while bathing


File:Oniisama.jpg (437.31 KB,931x868)

I think I'll keep them to one thread to be less of a bother




how did left grow a beard?


File:130.jpg (204.7 KB,933x431)

I almost temporarily dropped tenshi no drop to finish the most recent volume of an age gap yuri manga with a JS and a OL (3 of the things I love the most) as it seems like the last person isn't doing it anymore, but then I saw that the raws had no furigana and that would end up taking me way longer as I am bad with kanji.
I could never really leave tenshi no drop anyway


>age gap
>(3 of the things I love the most)
which of these do you not like????


I typed it grouping age gap and yuri together, but that would imply that I don't greatly enjoy either on their own which isn't the case because I do.


ah phew


File:137.jpg (298.75 KB,972x384)



is the guy who did the tl before me still around? If you are could you tell me what font you were using


Who are you quoting?


CC Wild Words

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