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File:26fc46ec4d3f84d27fe738af9e….mp4 (1.46 MB,720x720)


Has the 'anime then anime now' crowd considered that with better 3D rendering you can achieve shading and coloring that far surpasses the ability of artists to do in a reasonable period of time?


why would you consider anything when you're starting a flamewar?


oh no don't discus 3d... kissu isn't mature enough to have such a controversial topic


What you just posted was a terrible example of that
(I do get what you are trying to say though, I think)


File:0918661d23091de7dffc69ccb6….mp4 (1.2 MB,748x748)

3D has two philosophies:
Realism vs. Dolls,
The two philosophies are rather distinct from one another where the dolls resemble more of sculptures than they do people, while the realists attempt to manipulate the effects of nature on the skin.

2D Art is somewhat different where the individuals making comic/animation are trying neither striving for dolls or realism, but instead concepts and characterization. However, the artists who draw to achieve realistic rendering, the romantic traditionalist artists who value shading and rendering above style(anime was better in the past etc.etc.), will be hard pressed to see a reason why they should not accept 3D as the future of their medium


I don't agree with that. There are not anime artists who value realism over style, the format isn't a realistic one to begin with.
Even regarding more realistic art, they are still not aiming solely for realism. Now that we have cameras we can create photo realistic images with ease, but that does not mean that people now view classical art as inferior and ugly.

3d animations have their place as well and just as 2d anime is a style on it;s own, 3d animation is a style as well.


"3DCG saves time and effort so you can get the same result much more efficiently" but that actually strikes at the heart of the matter. I like watching animation that was expensive in time, effort, thought, and attention from talented and experienced animators. That's a big part of the appeal of animation in the first place. Circumventing that through technology makes it feel less rich.


File:1640972540625.webm (2.47 MB,480x360)





>'anime then anime now' crowd


File:[SubsPlease] Shokei Shoujo….jpg (148.97 KB,1280x720)

3D is always PD. No exceptions. The Japanese are foolish if they think they can compete with Dreamworks/Disney/Pixar in that area. I already stopped watching mecha anime because of it. The day most anime becomes CGi is the day I'll stop following seasonal stuff and work on my backlog of older shows free from the CG menace.

Pic related had great visuals for the most part but they had to ruin it with PS2-tier CGi in the last episode.


found them >>37164


File:[ASW] Shokei Shoujo no Vir….jpg (237.49 KB,1920x1080)

I agree with them just on that point. Otherwise almost all of my favorite anime is from the mid 00s and early 10s, not 'retro' stuff from the 90s and 80s.

You can't seriously tell me this looks good.


that's cost cutting, also it fits the role of horrific monster


I also think that that is an unjust way of thinking because it assumes they would have been able to make it better if they hand drew it


File:[ASW] Shokei Shoujo no Vir….jpg (205.98 KB,1920x1080)

Well, she is hand-drawn up close and it looks better than her CG version for sure. Maybe modern animators don't have much experience in animating huge monsters and mechas. That was the coolest thing about older anime in my opinion.



I don't think you noticed the lack of movement from it while it was drawn in 2D...


File:[Anime Time] Utawarerumono….jpg (346.38 KB,1920x1080)

That's I meant. They can draw it but they can't animate. They must have trouble understanding how their 'anatomy' and how do they move, but older animators didn't.

Also, someone mistook the monsters in the new Underwater Ray Romano for CG in the stream. They're not actually. It gets my approval.


You didn't pay attention to what people were saying... Look at the gigiri or the boro giri when it's not in focus


Yeah, it's just cost cutting in that case then. I barely noticed it. They can actually animate them since there are plenty of scenes where they are animated in 2D unlike in Virgin Road.


I've always found the "effort" angle really insulting. Animation as a medium takes a ton of effort no matter what you're doing. You could be drawing literal sticks figures and it would still be a lot of work.


Meh. Anime as a whole is about cutting corners. The approach was developed to allow for good animation on the low budgets and tight schedules of 1960s television, and it really hasn't changed much since. Watch a 90s anime movie next to an American animated one from the same time and you'll really see the difference.

Not saying it's a bad thing, by the way. On the contrary; I think it's a big part of what gives anime its unique 'flavor'.


File:70bd124f5a969153a92ee6bc16….png (695.52 KB,639x845)

>Watch a 90s anime movie next to an American animated one from the same time and you'll really see the difference.
Which one though? If it's something like Akira (I know that one is from the late 80s but it still counts) Ghost in the Shell or Jin-Roh then it can easily stand its ground, but yeah anime is less 'fluid' than classic Disney stuff, but that's because most of it was rotoscoped, and everyone complains about rotoscoped anime. Disney characters also move in an exaggerated flamboyant manner that would look weird in anime.


The fact remains that the only myaa myaa anime is 3D and cute.


I really hate that fluid style. It looks so weird and it's not like it makes it look better animated or more detailed or anything, it just looks dumb.


It's less about 'smoothness' and more the overall philosophy. Fully animated anime is still story-boarded and laid-out as if it were limited TV animation. Watch Future Boy Conan next to a Ghibli movie and you'll see what I mean.


File:1655572090367.png (1.93 MB,1920x1080)

You're right, I'm mentally 7!


The real issue is it doesn't even get the same result.


I love 3D. I love seeing Eastern takes on this animation style.


File:Orange - Anime Studio - Au….mp4 (2.75 MB,1678x720)

It's pretty amazing to see it progress. It's a strange art because as >>37161 has shown you're not depicting real 3D space but a bizarre nonsensical dimension that warps towards the camera. I think real 3D has a beautiful future ahead, but for the most part (and it's been mentioned in the thread) it is unfortunately used as a cost-saving measure and not for its potential.
I could have sworn Ousama Ranking had 3D in it, but a google search took me to
https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=2001096 which mentions that it used rotoscoping of 3D scenes in Blender and that's why I detected it as 3D. Unfortunately the tweet was deleted?

>3D is always PD
I thought this was used by /a/ people for real life girls who they can never stop talking about for some reason


File:[SubsPlease] Shokei Shouj….webm (4.32 MB,1920x1080)

You know, compared to the stillness of the 2D model for her, I have to disagree with that the CG for this was horrible. Sure, it wasn't top of the line Toei stuff, but it wasn't nearly as horrendous as the vast majority of cheap CG. To notice that something is CG is not the same as to say the CG is bad, in fact I'd say in this case the CG was pretty exceptional by TV anime standards. It even pulled off expressiveness in its motions.


Wait, found it with 'ousama ranking blender'


File:perfectly good looking cg….webm (6.3 MB,1920x1080)

In fact, to add onto this, the 2D animation in the show wasn't at all anything to write home about. It was alright, but the cracks in the budget began to show around the latter half. In no way would the team behind this anime have had either the talent or budget to have pull this off in 2D. I'd imagine that if they tried the end result wouldn't have looked nearly as intense or given off the same sense of spectacle as what CG was able to accomplish. Instead of relying on your Dunning-Kruger brain that spots 3D and returns the association "Bad", you should consider if the team chose the best option using CG given the constraints that the project was working under.

I do agree that it'd be nice if everything could be Mushoku Tensei or a big budget OVA or whatnot, but unless you're saying that you're going to put up the funds for every anime to look like that then you'll have to deal with CGI being used for those intensive scenes.




File:1651842758405.png (445.76 KB,616x720)

The future....


r u a girl


i luv u


File:1627435939554.jpg (267.26 KB,661x633)


Very scary...


What I wonder is why they aren't trying the sort of toonboom-style 2D rigged animation that most western studios use now. It's even cheaper than 3D, and if you try hard enough it can do a decent job replicating hand-drawn stuff.


I'd assume there's some relation with why Adobe Flash never caught on with TV anime over there.


File:R-1655784489103.gif (710.92 KB,500x280)

inferno cop revolutionized anime


ur fat


wouldn't it be less work to have a realistic model or does the anime style require form manipulation to look within the style?


File:75093975_p0.jpg (401.85 KB,1080x1920)

You know, I thought there was an irreplaceable charm to the derpy models of Kemono Friends, but I don't find the OP webm disagreeable...


Anime art is usually very loose, and a realistic 3D model, being truly 3D, is gonna do a lousy job replicating that.


File:[LoopSubs] Machikado Mazok….jpg (322.17 KB,1920x1080)

It'd be faster, but it wouldn't work if you want a 2D-like face from anything other than head on. Imagine where Mikan (right girl)'s mouth and eyes would be if it it existed in 3D space. Despite a 2D girl's face being as flat as a pancake, you can actually see deep into the side of her eyes. Also, her mouth is fully discernible from the side and if it was opened it's liable to form a snout like a horse.
I think 3D stuff in video games like Tales of Arise and the Trials of Mana have shown that you don't need to do it for very nice stylish faces, but for a more authentic "anime" look then you can't obey stuff like physics.


le side mouth


File:waterfox_cyqpo8QvVv.png (211.38 KB,384x345)

This is one of the other ways 3D mouths are done form the side. The nose is in the upper left, the, uhh... weird 2D style mouth silhouette is on the left and the mouth that faces the camera is on the right


File:Yogurt Cap - Front room fo….mp4 (1011.8 KB,720x720)

After looking into the source of OP's video I have to sadly say that he can no longer be allowed to live for indirectly supporting the lewdening of friends.


friends are for ero



File:[IrizaRaws] Love Live Niji….png (6.28 MB,1920x1080)

This is really not okay.


File:extremely high budget poor….jpg (2.71 MB,4740x1408)

>the romantic traditionalist artists who value shading and rendering above style
I don't think that's something people prefer... Usually whenever I see posts romanticizing old OVAs they're heavily stylized with shading that emphasizes that.


File:[SubsPlease] Kunoichi Tsub….jpg (104.08 KB,1280x720)

I keep going back to watch this Serval video. It's hypnotic, and the Gameboy music adds to it. It's really... something. I really wish it was a loop, though.
I've been thinking that it'd be nice if there was a modern version of ytmnd that could take video and audio or something and produce a mp4 to share.
Or maybe I could stop procrastinating and learn da vinci resolve, but that wouldn't help other people create things


The most annoying part about the video is that you can tell with how the theme is progressing that it probably would lead into a perfect loop had the author of it just done a better job looping.


>I've been thinking that it'd be nice if there was a modern version of ytmnd that could take video and audio or something and produce a mp4 to share.
You just described TikTok...

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