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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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File:__reisen_udongein_inaba_to….jpg (726.77 KB,1194x1224)


Kakashi Nenpo dead... Hope you don't mind if we stay here for a bit, at least until we can figure something out.


Huh? I only just got up, what happened?


File:10.jpg (105.54 KB,455x698)



Nenmin decided to call it quits. He put up the details on his site.


No... ;_;


Ohh. Now we need somewhere else to go. Hmmm. There really isn't anywhere else like Kakashi Nenpo though.


Yeah... I have an idea, but I'm not really sure about it. I'm going to think on it for a bit first. I'll wait and see if anyone makes a suggestion.


File:[SubsPlease] Shachiku-san ….jpg (169.65 KB,1280x720)

Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. You're more than welcome to stay here temporarily or permanently. /jp/ is meant to be a bit more funpost-y while /qa/ is more slow and serious. This thread might work better on /qa/ since it's much slower, but hmm...
I'll talk to the other mods about it, maybe a blotter message and a link to this thread (or to a potential /qa/ one) would be ideal.
Feel free to ask any questions or whatever


File:[SubsPlease] RPG Fudousan ….jpg (177.17 KB,1280x720)

no more funny faces or bumping the daily thread or enjoying weeknend pizzas or getting beach body ready or...


File:95884496_p0.jpg (1.69 MB,1649x2500)

It's no replacement, but if you ever want someplace nice and slow to post, I'll always welcome my friends from nen on 2kind.moe. I hope it's okay for me to put that out here.


File:__himekaidou_hatate_touhou….jpg (276.83 KB,1080x1920)

I've made a thread here on /qa/, but you're free to use either one >>>/qa/91370
/qa/ is much slower so a thread here on /jp/ could be pushed down pretty fast


hate the spamming bullies that won't leave peaceful imageboards alone


yay, we get to cannibalize a little of the /jp/sphere for their nutrients!


File:1450320229257.gif (522.78 KB,450x253)

bad Anonymous!


File:__yamakaze_kantai_collecti….png (886.68 KB,996x867)

Welp, there it goes. The only board that managed to break out of the "I got banned from stupidshitchan (aka 4chan) and now I get to spam my stupid shit all over spinoffs" cycle, the only board that had the balls to have a design that was both unique yet added to the classic imageboard scheme is dead.
I feel like the issue could have gotten resolved by going to a different provider but I'm not the pilot in the seat and if nenmin doesn't have the time for it, I have to respect that.
I hope nenmin you read this and take pride in having had a board that was unique on the global imageboard scene even. I'm sad but I understand the situation so I'm not mad.
I think I will rather try and go to sushigirl because even if nen was originally a spin-off, it was more like an island you could see from the spinoffs yet still completely different in culture and almost unrelated, and I can't relate to the average 4channer nowadays, I'm purely an altchan guy.
I loved posting cutes on nen, looking at cutes posted by others on nen and I sincerely hope someone else enjoyed the smolbotes I posted there.
I don't see a possibility of this community staying in a group in any way, I'm sorry but kissu is pissu(I checked it out before) (I guess this is my encouragement for nenmin too to search for other communities outside of the jp spinoffs?), I hate discord too.
I hope every nenposter will find a place to be and enjoy cutes.
Sorry for my english etc.
t. smolbote poster


File:smolbotes_on_ps4.png (865.99 KB,985x761)

this board looks pretty nice, I think I will try it


> I'm sorry but kissu is pissu
Awww... this kinda hurts.
Well, good luck in finding a new home!


File:1640628858415.jpg (101.76 KB,1200x849)

You shouldn't want everyone around who is inherently antagonistic to your board culture anyway


File:retard absorber.jpeg (39.44 KB,702x702)

it's pissmin's fault though. if he wasn't such a huge fag maybe it would be more attractive to certain parts of the /jp/sphere. but we don't have anything to do with /jp/ beyond a surface level anyway.


Ha! You think you don't like him! Imagine having to share a site with him!


Oh my god is that... PHP upgrade? NOOOO! Save me, Sussman!


You kind of just gave the reason why he might post something like >>36690
The good thing about Nen was how unabrasive it was.


File:1626013265692.png (164.78 KB,490x490)

Hundred percent not true.
Kissmin should not have a culture ready for a competing imageboard collapsing, because at that point he is making a divide in his own community.
t. that one smolbote nen-user


File:[LoopSubs] Machikado Mazok….jpg (306.51 KB,1920x1080)

Running an imageboard is a lot more work and stress than people think it is, especially when you're of a personality type that wants to relax and take it easy. Not only that, but many admins do it anonymously, alone, which leaves them completely isolated with no avenue to reduce the stress or doubt they feel. This PHP thing is simply one of many stress factors that would lead to nenmin finally relieving the stress for good.
It's truly an unenviable position.


File:1654881689835.png (32.22 KB,784x506)

hey nenbros


welcome nenfriends


File:R-1655116136062.mp4 (17.82 MB,1280x720)

someone remove this spam at once


someone remove this sperm at once


>many admins do it anonymously, alone, which leaves them completely isolated with no avenue to reduce the stress or doubt they feel.
I agree with this completely. Probably even sadder is the fact you'll never really have anything to show for it. I think it's for the best he at least let it go with dignity and good memories rather than let it die a slow death under different moderation.


File:Thank You And Goodbye.PNG (9.45 KB,580x279)



File:R-1655118525404.png (4.73 KB,500x90)

turned your image into a wide banner


File:R-1655118633141.png (49.91 KB,500x90)

RIP what


Don't mind me, just advertising my own board.


Hey helmut


you should be shot for posting this fucking shithole, that community was already bad enough when krautchan died


I thought KC was improving slowly when it died


My friends were on nen.


File:513f1ef79d8ec508c12f960806….jpg (308.19 KB,2057x1768)




it's like no space so I'll upload his files to this location.
The URLs are broken because that's just the way it works.


just as a place to put the files he gave out


That's kind of why I like kissu though. It's an imageboard, but it's relatively isolated from the larger imageboard "scene". I didn't use Nen, but going off of what the people ITT say, it seems like it was the case there too.


File:DDzCwDSU0AEELdZ.jpg (28.22 KB,640x448)

Wait, that happened yesterday? I just decided to check on /nen/ after more than an year away from imageboards and I got hit by the awful news on the front page...That's really sad. I had some good times in there. It seems all the little communities I once cherished are now really dead. Thank you nenmin and all the friends there for the good times I had.


File:kisume.jpg (206.98 KB,365x516)

thank you for all the nenly times nenmin and all my nenfrens


File:foolish_tengu_raid_09.jpg (759.86 KB,1411x2000)

I used to frequent /nen/ and feel sad about this revelation. Truly sorry for the nenbros.
I hope you can find a little home in k(p)issu but I understand it's not the same. Ganbare nen-tachi.


I was thinking of hosting my own board again (not nenmin), does anyone have any advice as to what imageboard software to use? I'm a little out of the loop and fairly tech illiterate with newer software, however I'm willing to pay for hosting fees and deal with spam. I'd also like to implement a password function to enter the imageboard itself if possible, I feel as if that alone would be more than enough to filter out the majority of spam.


Your choices are a bit limited nowadays since PHP is getting unusable. All the imageboards of old use PHP, but the modern ones written in 2018 to present are Golang, C# or NodeJS. Probably you'd be best off with https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan
The C# one, which is a successor to the Vichan fork NPFChan, is not public and done by a schizophrenic mlp guy.
Golang is used by meguca/shamikoo https://github.com/bakape/shamichan but it's designed for liveboard posting.

The rest are basically unknowns. There is a software called https://gitgud.io/fatchan/jschan the author may have gave up on it after the a coalition of 8chan boards began to prove to be a waste of time. Or it might be good, no one uses it that is worth looking at.
You can look through this list for something that seems interesting https://allchans.org/ but my post basically says the two main ones that people can use nowadays, lynx or meguca


File:[HorribleSubs] Ramen Daisu….jpg (67.9 KB,1280x720)

>since PHP is getting unusable
Can you explain to a non-nerd what this means?


Thanks anon, I'll give those a look.
Not them but afaik PHP is relatively deprecated compared to competitors and every other update brings compatibility issues that can break your set-up.


Not that anon, but thanks. It might be good to know later on.


exploits, team is always trying to fix their bad design choices, language can't compete with others in performance, most imageboards written with it are done by coders who were 14years old at the time.


Nice chan!


Any chan calling themselves nice or kind is done by someone with a worse personality than myself.


I just wish nen was still here


Sad, Kakashi was comfy.


I do it for the posters.


I find it weird that nobody's written a proper successor to Vichan. Back in the 2000s and early 2010s, you always had a generic "4chan-like" imageboard script you could default to (wakaba, kusaba, tinyboard, etc).


Lynx is a defacto succesor to Vichan. You can port vichan to lynx apparently, but I've never done it and it's not something I want to do here since kissu's vichan is modified to the point of being impossible to merge with others. It doesn't really solve nen's spam issue, but he could do this.


The problem with Lynxchan is that its default interface stands out too much as "Lynxchan".

The thing I like about Vichan is how it provides you with a very vanilla 4chan/8ch-like experience out of the box. I wouldn't call the Vichan interface the most appealing thing in the world (I'm glad Kissu moved on from it), but it does its job as a boring default better than anything else.


I thought we were going to be nenfrens forever but now everyone is going their separate ways.


We'll always be nenfriends. Maybe we'll all be able to come together again in a new home someday. For now though, I suppose we'll part. The memories will always be there, and hopefully we will all carry on with nenly spirit.


It hurts.


File:9b9fc69bf51daeeed5fab5169c….jpg (239.86 KB,1000x1300)

Together, or not together. These are the last traces of those dreamlike days.


File:124235235.png (1.69 MB,1481x1081)

I'm still glad we could be together, even for this short time. This pain is worth the time I spent with nen.


Well, I guess I'm actually hypothesizing a successor in a way...

Part of my use-cases for the site is to let the old html pages continue to be functional throughout it's lifespan. So it will end up being able to replace vichan in a sense. However I've no interest in making something other people can use and set up since I don't want to contribute to cultures I don't approve of... well unless they pay me for it


I think I'll move to /kind/, it seems nenly and it's kind of sad how few people posted there in the past...
But I'll wait a few weeks in case someone comes up with a better idea!


There is also the Lainchan fork of Vichan that still gets patches: https://github.com/lainchan/lainchan

I think the software is better than Lynxchan out-of-box but Lynxchan is not terrible either.


/kind/ used to be much more popular years ago. The last instance had a sudden end at the start of this year and there's not much information on what happened exactly.
It's been through a lot over the years, but we have a few people that have stuck around through it all.


nakama o sagashi teru

doko ni iru no


watashi no nakama

sagashite kudasai

ā nakama……


Wow I'm very late to this thread, but I just found out the site is no more. Last time I went, I didn't see very much spam, so I assume it was done afterwards. I can't believe Nenpo is gone, it really was a sweet site than most others. RIP.


File:illya_dance.webm (7.01 MB,480x320)



i think you should check your filename

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