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File:1602470232654.jpg (128.17 KB,1920x1080)




File:[Ohys-Raws] Karakai Jouzu ….jpg (272.72 KB,1280x720)

i love the big forehead anime girl


File:[SubsPlease] Karakai Jouzu….jpg (22.74 KB,210x432)

stop insulting my wife
what is a shab and fuck you


She is not your wife! You are insulting her by claiming that.


File:[Saizen-Yabai]_Kyou_Kara_O….jpg (182.12 KB,1009x568)

i will fight you for her
this is me with hair btw


The one on the left?


no the guy's a poser
like WHY THE FUCK would you think he's cool?




can I have some of what youre smoking


I don't do anything like that, go back to Facebook.(I don't like you)


What a strange post.


druggie train of thought


It's not strange I am just sick of seeing things like that on every website I go to. Dr*g references are a part of western culture and ingrained in the vernacular now and it really annoys me.


My main umbrage with your post wasn't the drug part, it was the "go back to Facebook" bit. The only people who use Facebook nowadays are old geezers. You do need to calm down though.




File:1584714474628.png (1.8 MB,1447x2047)

consider: tummy


File:1461860009487.jpg (95.33 KB,244x260)

What is your opinion on Yakui?


File:3e737ed8686190a101755d54de….jpg (65.98 KB,686x1000)

look at this broad
look at the smoking hot, voluptuous babe
what a fiiiine piece of ass
mmmmwah, what a BODY on this chick
this bitch is and ab-so-lute FREAK
a god dang semen demon

yep, my wife's a real SHAB.


File:1647835215846.jpg (912.18 KB,1117x1400)

If you had
One shab
And one opportunity
Would you do her?
Or let her go


why is she wearing two swimsuits?


Why does she have two bikinis on?


why do you wear underwear?


why wear two sets of aquatic apparel?


why do girls do this?



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