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File:FRcXJLJVgAA8fV7.jpg (188.38 KB,1764x1575)




loli HAET pizza


at least it's not peanuts


mamma mia!


File:pineapple pizza.jpg (1.12 MB,3000x2000)

don't worry you can have this backup pizza instead


i would eat that, no problem


get your own backup pizza, thats mine


File:1627145568794.png (1.96 MB,1920x1080)


do people actually hate pineapple pizza? I think its a pretty great combo.


File:the truth.jpg (371.49 KB,1920x1080)

It is illegal in Italy.


it's tolerable but doesn't feel like pizza anymore.


it tastes like hawaii!


She needed that pizza...
Oh, yeah, warning: I forgot this has silly violence of a guy getting his you-know-what cut off, so don't wash if you're squeamish


File:[SubsPlease] Slow Loop - 0….jpg (126.46 KB,1280x720)



File:Pizza dumb kid.webm (1.88 MB,640x640)



where I live we put all kinds of toppings on pizza so i'm quite liberal but pineapple sounds really suspicious


File:[SubsPlease] Leadale no Da….jpg (222.92 KB,1232x1080)

So I went out and got pizza today and I have a question for the pizza aficionados: I got a "Brooklyn" style pizza that looked just like a classic Italian margherita, with basil tomatoes and mozzarella slices, what's the difference, if any, from a regular pizza?


File:1645635472519.jpg (1.35 MB,1400x1123)

We put sour cream dressing on our pizza here.

All this talk about pizza is making me hungry for some 'za but it's the middle of the night here.


le hungry gril


File:ny_pizza.jpeg (60.56 KB,670x504)

street NY pizza was
- by the triangular slice, from a large
- greasy, nothing about it should look baked or doughy
- topped with lots of cheese, almost no white, more orange than yellow
- sweet tasting tomato sauce, visible and solid, not dripping off the pizza
- a super thin and flexible yet chewy crust
- a thin, inedible, rock-hard crunchy outer crust
- paired with pepsi, not coke
I feel like I described normal pizza.


File:surprised shitty low quali….jpg (105.58 KB,1077x1044)

That looks like a piece of cardboard. Why is it so thin? Is it just the street sellers being cheap?


File:index.jpeg (66.16 KB,1200x627)

seems none of you know about the horror of brazilian pizza...


It looks shitty, but I'd rather eat this than a pineapple one though. Fruit does NOT go on pizza (tomato isn't a fruit in culinary, fuck you), but chocolate is fine.


File:1563157147003.gif (927.74 KB,264x320)


File:opposite.jpeg (160.86 KB,1200x800)

The crust is all bendy and flexible so it is most certainly not cardboard. Also, the bread is the worst part, it exists to hold the cheese together and lend solidity instead of having the texture only be goopy. To further illustrate my point, here is a picture of the opposite of pizza.


I don't see the problem. First you eat the pizza around the M&M cookie, then you eat the M&M cookie.


Honestly, the main problem I have with it are the olives being whole. How tf are you going to eat them without it falling off?


You just let them fall off. If they wanted to be eaten, they'd be cut up and black.


I'm kind of amazed they don't do this in America, like most pizza places sell desserts, but no one has realized the possibility of putting the whole meal in one box yet.


File:182410688_110375411172703_….jpg (81.77 KB,640x640)

they do put pineapples on them though


File:181060132_132719612208911_….jpg (90.81 KB,640x640)

that sounds like a good idea


File:despair.jpg (102.51 KB,693x608)

Okay, this has to be an abstract art project or something, right? Surely, that's not fit for human consumption.


You can't just put random shit on cheesy bread and call it a pizza.


This is ONE chain in brazil


pizza is just a social construct


pizza is a sandwich


pizza is a pancake with sauce topping

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