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File:[BTN] Sayonara Zetsubou Se….jpg (96.1 KB,612x720)


Instead of being so negative about things all the time, try taking up a kafkaesque view of the world!


File:1611847454798.jpg (48.78 KB,570x340)



File:[Triad]_Dokuro-chan_-_03-0….png (Spoiler Image,414.33 KB,640x480)

I read a collection of Kafka's short stories once, can't say I particularly enjoyed them though. Mostly I remember Metamorphosis and the one where they have this execution device that cuts a description of the person's crimes into their back.


what a tragedie


File:so complex and deep.png (185.72 KB,820x638)



File:1650496578369.jpg (190.87 KB,1280x720)

So kafkaesque...


File:1603858904720.png (185.72 KB,820x638)



File:kafuka consider.png (35.38 KB,354x306)

This is the second time you post the same image as me but with a different filename.


This artist draws girls that are unorthodox-y sexy


File:122a3bacbe26cfabd174f73646….jpg (1.75 MB,5012x3491)

Are you talking about the anime artist(s) or the manga one though? Kumeta's art is definitely not as sexy as the anime art as those artists worked in Monogatari too.


Both have their own appeal. Some of the other girls in Kumetas work are coolsexy or sexycute in an odd sort of way where as the anime is more hngggg sexy


File:1650998381890.png (35.38 KB,354x306)



File:06_7803355_p5.jpg (109.18 KB,567x800)



File:1488307553295.jpg (66.49 KB,621x703)

I don't know what that is but I have a negative view of it.


he was one of the better final fantasy villains
good theme, good final battle, innovative (at the time) motivation

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