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File:a3e9bc8bb2cb53a8a26018b7d7….jpg (721.29 KB,1500x2634)


Crazy that it's been almost a year and I still haven't seen any upcoming anime that excite me more than or as much as Chainsaw Man.


That's sad...


File:40605ae179ccecdc52f9f36922….jpg (87.45 KB,1440x1121)

It will be exciting alright


File:82755812_p0.png (1.13 MB,2012x2018)

I was sort of hoping that someone would come and provide evidence that I'm wrong...


what if it turns out to be bad


File:90541520_p0.png (2.43 MB,1006x1733)

Well lets take a look at the prospect of that. The story is already guaranteed great and MAPPA is doing the anime after knocking it out of the park with literally everything they've done recently production-wise. So I think there's a an almost certainty that it's good.


File:[Kawaiika-Raws] Machikado ….jpg (365.95 KB,1920x1080)

The name and premise seems so simple, but with how highly people speak of it there must be some amazing stuff in it, huh. I'll never read it, but I guess I'll watch it... maybe.
How violent is it on a scale of 1 to 10? With 1 being bad guys disappearing in a puff of smoke and 10 being identifiable organs and innards flying around?


More interested in part 2 of the manga myself. Speaking on which, Fujimoto's got a new one-shot coming out in a few days and it's 200 pages long.


Like a 7 or 8


I know nothing about chainsaw man I just love Makima


File:89943707_p0.png (1.82 MB,1034x1847)

That's a fair position to have. Despite the fact she's completely irredeemable as a person.


If anything that explains the nature of porn drawn about her


There's nothing to be hype to and you shouldn't be hype by that.


I can think of 6 things that make her redeemable


File:cde72a424d98545157d05c9a6c….jpg (345.56 KB,1200x1000)

FUCK Makima


Name a single one that isn't related to how she makes your penis feel.


File:fdc7c8328ea2f7c93baf6a8a15….jpg (832.14 KB,1024x1441)



File:21c6735e97b86929e94dfcf608….jpg (699.03 KB,4096x3525)


how does this jp goth have no piercings??




they're cute and show one's affiliation with heaven and earth


File:1470010589241.png (36.15 KB,285x281)



File:da04e792ef05affa86ac7d3043….jpg (6.11 MB,1489x2179)

body == artwork


File:Volume_02_Full_Cover.png (9.31 MB,4314x2000)

Have to say that I don't like that they made Power blonde in the anime. Her hair color should be light pink/light brown/whatever. Anyway, it's clearly not the same piss yellow color as Denji's.


File:Shonen_Jump_2019-47.png (2.22 MB,959x1400)


File:Shonen_Jump_2019-01.png (1.62 MB,870x1270)

Denji for comparison.


One could certainly interpret that as dirty blonde I think.



it's not her fault, the feds made her evil


File:2022-04-26_14-19-46.png (1.39 MB,1256x855)



Proof? From what I remember she did everything she did to break Denji so that he'd be too broken to disobey or leave her and she'd have her idol (Chainsaw Demon) all to herself


File:barf.jpg (105.76 KB,630x758)

Hey Denji, you're being too relatable now. Go involve yourself in another silly situation.


File:84697338_p0.jpg (576 KB,1406x2048)



File:84697338_p1.jpg (605.5 KB,1459x2048)



File:84697338_p2.jpg (519.77 KB,1407x2048)



File:84697338_p3.jpg (379.02 KB,1408x2048)



File:84697338_p4.jpg (461.22 KB,1420x2048)



File:84697338_p5.jpg (499.38 KB,1452x2048)



>there must be some amazing stuff in it
Not really, it's just a shonen manga with silly plot. Anime might be better though since it's better suited for conveying action and that's mostly what the manga is about, at least the good parts.


File:1640387399840.gif (2.94 MB,498x280)

It cannot be called an usual shonen/battle shonen in the slightest. There was a census poll done on its readers and most of them are adults, not teenagers. It's moving to Jump+ for the next issue in fact, which is a seinen magazine.



Author released a pretty good oneshot recently. Wouldn't be surprised if it gets adapted too someday.


When you think about it, this manga's basically just a long cautionary tale about how pussy will ruin your life and foids are not to be trusted.


foid pilk


The FUCK is a foid


teen word


Say it enough and the only traces of your existence will be sprayed across the floor of /trans/


File:creamy kobeni.png (586.35 KB,517x625)

the public safety slute


File:16a7f4169dd617634b75ebe7c0….jpg (552.25 KB,874x1482)

Supposedly part 2 comes out on Jump+ this summer, wonder if that'll get translations really fast.


File:FUaqEfpVIAAE40P.jpg (485.98 KB,2048x1426)

uh... that's unsanitary...


File:agni despair.jpg (90.19 KB,351x560)

Today I found out that Fujimoto is either a couple of months younger than me or less than a year older while looking at his wiki page. Feels strange.

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