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File:9bd84cfbcba2d39078eb92a1bc….gif (525.81 KB,364x489)


I might die soon


Nah, sit at home and scroll news


I guess it makes sense. A patriot would be a norm. Don't go walking on the streets, stay safe.


and yeah, always make sure that something is in front of you


your military is super bad ass. there's also a thread about this on the secret board if you want to see english sources


what secret board?


File:1625966766447.jpg (199.33 KB,1280x720)

They can't find you if you hide in the basement! Probably. Hopefully.


File:d44e1106438388560af7811c97….jpg (39.32 KB,400x391)

Don't worry the season of Lent is fast approaching(or already here for some) and at its end, Easter; a a day of resurrection for all of God's children. If you die during Lent you'll be born again on Easter so it should be fine as long as you die before Easter.


Is there any way you can make it to the West, or to a neighboring country, Anonymous? If the peace talks are successful, you can just think of it as an unplanned vacation. Stay safe.


Men under 60 can't leave the country


Oh, you're right... Still, at least being in the West of the country would probably be preferable right? The worst of the shelling and rocket attacks are within 10-20 km of the current front, and least from cameras, it would seem like cities such as Lviv are still business as usual since they're so far from the front.


Belarus is going to be launching a large offense to cut off suply lines directly on the polish border


I'm thinking about it a bit more. The east of Poland is probably the safest place. If there's an offensive they are going to be lit up and long range monitored by US equipment and quickly eliminated by Ukrainians accessing the most possible gear.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (401.96 KB,1920x1080)

I'm, um... sorry to hear that. I can't give any life advice since I don't have much of one myself.
Focus on the things that make you happy. Download a bunch of video game ROMs or anime episodes and plan for the internet and even the power being down. Charge your batteries.
I think, statistically, you are very unlikely to die, but life may get hard(er). Things could also change and the war stops tomorrow, don't forget that things are unpredictable and most people don't want war. I don't know whether paying attention to world news related to this for you would be a good thing or a bad thing, it's a fine line between being informed and being emotionally overwhelmed. Maybe you need to find a balance, or you can just use escapism if you live with others that are themselves paying attention to news.
Err.. uhhh.... stay safe...


stay safe fren ;_;


as if men over 60 would be able or have reasons to do it either anyways...


die from what


na... I think it's better for him to evaquate as soon as possible... They're going to start heavily restricting how people can live in occupied zones to lower insurgency, poverty and starvation is not a problem for the Russian government


Anon, if you come back here I think you should say you want to help refugees at the border if for some reason you can't leave. Hitchhike even if you must. Life won't be the same after occupation. I can not exactly predict the extent but your freedoms will be heavily limited for the next decade.
Your chance to evacuate is rapidly running out.

Like honestly. I feel worried for you in the highly likely chance that your city gets occupied. You are probably more aware of this than I am, but the first world life that you live will cease to exist.


Maybe he can fake an illness or injury or something? If you have other family there, maybe true to move as one group? Maybe pretend to be a necessary caretaker to an older relative?
I don't know...


I'm mostly waiting for the first wave of people to escape, then we'll see. If the border guards will tell me to fuck off I will stay in the western parts, I have friends there. Right now I'm safe with a cat and mom


I don't have much cryptocurency, but if you think you may ever need some money in the future then send me an email from the bottom of the page with your IP in the body so I can verify. Only up to 100USD.


don't be a coward


you go fight then


File:hqdefault.jpg (12.09 KB,480x360)


I'm sure you're following the news, but apparently Russia is telling people to evacuate Kyiv or they'll be considered valid military targets. Things could start getting a lot more dicey than they already are depending on where you are. Please stay safe, Anonymous.


This, it won't be a normal country again for a long time it might even become like Syria with all sorts of proxies and hardcore militias vying for control.

They will only get better at catching fleers and whoever remains will have all the pressure from the slack put on them.


hope miia doesn't die


I'm still alive btw


Great to hear! I hope things work out as much as they can in this horrific situation


File:1636914509744.jpg (201.02 KB,349x525)

That's good. Things sound really scary in the East with how vicious the shelling is getting.


Any opportunities to escape arise?


Not for me(no car/money), most likely I will stay with family


Sorry but I can't help vent. God this is so fucking stupid. There's young men on both sides who share common blood dying over what? lines on a map and pleasing some sleazy Western leaders? The average monthly salary is like 300-400 USD there it isn't even worth fighting for; they should have just acquiesed to Russia's demands and joined them fuck this shit.

I'm glad you're well but I think the real tough times are ahead.


There's young men on both sides who share common blood dying over what? lines on a map and pleasing some sleazy Sinn Féin leaders? The average yearly salary is like 50-100 GBP there it isn't even worth fighting for; they should have just acquiesed to Britain's demands and joined them fuck this shit.

National sovereignty and self-determination means a lot to some people. Some think those values are worth dying for.


They're fighting over weather they want to live in North Korea or South Korea. It's as simple as that.


File:carlos.jpg (16.89 KB,210x240)

>They're fighting over weather
That reasoning seems a bit cold to me.


I guess you made your peace anon?




File:Touhou Rumia 066.jpg (92.31 KB,654x855)

My stock portfolio is down $3,600. Nobody spares a thought for the true victims of this war....


File:1400085668129.jpg (516.15 KB,700x990)

There's no victims in stocks. Only winners and losers. And you don't look like a winner.


File:ZZC 1431 Maid Musket t.jpg (1.17 MB,1000x1495)

You could apply that logic to war as well.


File:1353162959089.png (28.4 KB,109x112)

War isn't voluntary.


File:1b85e96899256e190615f12c6b….jpg (156.08 KB,461x562)

I didn't volunteer to lose $3,600.


You did. That's literally the stipulation for every stock broker in existence. If you cannot handle losing value, you should not be dealing with stocks.


it's ok fren we can be losers together!


File:1493558037127.png (312.3 KB,389x386)

really hope anon managed to escape


File:1647610635054.jpg (55.23 KB,500x514)

I can't, males are forced to stay.
I plan on sending my mom to Germany in a week


Godspeed fren


File:a44e2d089e90d95ceeb4d95d93….jpg (132.9 KB,960x960)

Just sent my mom on a bus
And it's my birthday today


File:__suzumiya_haruhi_suzumiya….jpg (121.48 KB,850x1202)



File:559b3ddf62ab14331ac3a7d992….jpg (602.71 KB,1910x1910)

I'd give you a gift if I could, but I guess sending your mom to safety must be a good enough present.


File:Rumia 078.jpg (1.29 MB,1500x1600)

Happy Birthday.


happy bday dont die


File:381884366695bfb73c9db5cdb3….jpg (448.26 KB,744x1052)

Happy birthday!


File:66027875_p0.jpg (390.54 KB,768x1024)



File:__funami_mari_yuru_yuri_dr….jpg (82.43 KB,566x800)

Happy Birthday!


File:I_am_very_happy.webm (129.33 KB,1280x720)

Your mom isn't home!? Party at anon's house!


happy birthday


File:80f9f8035626fbcffef65038a3….jpg (35.12 KB,500x432)


File:1612552006394.jpg (47.32 KB,640x480)

Happy birthday, dude.


File:precures at the beach with….png (546.82 KB,640x597)

Happy birthday


and once more, happy birthday fren!
I hope tasty cakes and fizzy sodas are still available despite the harsh times.


File:__tanya_degurechaff_youjo_….png (849.57 KB,1014x1500)

Alles zum Geburtstag!


File:1606812851583.png (63.14 KB,540x306)

happi day


File:1534479745882.gif (513.59 KB,320x270)

Happy Birthday and stay safe out there.


File:1cf19f1795ac872ea66d40a424….png (1.38 MB,1440x1080)

I'm fine, cooking for myself sucks but getting used to it.


neets lol


File:1607812588197.png (10.56 KB,400x400)

Cooking is boring~


try making as many different egg recipes as you can


File:43da9ba5c4.png (686.34 KB,914x480)



File:1436217814123.gif (120.46 KB,400x400)

I would miss my mom's cooking if she was gone too. I feel for you.


is your mother ok?


Yeah, she is with my brother so doing well.


File:b1bdf02019e59de742a9c3a031….jpg (271.79 KB,1920x1080)

Bumping to say I'm doing good, riding a bike with cousin on weekends, the only downside is some parts have signs saying don't go maybe mines here, I feel like balkan slav


wow ww3 is really boring


File:[SubsPlease] RPG Fudousan ….jpg (235.71 KB,1280x720)

Good to hear!


went through an actual warzone last week


File:1652207120289.png (624.49 KB,1034x1087)

I'm fine, thanks.
Turns out Japanese are really into our azov anime mascot


that's good, hopefully it keeps away from the west


File:C-1652486170209.png (1.51 MB,1536x1536)



delete yourself


Do you have power outages a lot?


literally reddit...


File:1529132789507.png (40.61 KB,230x230)


where's andy when you need him


Not even ones


File:51792531_p4.jpg (413.48 KB,850x1450)

Why does it seem like everyone in Japan is good at drawing cute things? I wish it was like that here. Imagine a kissu where we all draw lolis with big bellies non-stop.




our alphabet is very uniform, completely consisting of circular arcs and straight lines


File:1652452462307.png (477.98 KB,900x900)

What is this mene


File:1652452432688.png (565.51 KB,676x961)


File:[danganronpa][group][artis….jpg (371.88 KB,1282x1100)

Literally laughing at redditors getting killed by vatnik conscripts. Mental midgets totally unbelievable, getting actual soldiers killed is fucked up. This isn't political, I'm just saying redditors are really, really retarded and now I can rip on them for being all like "oh no this is a warzone oh noo" with some cancerman looking face crying, you know what I mean.
Here is a (You)


4chan post


funny how I knew it was just from reading the three word preview


Zhdun, no idea why they did a pairing with Marichka


which one?


File:1652452601711.png (142.4 KB,450x450)

I like the drawings of Boris Johnson. His hairstyle and mannerisms really does lend itself to parody.

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