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File:125.png (290.93 KB,502x808)


How does /jp/ deal with the g*rl menace?


I watch the ground and cry.


ive always waited till i get home


Sometimes peoples regret after they see you crying.


Even if they regret it they would still look down on you, you little pansy.


File:vip-toilet-quality-challen….jpg (68.1 KB,375x500)


File:7.png (105.63 KB,257x395)

Deal? I only know solutions and absolutes and believe me mine will be the final one we'll ever need.


What's the solution?


the final solution to the g*rl question


File:1514858866692.jpg (123.55 KB,600x766)

Only a sith deals in absolutes...


That itself is an absolute.


File:6e8c84eba7d5f7b08d77d91c5e….png (674.35 KB,981x724)

going undercover to learn more about this menace


File:93385760_p0.png (1015.95 KB,848x1200)

Undercover agent J. Pisz gathering crucial information regarding g*rls.


File:image.jpeg (297.1 KB,1536x2048)

To force all girls to look ugly as possible by taking all things female and letting the cute boys hoard everything so the girls - they'll become fat, hairy and ugly and the boys pretty thus protecting the world from their devastation and uniting all boys within our nation! To denounce the evils of boobas and cunny or something like that I didn't think it out at all...


I can see it....


cover = blown


File:1529961665640.jpg (54.23 KB,515x768)

that's not the only thing that was blown ohohohoho


He's dressed like my grandma


File:56558056ac55b6d4d6ecbf7b7c….jpg (74.96 KB,576x676)

So far I discovered that girls get called faggot a lot


Oh,...all I'm thinking of when looking at that image is how much I want to grab his cute smooth legs and tickle his feet or pin him down and bite on his neck while rubbing his chest with one hand and messing his hair up with the other. I'm nothing but a degenerate squid like shotacon....


lots of gay girls out there in the wild


File:93ade64360674701d33e8d7c05….png (2.43 MB,1693x1000)

good thing i took my rifle


but... um... boys get all yucky once they grow up, and how will new boys be made if all the girls are too gross?...


Artificial insemination! From the sperm of a select number of boys! I should also add that the girls will be forced to live in breeding pens as for the older boys turned men they'll be part of a counsel that judge the next breed of boys.


File:1294016661444.jpg (135.47 KB,1366x768)


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