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Installed Linux Mint after months of running into troubles with arch and assuming that this was the way linux was and doubting why people say it'll ever overtake windows and the instant I started up mint all the issues I'd been struggling with were already fixed and the OS worked out of the box. With Arch it took me 12 hours to set shit up and it was still broken. I have to assume all the people that advertise it as the cutting edge of the computer experience are hired Windows trolls hellbent on keeping people away from Linux why the HELL does something need to be so needlessley complex?


Arch is not a good beginner system for people just getting into Linux, Mint is pretty good for beginners since it just works for the most part. I'd say arch is more for people who are more experienced in Linux and want to tweak the their system to a higher degree.


Do you have fresh breath now?
also /jp/ might not be the best place for this


install gentoo.


My breath is the freshest and I now have to figure out why mpv sometimes causes the audio to become tinny. At least it's not as much an issue as anything with arc...


Out of all the linux distros I tried (different versions of Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and Mint 20.2), I had the worst experience on Linux Mint. Some of them being; the software manager never worked and for some reason I kept getting static from my speakers, I know there was nothing wrong with the speakers because it works fine right now on my Debian machine. My guess is this is due to my NVIDIA GPU though.


Hm, I'm getting the same issues from my speakers... Do I need to switch again to get sound finally working...


There might be some fix for it if you want to stick with linux mint, else Debian has been working great for me. Just don't don't create a swap file. That warning about needing a swap file is legit. Have had to hard reset my PC due to everything being excruciatingly slow because the RAM was filled.


just install ubuntu


File:3bb4c7fe2f02bfdf32fdf73068….png (1 MB,1600x1600)

I been running endeavouros for around a year with no issues.
I would say give it a try, and use the offline installer for a smooth and fast install.
it's arch that work out of the box.


is that so... my ubuntu is terribly slow and I thought the ram might be getting filled


Forgot to mention, make a swap file, not a partition. Files can be created/deleted/modified, partitions can't.


>partitions can't
if you mean without losing the data there, then yeah.


Linux Mint is a great beginner OS. However, it's very limited in the full potential with what you're capable of doing with GNU/Linux distributions unless you're just trying to escape Windows/OSX and that's it. Also, keep in mind about specific packages potentially being not as up to date as you would have managed to get on Arch. You could also try out Manjaro before diving full-scale into Arch. I also would recommend giving Fedora a try if you want as well. Fedora/Manjaro/Mint is probably the best three to try out to figure out what you want as more of a beginner into the world of GNU/Linux.


+1 to Fedora. From what I've heard, its a middle ground between cutting edge Arch and stable Debian. Have it on my laptop, the one problem with Fedora I've noticed is that dnf's tab to autocomplete is rather slow/not instant.


arch-based distros are nice because you get AUR


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nerd thread

didn't read


Does every GNU/Linux thread have to have arch btw nerds?

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