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So I wanted to make this quick rant about anime fans in the west. I was trying to figure out what the whole buzz about the medium was about and if there was any merit to picking the stuff up, so I went to the anime club at my local college and asked. They told me about all sorts of mundane details like flashy moving colors, something about nippo gin spirits (an alcohol?), and also that there's infinite possibilities for what I can watch so I'd be bound to find something to suit my taste. All seemed good but then apparently I somehow gravely offended these lunkheads when I dared question their useless list of vague info and asked them to specify what size of infinity they were referring to. They told me as infinite as the amount of water molecules in the toilet bowl before shoving my face into one. Needless to say I was left very despondent and turned off by the encounter as their behavior was quite rude and there was obviously not an "infinite amount" of water molecules in that toilet. Anyone with a brain could tell it was finite.

So to summarize: I'm really not impressed with the fans of this media and have yet to see the reason why people enjoy it so much.


Sex and giant robots


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I see. I see. This will make a great story for the campus newspaper. Do you have any more details about these rogues and "the swirly incident"?


File:1636981271851.jpg (167.1 KB,800x894)

Only one thing to do


How many water molecules was it?


File:64714425_p8.jpg (248.3 KB,900x1273)

Why yes actually, I do. There were 3 of them and all of them seemed to be liberal art brutes who wouldn't even remember how to solve a simple quadratic. One was a tall slim male who probably would've been playing basketball if it weren't for his already existing enrollment, the others hulking masses probably in the 93-100kg range. They wore tacky tshirts with low quality, peeling graphics on them. Obviously if it were a fight of brains I would've come out superior, but outmatched and with at least a 3 weight class difference between myself and the two lards not even my superior knowledge of the laws of physics could've prevented them from forcibly coercing me to the nearest lavatory. There they did as one could surmise and then cursed me out before leaving because of some potentially insinuating comments about their treasured media and their own persons when they were dumbfounded at the question I posed them. I returned to the science wing and decontaminated myself under the safety shower before heading home to my quarters.

Obviously not an infinite amount if it was contained in a toilet bowl...


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anime flans


Good. We need to make nerds afraid again.


>some college students made a small joke at my expense (which I couldn't handle, proving that I need to get out more) so the entire community MUST be like this guyz!!!!11!!!!!!!11!

This is how you sound.


File:__koshimizu_sachiko_idolma….jpg (2.14 MB,1944x2444)

>They told me as infinite as the amount of water molecules in the toilet bowl
I think you are being too harsh on them as they obviously were trying to say that like the water molecules in a toilet, their the list of anime recommendations is countable infinite.


Eh? It's definitely not a serious thread, I'm pretty sure everything about it is made up


who are you quoting?

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