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File:E7HTO7GVIAIl4cj.jpeg (69.24 KB,556x900)




I have no idea what this means, is it just something like "everyone's fetish is the same" or something?


File:1631478392960.jpg (207.73 KB,556x900)

gave it my best shot


rate the fetishes


fetishes are cool


You fill up the cum jars with how much you like each fetish


tl it weebtrons


Sounds like a project worth my time.


What's 「クンニ」?


cunnilingus, blowjob, choking, anal, blindfold, binding, bondage
spanking, harapan, rape, NTR, swapping, nakadashi, filming
nipple play, vaginal prolapse, irrumatio, body writing, biting/kiss marks, masturbating on the phone, watching each other masturbate
threesome or more, sex toys, neglect, outdoors sex, eating sushi off a naked body, slapping, cosplay/uniform
drinking piss/swallowing, shaved/hairy vagina, kissing, chikan, verbal abuse, teasing/edging, hypnosis


cunnilingus felatio __ anal __ __ __
spanking __ rape NTR __ nakadashi __
__ __ throat-fucking __ masturbation(kanji?) public-masturbation?
__ sex-toys __ __ __ __ cosplay(kanji?)
__ shaved-pussy kissu __ __ __ __

Fill in the blanks...




I don't understand this color scale. Is magenta bad? Red?


now apply those labels to the picture with a nice font and i will participate in your CIA thread, graphicdesigntron


File:1615599110752.jpg (463.36 KB,791x797)

[x] handholding




That's way too much effort, especially when I disapprove of most of these anyway.


What's there to disapprove of aside from NTR?


If >>23372 is accurate then the stuff involved with hurting someone physically or emotionally is a big turn off for me. In my view real life already has enough pain. (I do understand that masochists are a thing, but that's not often included)


the second and third paragraphs have a lot of things that vanilla purists wouldn't like




Paint it in whatever color you like best


A lot, and I don't even know what the Japanese words are.


After posting I'll give out the template


are the jars supposed to represent the amount cum one would cum for each genre?


the original had felatio so full that it was spilling into other jars so I believe that's the intention


can you post the link to original please?


File:IMG_20210913_230019.jpg (283.59 KB,842x1396)

the color choices are sort of gross



It's the cunni(lingus) jar that's overflowing, as makes sense given their handle.


File:1631478392960.png (209.82 KB,553x915)

I don't like the concept, but here's the translation(and my localization of >>23372) for science


File:1631592697123 copy.png (143.51 KB,553x915)

Red - Nay
Yellow - Eh?
Green - Yay
I vastly prefer dickgirls and traps so some of the things are eliminated for obvious reasons. Not a fan of violence.
On one hand 'mind control' can be considered a really negative thing, but I like the ones where it ends up beneficial and they magically enjoy it even when it ends.


"Swapping" as in swinging, not cum swapping. Also, I don't know what "lush pussy" means, but the second one in the last line is "shaved or very hairy", as in, having a preference for a specific amount of genital hair on either extreme.


Swapping not very descriptive. The term is swinging or swingers.
And lush has a few definitions used for head hair. You can call a jungle lush because it's very heavy. It's a more appealing term for it other than hairy and fits better on the sheet.


Oh. Well, that doesn't change my coloring at least. One could even say one leads to the other..


File:jars.png (189.6 KB,553x915)

I left nipple play yellow. I wasn't sure if it meant the kind of weird nipple play involving needles, or just sucking on them and teasing them. If it's the former, then I absolutely hate that, but if it's the later, then I'm A-OK with that.


File:(clipboard)1631602322042.png (378.66 KB,556x900)



> cum swap
Its actually partner swapping, at least based on all the pixiv results for that tag.


And again, the term is swinging.


File:fetishes.png (211.09 KB,553x915)

here it is


You should have fixed that when you compared the translation from >>23372 with the original image.


Edit it yourself. People used the image I made and no one cared about the translation until I put in the effort.


You sure did, considering you used it.


File:1471205982049.png (200.41 KB,400x500)

You disgust me.


File:1631592697123.png (178.48 KB,553x915)



File:fetish.png (278.24 KB,556x900)

Here's mine

Nakadashi is just cumming inside, it doesn't mean fertilization (although the two can obviously go together). 'Creampie' would be the better English localization.


Isn't that the intention?


Finally, someone else who's slightly into NTR.


File:9835428357123.jpg (162.17 KB,821x915)

sasuga, /jp/

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