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File:Untitled.png (8.58 KB,1301x975)




*fills observer slot*


File:rock.png (57.01 KB,1301x975)

first post


*enters observer chat*

hai guiiiise!! i'mma be streaming this one to my subs so everyone say hi to the camera for me!!!


What an idiot OP is... The person that takes the centre literally cannot lose.


File:[Erai-raws] Eromanga Sense….jpg (177.25 KB,1920x1080)




although it appears obvious, OP technically didn't specify the the rules of this game. He may have already won.


File:spaghetti_sauce.png (140.13 KB,1301x975)

The counter to this move is child's play. Easy.


File:rock.png (155.17 KB,1301x975)

Watch me.


File:paper.png (173.43 KB,1301x975)

Hope that guy didn't bet on anything


File:Illustration.png (269.36 KB,1268x975)

This is a tricky move. try to pay attention


This is bullshit, rigged game literally no way to win with any strategy.
Peppers should have won in any logical game since they took the most advantageous position.


I've read the theory (like seriously, not memeing) and top left means you can either (depending on the second move) win or force a tie 100% of the time as long as you don't make a massive mistake


It wouldn't be just top left, it should work for any corner since you can just shift perspective to make any corner the top left corner.


Same is true for the centre.


same is true for really any position
if someone knows how to play perfectly plays against another person that also knows every move no matter where they move the game will always end in a tie


File:Game-Tree-for-Tic-Tac-Toe.png (125.34 KB,800x536)

The game is solved. you can map out the results and write an ai to follow them


wait who won?


We all lost

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