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A harbinger of destruction to our modern age a no do gooder kuso face and quite the rude dude. Those are only some of the titles I've been granted through my posting years for I am a dark horse a marker for chaos if you will for simply defying the cultural old ways. The average /jp/ quivers in my presence.
Now I know what you must be thinking "please I'm scared already so just get on with it...what makes you this way?" Since I'm feeling kind I will tell you my modius opendi (that's Latin for method) so what makes me dangerous? Well...I'll list'em out:
1. I mostly watch anime in DUB
2. I've never 1cc'd a 2hoe
3. I've on more then one occasion streamed anime instead of downloading it
Terrified yet?
4. I sometimes watch funny clips of vtubers on YouTube
5. I have done posts through mobile
Only around 0.00000000000001% have lived past this point..
6. I know ZERO Japanese
7. I almost never watch current airing anime

If you're still conscious by now from reading all that I applaud your bravery and reward you by saying that I'm a merciful demon and will spare your life I hope you sleep well /jp/...knowing that I lurk around the corner...

Thank you for reading my Ted talk!


File:image.jpeg (664.37 KB,1024x768)

Granted this has only been 0.00000000000000000000001% of my true demon power I could have easily listed over 9000 other reasons....


less a man than a god
also I never watched/read that zach bell guy, seems kind of hard to get into since it's a doll or something


File:36603135_p0.jpg (521.54 KB,918x1000)

Has that ever stopped anyone before


I dropped Rozen Maiden after four episodes. No joke, probably the worst anime I've ever had the misfortune to watch.


Nice anime, in infinite hold after 1 season.


File:5ebf6b67af77098b18ef6502e1….png (263.3 KB,560x896)


Now you know 1 (ONE) Japanese.




File:1164916702261.jpg (110.49 KB,645x636)

I'm very sorry OP, but I think you might be a n*rmie


File:the cowlick girl.jpg (113.13 KB,500x500)

Only japaneses I know are ま and ほ


File:chuuni arm.jpg (1.32 MB,1264x1228)

Not bad... you made me use 10% of my power.


ha = は
ho = ほ
ma = ま
mo = も





>ha = は
*は = "ha" and sometimes "wa"


File:9c9ed64b70255620c67da0c50d….png (1.04 MB,721x1108)

Streaming? Can't have that on this high integrity website. Let me give you a few tips on how to watch anime like a true pro:

1. Download a hardsubbed xvid re-encode of the show you want from TT. Make sure it's a subsplease funimation rip.
2. Encode as 1920x1080 x264, open in aegisub and add in some fabulous karaoke for all the OP/ED songs.
3. Encode to 704x480 xvid.
4. Encode to 1280x720 rmvb.
5. Encode back to 704x480 xvid. At this point you can now decode it with 3 different codecs for thrice the playback power!
6. Open in VLC.
7. Take screenshots of each individual frame.
8. Record the audio with your phone.
9. Encode the audio from phone to 7.1 flac to reduce rotational velocidensity.
10. Encode it again to q-1.0 vorbis.
11. Encode again to 192k aac.
12. Make a slideshow of the screenshots in windows movie maker.
13. Add in your audio.
14. Add in some linkin park to play alongside the audio. It's like an AMV for extra viewing pleasure!
15. Use windows movie maker to encode to youtube size.
16. Upload to youtube. Don't forget the annotations, emoticons, and TL notes.
17. Download the .flv from youtube.
18. Open in vlc.
19. Nagisa dies at the end of clannad.


Number 19 is a must do for any pro.

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