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Is there purpose to an eternal life? I'd like to think being an immortal historian of sorts has its benefits.


File:Bourgeoise_Hikage.gif (226.42 KB,640x360)

Imagine being an immortal being floating through space after the earth inevitably collapses whether due to the sun or something else. Add a little solar powered (hopefully lightspeed or greater) movement device to that and you can travel the universe! Now that's a bourgeoise life!


Manga for this isn't very existential. More like a journey of a character learning to become human.


I don't see why there wouldn't be any. The reason why people want a purpose is unrelated to life expectancy, as long as they're sapient they'd want one. It's likely that they'd find totally different purposes than us though.


To gain eternal life is something no one can do.
But to be reborn into a new life is something that can be proven (look at the Dali Lama there has to be something going on).
Live your life the best you can, and remember you are here in this infinite cycle forever.

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