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File:bRAUrCR.png (199.3 KB,1712x1029)


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File:bring on gay.jpg (109.15 KB,885x580)

I'm a gaymer,
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File:[SubsPlease] Odd Taxi - 04….jpg (163.96 KB,1280x720)

Get on my level


i game


File:[SubsPlease] Odd Taxi - 04….jpg (122.95 KB,1280x720)

With every epsiode of this I'm getting more and more interested in which direction the show is going. Every character has their own unique story and by chance they happen to come across each other while living in a world mostly set up from the inside of a taxi. It doesn't seem to have any strong message it wants to push with these characters, but instead encourages the viewer to see and try to understand the perspectives of these very different characters living in it. Which was especially the case for this episode where the main plot was dropped in favor of highlighting a side character who had only just appeared in a single scene. A character that is by all means insane and a terrible person, but is given the opportunity to star as the mc for an episode. In which what's presented is a seemingly composed narration over their life while the on-screen counterpart falls deeply into mental instability that I found very Taxi Driver-esque. Acting aware of themselves while at the same time providing justification for their actions and placing the blame on the world for bringing them up this way. It's got me theorizing how his character arc will come to a close, since his past seems to have far more connections to other characters than just Odokawa (Like the donkey who may just be ditch-11).


I'm almost sold on watching it based on this post alone.


File:[SubsPlease] Odd Taxi - 04….jpg (169.48 KB,1280x720)

Yeah, I never imagined that this would turn out to be the show I look forward to the most every week but somehow every episode manages to me impress more than the last. This week's episode was amazing. When I looked through the seasonal chart I thought this would be an unremarkable SoL and almost skipped it over, but decided to check it out based on a post here praising the first episode, and I'm really glad I did.


everyone should probably watch it now while it airs, since it seems to be one of those anime that get exponentially better on the second watch


File:[SubsPlease] Odd Taxi - 05….jpg (288.87 KB,1280x720)

The social commentary in this is golden


File:[SubsPlease] Odd Taxi - 06….jpg (Spoiler Image,115.02 KB,1280x720)

Looks like that theory turned out to be true.


Hm, what theory was that?


Odokawa suffering from some sort of condition that makes him perceive everyone as animals when they're actually human.


Might just make sense, considering everyone else doesn't really seem to acknowledge their appearances and the premise of Dobu disguised as Halloween seems pretty odd.

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