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/jp/ do minecraft?
What's /jp/ up too in video game land?


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (161.33 KB,1280x720)

Playing this right now >>>/qa/70109
I like it a lot


File:ZZC 1313.jpg (589.56 KB,2467x1594)

I've been playing Enlisted.


File:2021-05-03_09.40.52.png (807.84 KB,1920x1027)

I have been playing a LOT of minecraft lately. I changed the default totem texture into a catgirl maid to keep me company, and also changed the "totem use" sound to match. If anyone wants, I can upload the resource pack for it. It's made for 1.12.2 so it might not work on the newer versions.


God why is 1.12.2 so good?


File:2021-05-03_12.06.58.png (1.91 MB,1920x1027)

I did some tinkering and updated it to 1.16


As minecraft goes through more and more updates I find that I barely know anything about the game anymore. Back when I last played regularly was the update which finally took the game out of beta. Now there's so much more in it that when I tried playing the kissucraft server it made me feel like a complete noob again having no idea what all the new stuff in caves were or why you could use both hands.


Also is that one additional mob mod still being updated. Maybe if I get into the game again I'll download that.


I personally love it. It makes the game feel like most other games used to when I was a kid, before you knew the bounds most games had.


File:Catmaid Totem.mp4 (8.14 MB,1280x720)

If you mean the thing I took screenshots of, that's not actually a mob. It's a totem of undying. It basically insta-revives you if your health drops to zero instead of dying and needing to respawn. It's normally a flat textured item like everything else, but Minecraft allows "resource packs" (the successor to texture packs) to remodel items and blocks entirely, as well as changing sounds.

Here's just a quick demonstration/showcase of it.


Really cute! Though I was referring to the mod that has been around forever with the Ogres, ghosts, and horses.


Anyways, if anyone wants to use the totem re-texture thingy I made here are the resource packs for 1.12.2 and 1.16.

Oh, yeah. Mo' Creatures. From what I can see, it hasn't been updated past 1.12.2 unfortunately... There's still a lot of similar mods, but it's a shame that one has gone un-updated for the last 2 years...


File:2021-05-09_03.16.49.png (1.82 MB,1920x1027)

After almost exactly 2 weeks, I finally made it to the Minecraft world border. What a sight being at the end of the world!


It actually ends? Holy crap, I thought it went on forever.


So did I, but it is practically infinite. The world border is 30 million blocks from 0,0.


30 million, huh. That's a pretty long way to go. Was it a creative server, or did you try doing it on survival?


File:2021-05-09_00.14.59.png (685.92 KB,1920x1027)

Survival (with a number of hacks allowed/not patched). The Nether makes it easier to get there because Nether coordinates map to 1/8 Overworld coordinates, making the journey far shorter since you only have to travel 3,750,000 blocks to the border. At my pace of ~76,000 blocks per hour, the same journey to a world border corner like I've done takes approximately 70 hours of continuous horse riding. Having to sprint instead of ride a horse more than triples the amount of time to get there.


File:m1619852418846.webm (120.78 KB,480x270)

Impressive. Don't think I'd have thought to use the Nether like that. Kinda sucks though that you're not able to take horses in there with you.

Also since the Nether is probably pretty dangerous, did you occasionally go back to the overworld and set up housing to save a new spawn point? Either way that sounds like a pretty fun journey to the end of the world.


File:500px-Netherhighway_13-02-….png (30.87 KB,500x417)

You actually can take horses! The journey is mostly quite peaceful all things considered. There's a bunch of groups on 2b2t that have endeavored in undertaking massive infrastructure projects to build Nether highways to make travel both safe and quick! Although not necessarily paved with obsidian from 0,0 to 3.75M, the highways are currently dug in all cardinal directions to 3.75M, as well as there being numerous ring roads within several hundred thousand blocks of Nether spawn so people don't have to backtrack to 0,0 if they're on the East highway and want to get onto the North highway, for instance. These aren't small operations working on the highways either; the two current largest groups: the Highway Workers Union, and the Motorway Extension Gurus are groups of about 30 active players each, and constantly maintain a watchful eye of the highways for maintenance due to griefing near to Spawn, while also actively expanding the existing highway network in the form of digging new tunnels and paving existing corridors.

Going to the world border is sort of what I'd imagine visiting the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World must have been like; when you're there it's hard to fathom just how many man hours were spent just digging the tunnels to get there in the first place. But, while very impressive once you make it, I'm not sure I'd call the journey itself very fun. 70+ hours is still 70+ of watching the endless red stream of netherrack pass you by. To prevent yourself from going insane, you basically have to multitask the whole way, watching TV shows, YouTube, anime, etc.


Spent probably close to 10 hours messing around with texture packs. I'm mostly happy with the final result, but I still want to look over the items, maybe.

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