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File:1467000869068.png (135.7 KB,412x455)




oops I meant to post text with this, but I won't be able to find the image again...

Do you think a heart looks like an upside-down butt or does a butt look like an upside-down heart? How did butts become romantic?


Butts are romantic because they show someone has a lotta nutrients, but also because they're nice to the touch.
A fictional heart is most definitely an upside-down butt, throughout history people were keenly aware of how real hearts looked.


No such thing, similarly to how an E has no connection to a ヨ. Personally, the heart symbol reminds me of lungs, or angel wings, the motif of impossibility of flying and ascending from human responsibilities.


File:pupy.png (579.52 KB,1000x1000)



Are you sure? I'm pretty sure people's organs weren't a mystery back in ancient times...


File:mousu.jpg (113.4 KB,1000x1503)

Looks like balls to me as far a I'm concerned.

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