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I need an anime pfp! Something cute!
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I remember hearing toon over a decade ago, but it was definitely a "controversial" term back then. I never really liked it myself because it never made sense to me. Character and avatar are good.
It took me a while to start calling servers servers instead of "shards" because that's what they were called in Ultima Online for lore reasons. I've seen some newer MMORPGs use the term, but it's pretty rare. I think some tech people use the term for similar stuff, too.


die toon


File:1597197801115.png (57 KB,300x350)



File:1677814161352022.png (85.25 KB,640x400)


File:11eyes_Equ9vA2PEm.png (946.55 KB,804x604)


If you don't give a definitive answer then I'll get mad!
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What vn would you say best brought you into their world that's not like a top 10 popular vn?




Nice. I haven't heard of it and I'll check it out.


Length is the biggest thing. It doesn't matter how engrossing it is if it's over after 10 hours.
MOONSTONE makes some nice romantic escapism stuff that I really like. It's not going to win awards for amazing deep stories, but they can be a bit more involved than you might think of a "surrounded by cute girls" game to be. Princess Evangile and Magical Marriage Maniacs are both enjoyable ero VNs. (increasing romanticism as you go down a girl's path and see more until eventual sex scene(s))


>Magical Marriage Maniacs
Oh, it's 'Lunatics' apparently. The alliteration makes more sense. Oh well.

File:[Okay-Subs] Onii-chan wa O….jpg (304.85 KB,1920x1080)


I like this frame. This is a really nice frame. There's so much being conveyed by everyone's body language and the atmosphere with just a single glance. Momiji's affection for Mahiro and happiness over getting to spend more date time with him. Kaede's positioning towards Mihari while glancing over at Mahiro with a wink showing him how he's now trapped. Mihari looks on in smug satisfaction as she can prolong her Onii-chan's outside exposure and interaction time, and is satisfied to have caught her Onii-chan snooping on her. Then there's Mahiro, with a small bit of dissatisfaction on his face but absolutely no resistance in his posture, he's given up and is willing to go along with everyone else. All of this is shown in front of the apparel shop where its bright lights illuminate the night they're about to venture off into. It's a really nice shot.

Are there any frames of anime that /jp/ loves?
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when was there even controversial takes on Akebi. And Onimai is just me, the only adult in the room, not liking the edgy show of the season


File:[Orphan] A Penguin's Memor….png (384 KB,634x386)

I like older anime that have this shimmery water.


File:[ASW] Mairimashita! Iruma-….png (1.51 MB,1920x1080)

J.C. Staff does some amazing work. Entire animes filled with high quality frames one after another. Mewkledreamy and Iruma-kun are some of my most extensive screenshot collections because there's so many good frames.


Mahiron is so ero-cute!
I just wish my Japanese waas better, knowing the subs are wrong but still needing them is so frustrating.


I keep seeing it randomly pop up and it's your fault.

File:__orihara_kozue_and_nishij….jpg (661.99 KB,1280x960)




File:2014_09_19_192025.jpg (120.82 KB,960x544)



miracle baby born on something something


Always. That's why you are here with me


Does Love Chu Chu have a different CG artist? Sena is looking extra tsundere there.


File:__kusunoki_yua_chaos_head_….jpg (231.58 KB,796x594)

no but the jay is




Cool if it's modeled after a real fight, fucking amazing if the animator made up the choreography theirself


did he died?


Underrated video.

File:RopurottoSabbath.jpg (842.42 KB,1722x2463)


witch sabbath wud u fuk
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So I have to pick between 52 sabbaths? Can't we narrow it down a bit.


personally i like the first one from august, it really is a great month


thread theme


dunno about sabbaths but i'd fuck the one on the left


me on the left



File:__reisen_udongein_inaba_ho….jpg (389.1 KB,1541x2048)


Oops I'm late.
Remember to say "rabbit rabbit" when you first wake up for a month of good luck!
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I thought February had 29 days so I missed it...


File:[HorribleSubs] Tsugumomo -….jpg (433.23 KB,1280x720)

I forgot......


File:giving tewi a bath.jpg (751.62 KB,1770x1182)

You're never stealing my luck again kusousagi.


Shouldn't it be Hourain't?


I think it's been about half a year for me. I used to at least remember before hopping on the computer for the first time, but no luck lately

File:700caa018631bc11610c66e393….png (2.13 MB,2125x2598)


Realized you can't get a tan from the moon...


Good, tans are just skin damage and they make people ugly and age faster.


Unless you're a vtuber elf


Your mum's ugly and ages faster.


Yeah, well my mum would beat your mum in a fight.

File:R-1677653770716.jpg (119.7 KB,1020x1224)


How are your New Years Resolutions holding up? Mine was to stop watching YouTube more than I do the things I like most, and I've actually been fairly successful to my own surprise.


I have no goals
I have no dreams


File:[SubsPlease] Kyokou Suiri ….jpg (225.83 KB,1920x1080)

Hmm, did I have a resolution? I can't remember


New year's resolutions are gay, I'm not going to tie my progress into something so many people fail at.

File:Fh2RY9dVUAAgN1W.jpg (100.12 KB,946x1200)


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File:mre2.jpg (177.33 KB,2048x1054)

bochhi the rock or something


bocchi the uh...


File:FokKvcPXEAEkIgk.jpg (67.2 KB,1500x1383)

Bocchi the Pochita


File:bocchi the glock.jpg (183.84 KB,1525x2048)

Bocchi the Glock


Oh no Bocchi... Don't get involved with the gacha whores...

File:9bd84cfbcba2d39078eb92a1bc….gif (525.81 KB,364x489)


I made a thread one year ago with this image saying I will die in war soon.
I'm still alive if you wonder or care.
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decades of USSR and RF shitting up munition and vehicles, they can go on for another year


The spare parts army


Timidi mater non flet.


File:boson kanji.png (5.22 KB,310x295)


File:boson.png (21.57 KB,250x250)

File:1643186254300.png (1.42 MB,721x1024)


Not even fifty thousand suns would come close to matching her.
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File:mpv-shot0027.jpg (253.33 KB,1280x720)



There's one part where she repaints her whole room and it's this surreal spiralfest on all sides, it's great. Love her.


File:7875784.jpg (41.29 KB,741x556)



File:[HT]_Hidamari_Sketch_10_(7….jpg (15.05 KB,197x313)


File:FWl8JMFUUAA_nFp.jfif (390.13 KB,2048x1152)


Dat /qa/ dream!!
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File:__matsunaga_sara_ever_17_d….jpg (691.98 KB,1280x960)



looks like a donut to me


File:[HorribleSubs] Blend S - 0….jpg (122.67 KB,1920x1080)

Imagine all the grease that's probably slathered all over her clothes right now.... yuck.


Counter-point: a nice big a warm pizza is probably keeping her warm and when she wakes up she can just the pizza. It's a win-win honestly


ahhh the pepeloni

File:4d8ef0d8dfdf51c28d955618c8….jpg (584.38 KB,1200x1920)


Sometimes I worry about inhaling water when I'm drinking cold water because of that radiating feeling of cold as it goes down your esophagus in your chest and I think "what if all that water I just drank went straight into my lungs and my brain is just broken preventing me from realizing I'm drowning.

Anyone else? No? Just me? Aha.. haha... ha......
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I don't worry about that because I accidentally inhale water all the time when I get distracted and then I spend 5 minutes coughing it back up.

At least it gives me confidence that my lung's water rejecting reflexes are functioning properly.


can't say i have


File:[Drag] Utawarerumono OVA -….jpg (259.89 KB,1920x1080)

Posting in a thread with Kuon

This does worry me sometimes and I've done it I think, but the body works in mysterious ways and apart from feeling bad briefly I don't think any damage is done. It might be a different story if it's something other than water, but the body is pretty good at cleaning stuff out so maybe not


people have been doing ultra deep diving by breathing oxygen-rich water so that water pressure doesn't crush their chests
it's perfectly safe


I think that's still science fiction at the moment, Anonymous...

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