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File:2023030513455100_s.jpg (151.87 KB,1280x720)


Those days... Those times... I wanted to protect them...


looks like she could use some sleep


shortly after this she went to the eternal sleep.


File:ThoseDaysThoseTimes.webm (Spoiler Image,8.44 MB,640x360)

also MEGA spoilers, but I wanted to clip this scene.


lol what's this?


It appears to be Anime Expo 2011 - Reimu Armpits


File:FprO9ntWcAIJ3wH.jpeg (67.95 KB,639x960)

Why did /jp/ freak out over a Reimu cosplayer though?
I probably understand if it's broadcasted on TV or something, or was Touhou such a rare thing to see on wastern public back then?


I'd say there's a pretty big difference in the Western popularity of Touhou today and its popularity back in 2011, yeah. I can easily understand people getting excited over this, especially since it's a girl.
I don't personally pay attention to this con stuff, however. Sometimes I see it through osmosis, like when the Japanese found the big guy cosplaying as Ringo in a ZUN screenshot to be great and drew some art of it


>I'd say there's a pretty big difference in the Western popularity of Touhou today and its popularity back in 2011, yeah.
Yeah, it was way more popular back then.

File:b4e7d85ab34e4d9fdaa24a667….jpeg (268.98 KB,578x818)


What's kissu's stance on /qa/mono?
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I really dislike how this implies you pronounce /qa/.


File:03029-[AnyGrape Furrymix C….png (458.39 KB,640x832)

Three awards in one day. This is a historical thread


File:seal.png (111.69 KB,500x500)



File:1389723199591.png (390 KB,612x549)



FIVE awards

File:[HorribleSubs] Kono Subara….png (1018.61 KB,1920x1080)


Zannen na bijin


sushi banzai shin megami


Aqua's belly

File:d9ac88542cb3fa44115bccca57….jpg (1.62 MB,1708x1254)


Come on, fatard, you're going to have to lose more weight than that if you want that donut.


File:e73.gif (4.71 MB,640x350)

Repent, lust deamom!


I remember liking that show but I can't seem to remember anything about it other than the fact that he REALLY liked animal people


I remember someone posting about sabotaging weight loss, there's some wacky kinks around excess weight


Have you noticed how whenever a fat person tries to lose weight they get sabotaged by their friends and family... always plying them with food and leftovers, always buying chocos for them on special occasions because it's what was appreciated in the past


File:OP.png (476.3 KB,640x480)

>that donut

File:she eat own legs.png (1.09 MB,1378x2039)


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Someone said she's getting bigger and bigger, but she's practically skin and bones here.
Someone please feed her ;_;


It's all because of that walking tub of lard Kuon. She ate everything that Koruri didn't eat.


tummy cunny, loli belly, cute, funny and fat:D





I don’t really know who kuon is
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Kuon is warm
Kuon is cute
Kuon is smart
Kuon is mature
Kuon is funny
Kuon is pretty
Kuon is hungry
Kuon is me
Kuon is you
Kuon is kissu
Kuon is love
Kuon is the meaning of life


File:56008683_p0.jpg (80.5 KB,1360x594)



File:00054.jpg (277.82 KB,1356x1920)

Kuon is one of the main characters of Utawareumono 2 and 3, which are originally visual novels made by Aquaplus, but also received anime adaptations. The anime adaptation for the third one, strangely enough, completed just a couple months ago which was about six years after the VNs were released.
It would be spoiler-y to go into too much detail about her, but she's the best! If you read the VNs I think you'll get a good picture of how great she is, but the anime does a great job of it as well because she's very cute in animated form.


i wouldn't worry about it


No, everyone should worry a great deal! Can you imagine not knowing of Kuon??? We need to be Kuon missionaries so that everyone knows!


My wife made her debut recently. Please shill her and enjoy.
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Because you're too fat.


great thread


you know I can just post a new one.

File:[Anon] High Score Girl II ….jpg (921.39 KB,1920x1080)


When was the last time /jp/ actually stepped foot inside an arcade? Feels like they're a mere novelty place now instead of a place for gaming with how little use or talk they get these days. You ever think they'll go through another golden age or has the digital age killed them for good?

Actually I wonder if they're still alive and well in Japan....
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There was(is?) one next to a cinema in the city that I went to while waiting for movies to air as a kid a few times, that would be the last one I went to.

But, one sprung up in my town recently. I have not been inside but I looked through the window into it and it has large life size dinosaurs, or rather it has small dinosaurs that are life-sized a large dinosaur would not fit.


A couple months ago, I think? There was a new one that opened nearby that I went to check out. The main thing I remember about it was the Crossy Road knockoff, which gave so many tickets that I honestly think I could've earned a net profit from playing it if I was masochistic enough to do so. In total I can think of at least around half a dozen or so arcades (inc. ones that are attached to bowling alleys and the like) in my city of ~300k, which is honestly probably more than in Japan these days.

>Actually I wonder if they're still alive and well in Japan....
Last time I went there were still a decent number, although mostly dominated with crap like claw machines, photo booths, and pachislots, rather than proper games. The only thing I remember that was particularly fun was the rhythm games, which for whatever reason have never been brought over here in non-digital form AFAIK. Keep in mind though that I only visited 'mainstream' arcades, whereas there are probably some nostalgia/novelty-focused ones that are more interesting.


the classic era probably once as a small child but it was filled with scary delinquents
though you would still see the machines around places for a while to come

and then to my knowledge the only one left was attached to a cinema this was from the mid to late 90s onwards
had games like house of the dead, metal-slug and the motorcycle racing games along with a couple claw machines

tbh i never used it because well it seemed overpriced and i had a computer at home

there still exists one but has more practical oriented games

they always seemed like something you would go to with your friends


Haven't been to one since the early 2010's, unless you count the ones they have in bowling alleys. There is an arcade nearby I've thought about going to, but I worry I'd be the weird old guy.


I grew up in the midwest, the most I ever saw was those slot and poker machines in gas stations that are adult only. Pizza hut had some rail shooter game with aliens in it.

Local cons usually had DDR and Smash Bros.

File:shirime.png (701.33 KB,622x462)


Why hasn't ZUN made a Shirime'hu yet?
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I'm sure he did say "it would be dirty" so you know what he was implying. Otherwise he'd have done it with adding literal third leg.


He is saying that adding a third leg could lead to it looking like a penis and so he choose not to, he is not saying that he thought about adding a penis.

He can be quite prudish, like when he gave Meiling pants for the fighting game she was in.


The innuendos have a limit...


gaze into abyss


foul lust demons are occupying the board and they need you to purify it!

File:f75b93703bef2f6fe36dec1c31….jpg (622.96 KB,1755x2478)


Here, let me show you how it's done! It's really easy.
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Kuon is looking really beautiful there


You're supposed to spit-roast the whole thing at once and invite all your friends over for the feast.


There's two spit-roasts, which comes first is up to you.


yappari, the texture of pruney fingers feels great to lick


and now they're gone.....

File:Screenshot_2023-03-03 in5b….png (1.16 MB,1280x720)






I see

File:kanokariringcom1main.jpg (163.15 KB,750x250)


Would you buy a promise ring for a rental girlfriend?


that must be a troll


Thats actually really sad


To make sure she remembers to give me my cut.


I have to wonder how many of these anime products for couples actually sell



File:Game_SzJyhuzT4a.png (396.15 KB,1024x768)


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Miku is flat.


No she has small breasts.


but very sensitive


File:furry miku.png (1.78 MB,2077x3000)



Is this an anthropomorphic ("furry") Hatsune Miku?

File:b2ccb0d17e216e03b8a1082e54….png (2.97 MB,1920x1080)


Happy Kuon Free-Use Day!!!
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Kuon's not even that fat, now the dog from futoko no guild, now that's a fat dog


This is the grossest thread on kissu, which is saying something


yet still no one pushes the report key for something to happen..


kuon's so fat that her pissu comes out with a greasy rainbow sheen


i'm gonna _pet the kuon

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