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File:90dc8f7d360363c4418f65cc7d….png (2.74 MB,3541x2508)


good work today


T-thanks, but you better eat both so you can get that kissu bod


File:98056804_p0.jpg (1.01 MB,1447x2046)


File:edd0fdc90ee002d96716fc3d0a….jpg (4.23 MB,2508x3541)


/jp/ just got a whole lot shittier all of a sudden


File:1471205982049.png (200.41 KB,400x500)

Stinks in here...


File:1436745286629.jpg (159.91 KB,1024x576)

maybe you shouldn't have shat yourself




File:a00e4aaa7531b20f20104a7383….jpg (43.94 KB,550x800)



It was an at the moment thing, you had to be there. A big stinky load got dumped on /jp/

File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (238.15 KB,1920x1080)


One for the pervs
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File:[SubsPlease] Kunoichi Tsub….jpg (539.01 KB,1920x1080)

It's weird that there seems to be so little ecchi anime this season. The most I can really think of off the top of my head is Kunoichi and even that one isn't too in your face with service.


File:[SubsPlease] Kunoichi Tsub….jpg (1.05 MB,1920x1080)

>Akebi still stands above for sure
Not if they eat her, she won't!


File:[SubsPlease] Kunoichi Tsub….jpg (360.74 KB,1920x1080)

Probably good that they keep the sexes seperated... Can't imagine what the boys would do if they saw this


File:[SubsPlease] Kunoichi Tsub….jpg (197.37 KB,1280x720)

Something that Akebi that that Tsubaki seems to have as well is good bird service. They know what the audience wants and and they aren't afraid to give it


armpits, frontpage!

File:5849f22ce19e6c96f412d15b04….jpg (736.55 KB,1500x1185)


life engine broken down. Send a mechanic.


File:63565440_p0.png (2.56 MB,1500x2125)



File:de4300f0d6cefb28f6a894b2cf….png (2.27 MB,2000x1906)

Spending a few weeks playing Persona 4 got my life engine up and running again.

File:d2b0636969f3820cac03f7b447….jpg (349.09 KB,700x830)


the forehead girl


File:[SubsPlease] Kunoichi Tsub….jpg (178.43 KB,1280x720)

Is she really? I think the bar has been raised


File:e993b54256653987a9ffa9d27a….png (30.86 KB,641x519)


File:[SubsPlease] Koi wa Sekai ….jpg (323.05 KB,1920x1080)


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Isn't that just an egg roll? That's what I think I've heard them called in anime.


I think it's some type of omelette, Japs love omelettes.


"tamagoyaki", it's like a thin omelette with sugar and soy sauce that has been rolled up into a tube shape.


File:0037GX7D1F54B0FF96D711sx.jpg (12.73 KB,250x187)

All of you guys are wrong. It's one of those McDonald's square scrambled eggs things



File:79591f4ecf3d3341bbc357217f….png (784.08 KB,700x850)


Why is it so easy to tell something has been drawn by a Westerner even when artstyle is trying to mimic Japanese stuff as much as possible? However, this doesn't happen if it's Chinese or Korean art usually, they're able to mimic it better. Pic related is one of the few Western artists I like by the way, but it's still easy to tell his art isn't Japanese.
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They probably speak English as much as Korea or Taiwan do. Though I agree with that to a degree, you can sometimes see that with Japanese that speak English they draw in a more western style and even Koreans and Taiwanese often have that same kind of western style to them.


File:__kamishirasawa_keine_touh….png (298.52 KB,575x700)

If you still don't know Miwool is Malaysian


Even this is too generous. Eastern art is art drawn by the Japanese in the Japanese style. Anything else is western art.


are you mentally handicapped


File:JoJoker.jpg (336.57 KB,968x1200)

joke's on you, I was just pretending

File:[SubsPlease] Koi wa Sekai ….jpg (307.78 KB,1920x1080)


/qa/ & /jp/
and then the seasonal boards in the corner


that's me in the corner


im a gorilla


File:[SubsPlease] Koi wa Sekai ….jpg (323.35 KB,1920x1080)

I see you've undergone evolution


can i get a banana?


Mods sure are neat


godless mod


File:60704480_p2.jpg (759.3 KB,2000x2828)

If god didn't want me to oggle cute girls why'd he design them to be so sexy?


the struggles of life are here to make you grow as a person


godful mod


File:11904-1651688930-17577828….webp (948.68 KB,1280x720)

was looking at trending mods on nexus for all games and was impressed by this banner for a mod


really feeling this right now


sicp changed my life

File:1587501869612.png (102.46 KB,454x419)


Why is /jp/ so great?


for me to poop on!


fuck the rules


File:1563814053472.jpg (26.99 KB,317x293)



stinky vtumor

File:469a82fd411cded2027543869c….jpg (117.39 KB,747x663)




the urethra really is


the best hole


File:1205922_m.jpg (89.18 KB,596x600)



File:1604374747907.jpg (37.96 KB,294x417)


File:a3e9bc8bb2cb53a8a26018b7d7….jpg (721.29 KB,1500x2634)


Crazy that it's been almost a year and I still haven't seen any upcoming anime that excite me more than or as much as Chainsaw Man.
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foid pilk


The FUCK is a foid


teen word


Say it enough and the only traces of your existence will be sprayed across the floor of /trans/


File:creamy kobeni.png (586.35 KB,517x625)

the public safety slute

File:surprised shitty low quali….jpg (105.58 KB,1077x1044)


>This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.



File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (185.14 KB,1280x720)

freakin youtube!
okay, yeah I'll see if there's another out there


File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (144.2 KB,1280x720)





File:broccoli.mp4 (1.01 MB,1280x720)

Yeah, she taught children the importance of eating broccoli and cauliflower


big K getting ready to service some fat bastard cock

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