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File:[SubsPlease] Isekai de Mo….webm (1.54 MB,1920x1080)


What cute little gobbos!
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You are confusing law and alignment there. Those are different things.
Good and evil are real and measurable forces and have their own planes of existence and everything. There are spells that hurt creatures of specific alignments by literally flooding them with good (or evil).
"Good" implies "respect for life". Not just innocent life, but life in general.
When they say that good characters "protect innocent life", in gameplay-terms that means you can play a good character in DnD. Your character is not terminally crippled and locked out of the game.
In-universe, it means that not all good characters are fanatics who would rather let the agents of evil run free than raise their hands to kill them. If protecting the innocent means to oppose evil, then good will oppose evil.
That can in fact present a challenge for good creatures (like devas). If they keep killing evil creatures, how can they maintain the good respect for the many lives that they are snuffing out? In a universe where good and evil are genuine forces, and not merely philosophies, killing many creatures puts them at risk of becoming (painfully) realigned, like a compass.
Of course, turning evil from just killing evil monsters is not something that player-characters should have to worry about (though they can make plans for such an event with the DM).


alright, that makes sense


No, they gave you the freedom to choose to exterminate the goblies. There is an expectation to do good. If they intended for you to use your freedom to do evil, they would have just made you evil.


File:kill all goblins.webm (4.73 MB,1920x1080)

Total Goblin Death.


It'd be like fucking jelly? What?







File:[Pizza] Urusei Yatsura (20….jpg (540.4 KB,1920x1080)

Kind of a weird coloring/shading scheme or whatever you call it. Faded, like sepia.


File:unnamed.jpg (50.19 KB,512x370)

In a way it's a bit more accurate to the original LN art.

File:Di Gi Charat - 10 (BD 768x….jpg (115.37 KB,768x576)


I'm going to be making an intro video thing for kissu streams in the style of https://youtube.com/watch?v=WyJj1A-Z0wU , but using various songs associated with kissu and the streams we've done.
So, uh, I guess this is a thread to make suggestions!

Here is a handy list of everything we've watched! https://anilist.co/user/kissustreamed/animelist (there might be a few missing from 2019 or so since memory isn't a perfect thing). OP and EDs will be the easiest to remember, but other songs are good, too. We should try to avoid the recency bias and include a variety of songs from the almost FIVE years we've been doing these streams!

So... LET'S HAVE A PARTY NIGHT prestream video!
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File:pc webm slower ql28.webm_s….png (1.36 MB,1280x720)



File:pc webm slower ql24.webm_s….png (1.36 MB,1280x720)



did you add the pop team epic OP, that one crashed the stream and would be a good example


yeah I avoided it for that reason
could test with it I guess... maybe


probably a good test of what will happen to webm quality when it hits heavy bitrate

File:JW0vEhTUfpuG3W6m.mp4 (673.15 KB,720x1280)


Is Touhou reclining or rising?
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File:1595619591562.gif (645.51 KB,241x313)

Nothing lasts forever, be grateful for the the things that do exist and hopefully will withstand the sands of time.


Nothing except for those weird family anime


Even those have episodes that are lost to time.


In the end, entropy shall claim all.
And in a universe bereft of matter and light, where time does no longer pass because there is nothing left for time to exert any influence on, the maiden of eternity will sing her song, unheard and unsung; and every note a void within the void.
And reality will begin anew, and Gensokyou will reopen and then Reimu will ruin everything for everyone, again.


File:1683489485340524.gif (116.57 KB,562x842)

You know it in your heart of hearts.

File:[SubsPlease] Sasaki to Pii….jpg (301.12 KB,1920x1080)


Be honest with me, /jp/


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (297.88 KB,1920x1080)



File:1701732960378224.jpg (399.27 KB,1240x1080)

Im being honest with ya


File:1612294629259.png (194.61 KB,565x527)

You got me... I am actually a magical man.

File:mpv-shot0153.jpg (258.82 KB,1920x1080)


ITT side mouths


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (228.13 KB,1920x1080)

It's dangerous to pay attention to these because they're EVERYWHERE


File:sidemaya.png (180.94 KB,397x387)

there were like 5 of them on this episode alone


File:[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pr….png (515.43 KB,1024x576)



File:[SubsPlease] Kunoichi Tsub….jpg (155.57 KB,1280x720)

I know Tsubaki is full of these, but it's really not something I take screenshots of, but I do love a good snout

File:1692901795826.gif (307.47 KB,420x600)


What website do you download subtitles from? I'm looking for subtitles for Seikon no Qwaser specifically both season I and II as well as the picture dramas if they can be found. Doesn't matter if it's in ASS or SRT format. I've been looking around and most of the sites that I've been on don't have Seikon no Qwaser sub files.
(picture not related)


https://kitsunekko.net has JP, EN, CN, and KR.

For more JP ones, go through this list: https://gist.github.com/tatsumoto-ren/78ba4e5b7c53c7ed2c987015fa05cc2b


Check out the 720p BD rip release by Doki on animetosho. On that page, click "All Attachments". It should contain what you want. Or you can download the xz-compressed ASS file extracted from each MKV file individually if you prefer.
Some English subs also appear to be on kitsunekko.


File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (2.64 MB,1920x1080)

You mean specifically a separate subtitle file? Is there a particular reason why not a regular subbed release video file? (assuming it's softsubs)


Site is down.

What would I use to extract the file? I didn't think about that.

The rips I have are RAW and higher quality than anything else I can find online. I also can't find any torrents with subtitle files that are separately.


>click "All Attachments"
Yep, feeling pretty braindead with that one ngl. Thanks, I ended up getting it as well as for the first season's picture drama subs. I should be able to at the very least be able to follow along well enough with the Katja picture dramas from season II.

File:582d3f84dcbc65259b5eda7f1c….jpg (513.69 KB,1094x936)


Who is the character you'd die for and what makes you love them so much? For me it's Tsukimiya Ayu. I've loved her for as long as I can remember. She's just so damn cute. I love her little uguu〜〜〜's, I love how easy she tears up, I love the way she always eats taiyaki and I love love love her tiny angel wings. Ayu, Daisuki!!
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Oh that's a real big part of it too.
Like personally, I just like her because she's a free spirit who could do whatever. Jabroni the entire world that kind of stuff, really cool.




andy comes off as a former brony


I did actually spent my time on /mlp/ during the drought between Season 3 and 4. I'm not a fan of the show but the people are interesting and it's kind of the reason I don't mind furries as much :^)
They're alright, good people, need to stay in the ghetto though.


File:daisy.jpg (151.27 KB,1000x1333)

I've learned live for myself, not for others. Yayoi from idolmaster is my waifu though.

File:4dd043572cf17166bfd4ccf95e….png (51.34 KB,490x450)


can any sleepers here confirm whether 8+ hours of sleep actually makes you function better
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File:297.jpg (113.46 KB,462x480)

I need 10 hours of sleep to actually be able to get up out of my own primal volition


File:1414559356888.jpg (137.47 KB,1060x796)

Glycine, magnesium l-threonate, thiamine (benfotiamine), niacinamide, l-theanine... zZzZz mimimimi


File:196c759cc5db8fb7fce02896f5….png (2.6 MB,1200x2131)

You should try to at least get 7 hours of sleep, maybe more if needed, but 7 hours is optimal. But that may be pop-sci shit so who fucking knows.


Well, you need to be sufficiently worn out to need 8+ hours of sleep. It's also not the length of sleep that matters (to a point), it's the quality and regimentation that matters. I only tend to need 5-7 hours of sleep. If I try to sleep longer than that, I'll wake up every few hours after sleeping for 6-8 hours and eventually get a headache, sort of like what >>69357 mentioned. There's certainly such a thing as too much sleep.


File:1531157349251.jpg (14.55 KB,480x480)

Sleep is a pretty complicated thing with a lot of different mechanisms in it. General schedules apply to most people but outliers always exist. Sleep itself is divided into a repeating set of cycles, you've probably heard that most dreams occur during something called the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep cycle.
Typically, waking up during or right after the REM sleep cycle is when you wake up feeling most refreshed, but if you end up waking up during a point which should be N2 or N3 (light/medium sleep and deep sleep respectively), you'll feel like shit.
This also doesn't account for your physical condition. If you get dead tired, then you'd need more sleep to wear it off. If you didn't eat properly, you might not process enough energy. There's a ton of factors involved.
That being said, sleep isn't really fully understood yet anyway. Some people sleep on a Polyphasic Sleep schedule, something thats more like a set of naps throughout the 24 hour span instead of a whole 8~ hour sleep per night. Getting into that type of schedule can be pretty difficult though.

File:R-1706941828778.jpeg (975.47 KB,1419x2000)


This is the ideal female form, you may not like it, but facts are facts.
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Eye replacement surgery should be a thing already.
When will we finally turn into real cyborgs? Don't give me that "smart phones make us cyborgs" crap. I want proper, inhuman eyes.


File:b106540f774034d740187166b3….jpg (1.44 MB,1200x840)

What do 3 3 eyes mean


It's when the eyes are almost closed, such as when people with eye problems try to get a limited focus or when people have swollen eyes (from just waking up).


File:1619471064930.jpg (71.23 KB,521x983)

Excuse my interruption. My vision is augmented.

File:acf9d3a70ecca22eda1fd959e0….png (1.43 MB,1900x1400)


When are we getting an ecchi mahou shoujo anime about imperialist and pro-shogunate girls fighting each other (before making out) set in the Bakumatsu period? Just imagine, Perry-san mahou shoujo with two massive K-cup gunboats. That would be pretty dang sweet methinks.
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I'm surprised they never made a Slice of Life anime about the Shinsengumi or an anime about about Yamamoto Yae.


kodansha will be at your door tomorrow morning


File:6105386f69fd4ee95519e84e2f….png (26.09 MB,3737x4980)

That's because you aren't trying hard enough.
Apply yourself, make the story come reality. I believe in you!
Because you know if you make the story, it can be adapted by a studio (if you fund it) and it could happen! Make your dreams come true ganbare yo!


File:40631294_p0.jpg (698.63 KB,998x727)

>I'm surprised they never made a Slice of Life anime about the Shinsengumi
Chances are it exists but it's targeted at fujos.


I feel like I've seen several sword boys fujo anime set in that era. And by seen I mean dropped.

File:1529384528791.jpg (233.58 KB,1600x1200)


¥Anonymous... to you, who loved me... I give... this planet
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As everyone knows, tuna with celery is bad
But have you tried tuna with tomatoes? it makes for a nice sandwich


File:1529029990199.jpg (132.73 KB,768x768)

In a world full of horrific norm monstrosities, only my /qa/ friends can be relied upon to be human.


Stop dehumanizing people you don't like, it's rude...


dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed


File:1599430892036.jpg (1.19 MB,2106x2964)

Grant us feet, grant us feet.
Plant feet on our faces, to satisfy our beastly libidos.
The grand board of /qa/, hidden now from sight.
Kissu dot moe, of course!
Let us sit about, and post feverishly.
Chatting into the wee hours of...
New ideas, of the higher plane!

File:GFgVQkXaUAAILQN.jpg (334.33 KB,1792x2304)


pet cat


File:1701793576353521.png (2.13 MB,2647x2000)

Fuck the cat

File:Ichooseyoubitch.jpg (496.36 KB,1079x1462)


Dumbass princess
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>She looks really well for a sage
Not green enough.


Is such a thing even possible?
How can one be not green enough?


File:1706940308826.jpg (244.15 KB,1280x1280)

You were saying?


That's too green, why must she sage.


File:too green.jpg (8.57 KB,321x157)

File:56139103_p10_master1200.jpg (473.54 KB,843x951)


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File:EySo7PxU8AAyuyq.jpg (119.97 KB,1200x1016)

Good morning. Sun's about to set.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (397.73 KB,1920x1080)

ohay- ZzzZzzzz....
the most difficult time of the day!


File:[Nutbladder, I presume?] H….png (2.55 MB,1920x1080)

still sleepy


File:1644735477695.png (1.1 MB,1920x1080)

Good 5-hours-of-sleep morning.



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