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File:yume_river_loop.swf (7.28 MB)



Ahh, you may want to scale it so there's no white area on the sides because I just had to do it. Flashes like to load stuff "off camera", you know, and I think ruffle thought it was wider than it was because of that.


flashes don't have any of that meta area stuff. I have no way to know how wide it is


Yeah, I did say ruffle. It must be on their end, but they must see colored pixels on the side and enlarge the area as a result


oh nvm, ruffle doesn't need forced dimensions to work. So I guess I can fix this


There you go, praise me as your god


File:waterfox_tgromas0VQ.png (54.5 KB,348x312)

Well, it's not too wide any more


Hmm... opened it up in private tab and it's fine. It must save the scaling in cache or something?


yes. refresh now. I forgot to update the version numbers


yeah it's working


it's just slightly problematic now because my loading indicator doesn't show up. I'll fix it later

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