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 File:002_AMADUYU_TATSUKI_ART_WO….png (386.09 KB,440x582)

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It's been overdue since I've tried to post her everywhere, but...
Cute and ecchi are both good in this thread, because Kuon is both. She is perhaps the embodient of /ec/!



 File:002_AMADUYU_TATSUKI_ART_WO….jpg (2.91 MB,4907x6981)

I cropped the original image to make Kuon more visible, but here's the original


 File:004_AMADUYU_TATSUKI_ART_WO….jpg (2.67 MB,4877x6950)

There's also this wider version, but it looks like it's a lower quality scan or maybe the other one was touched up better?
I don't really want to spend 20 minutes cropping these so I'll post them unaltered


 File:00004.jpg (326.38 KB,1356x1920)

Dumping official art from the art books
The artist is Amaduyu Tatsuki and here is his twitter: https://twitter.com/amaduyu
I can't guarantee he hasn't posted Utwarerumono spoilers, so beware!
Danbooru shows his name as "Amazuyu Tatsuki" and I've never really understood it. I mean, he chose the name for his twitter, didn't he, and it was 2010 so I don't think it's a "name was already taken" thing. I noticed danbooru does that with a few things and I never really bothered to see why. This artbook also shows his name as Amaduyu Tatsuki. Does danbooru know Japanese better than the Japanese?


 File:00006.jpg (516.44 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00007.jpg (549.16 KB,1356x1920)

I have two versions of some of the images because of different artbooks, but I'm favoring the digital scans of this Utawarerumono artbook over Amaduyu's book


 File:00009.jpg (554.44 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00010.jpg (697.99 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00011.jpg (679.4 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00013.jpg (734.96 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00014.jpg (340.41 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00018.jpg (699.53 KB,1356x1920)

(anime style)


 File:00022.jpg (724.44 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00023.jpg (624.7 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00025.jpg (256.35 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00030.jpg (774.06 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00031.jpg (251.79 KB,1356x1920)

I think the colors on this are too washed out and I tried to fix that for the stream background, but maybe my tastes are just too different or my monitor is bad at that brightness?


 File:00033.jpg (731.71 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00034.jpg (638.66 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00035.jpg (397.01 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00037.jpg (606.88 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00038.jpg (692.04 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00047.jpg (275.07 KB,1356x1920)


 File:00191.jpg (712.61 KB,1356x1920)


 File:032_AMADUYU_TATSUKI_ART_WO….jpg (3.05 MB,4877x6950)

Here is an example of the scan of this image. Man, I don't know which images to use...
Also, historical image!


 File:waterfox_aYRYkvfLtk.png (197.71 KB,576x332)

It seems danbooru is also equally as confused


 File:00113.jpg (317.14 KB,1356x1920)

I ran through this yandex image translate and it doesn't seem to contain any spoilers in the text, just a description of her clothing. Still, if you're skilled enough to read Japanese there's a chance there's a spoiler there that machine translation missed


 File:b648128800c3206cd322de500….jpeg (460.09 KB,1790x2048)

Eating with Kuon...


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono)] 5d3….jpg (138.36 KB,1280x720)


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono)] 66d….png (5.71 MB,2454x3500)


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono)] 43a….png (1.72 MB,1196x1202)

sigh Kuon in Azur Lane (I think it was)
why did they disrespect her like this


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono)] 70b….png (1.48 MB,1076x1202)

Same thing... why does the bird have cannons on it.........


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono) neko….jpg (1.52 MB,4862x3814)


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono)] 710….jpg (1.72 MB,4862x6950)


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono)] 11f….png (682.2 KB,1920x1200)


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono)] 7e3….jpg (149.42 KB,720x1000)


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono)] 2ba….png (820.69 KB,1241x1548)

I grabbed some of the gacha art via grabber on a few boorus last night, so these last 10 images of the day will be from it. I excluded some of them that contain a story spoiler from the original


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono)] 494….png (1.01 MB,1876x1122)


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono) kuon….png (1.08 MB,1202x1789)


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono) kuon….png (1.55 MB,1945x1119)


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono)] fc0….png (2.73 MB,2155x1148)

evil tempting gacha....


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono) kuon….png (958.92 KB,1121x1781)


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono) kuon….png (1.42 MB,2048x1160)

She's so cute... why does this need to be attached to a gacha


 File:[kuon (utawarerumono)] f9b….png (1.19 MB,1200x1200)


 File:[group] 32fc9d6eefb7121081….png (1.76 MB,903x1274)

Whoops. That was a duplicate I already uploaded, too. I guess I'll end it on this one


if you JO to kuon a hairy ear starts to grow out of each of your palms


 File:kuon hungry.png (5.23 MB,1432x2108)

This artbook for Zan has giant uncompressed PNGs so I decided I'd scale it down and compress so it's not 40MB


 File:kuon cute.png (2.78 MB,1217x1395)


 File:kuon pose.png (3.23 MB,1232x1590)


 File:53932987_p0.jpg (350.26 KB,600x600)

Today is fan art day


 File:53976910_p0.jpg (565.68 KB,1240x1748)


 File:53970056_p0.jpg (429.01 KB,1111x1111)


 File:53988933_p0.jpg (241.92 KB,600x600)


 File:54087112_p0.jpg (658.04 KB,2600x2300)


 File:54164238_p0.jpg (336.82 KB,1920x1080)


 File:54165318_p0.jpg (77.46 KB,530x754)


 File:54188167_p0.jpg (287.38 KB,600x600)


 File:54195857_p0.jpg (131.27 KB,1056x1211)


 File:54359150_p0.jpg (66.36 KB,600x525)


 File:54541716_p0.jpg (2.12 MB,3507x2480)


 File:54643777_p0.jpg (525.01 KB,878x790)


 File:54767695_p0.png (198.41 KB,640x480)


 File:54785172_p0.jpg (2.6 MB,2110x3004)


 File:54972116_p0.jpg (419.88 KB,600x600)


 File:55104017_p0.jpg (489.96 KB,1618x1566)


 File:55128635_p0.jpg (147.02 KB,1000x650)


 File:55284943_p0.jpg (1.42 MB,1000x1361)


 File:55298402_p0.png (1.72 MB,1920x1080)


 File:55374706_p0.png (277.76 KB,689x1020)


 File:55475996_p0.jpg (661.45 KB,1754x2480)


 File:57835736_p0.jpg (93.87 KB,582x897)


 File:57852956_p0.jpg (80.69 KB,896x893)


 File:57853322_p0.jpg (103.03 KB,578x893)


 File:58963282_p0.png (1.04 MB,849x1200)


 File:59168095_p0.jpg (241.95 KB,2196x1545)


 File:59404969_p0.png (675.73 KB,1400x1000)


 File:60066082_p0.jpg (1.3 MB,2067x1124)


 File:61462084_p0.jpg (1.03 MB,1500x1748)


 File:63082392_p0.jpg (147.24 KB,1082x859)


 File:61596477_p0.jpg (532.55 KB,600x800)


 File:59643466_p0.jpg (888.29 KB,1240x1984)


 File:98522265_p0.jpg (2.47 MB,2203x2762)


 File:99468659_p0.jpg (5.36 MB,2894x4093)


 File:73084230_p0.png (1.18 MB,1200x1200)

ending tonight with easily one of my favorites


 File:00603-3411642995-1girl, (f….png (1.04 MB,784x896)

Hello, this is your AI Kuon of a day.
I say "a day" because I won't be doing it every day, but I'll try to generate new ones now and then. If anyone has any requests I'll do those as well.
We live in the future and the future is Kuon.

Today I bring you the answer to the age-old question: what if Godzilla was actually Kuon?


She looks like the snake girl from that webcomic.


really nice and pretty green skin


 File:00604-2624342629-1girl, so….png (471.61 KB,576x768)

Kuon as that new green cat Pokemon. I think she's purrrrrfect! Hohohoho


 File:00605-2322400735-1girl, so….png (996.25 KB,896x896)

Kuon as a mermaid!
If only I could be part of that world


These are coming out weirdly lewd


 File:00606-2322400738-1girl, so….png (989 KB,896x896)

this one was pretty good too


 File:00607-338927863-1girl, sol….png (765.48 KB,784x896)

Kuon is not lewd, Kuon is sensual!
True, but there's nothing sexual in my prompts. I think this stuff probably leans towards the suggestive by default. I even have "nipples" and "pussy" in the negatives. I guess I could put 'cleavage' and 'butt crack' in the negatives, too, but I'm worried that might contort the body somehow.


 File:00608-3926362956-1girl, so….png (950.12 KB,784x896)

oh wait, I had 'bikini armor' leftover from a previous prompt in the cat one and 'shell bikini' in the second. Yeah, that would explain it.

Would you like to make a donation?


 File:_kuon (utawarerumono), mic….png (430.96 KB,512x768)


 File:_kuon (utawarerumono), mic….png (425.91 KB,512x768)


 File:_kuon (utawarerumono), hug….png (478.15 KB,512x768)


 File:_kuon (utawarerumono), hug….png (477.79 KB,512x768)


 File:_kuon (utawarerumono), pre….png (414.72 KB,512x768)


 File:kuon.zip (45.31 KB)

Oh, yeah the actual danbooru prompt does have an effect, but it seems to be influenced by the "Utawarerumono" tag so it's really random. I can upload the LORA I made for Kuon for you.

Although, I might need to explain how all this stuff works since LORAs are currently an outside extension and not native to the webUI.
Are you willing to learn this stuff? If not, here's a ZIP that contains the Kuon embedding. Extract the rar into the main folder and the thekuon.pt file will automatically go into the proper folder (embeddings).
Then in the prompt just type "thekuon" somewhere and it will call it. You will need to reduce the strength somewhat to have greater influence on her clothing, like (thekuon:0.7)


 File:_kuon (utawarerumono), gya….png (427.49 KB,512x768)

I appreciate your willingness to help. I'll probably put the time in tomorrow provided I can run it. I just wanted to play along/tease you slightly but I ended up getting teased with how limited the web stuff is.


 File:00610-1070859676-1girl, so….png (995.59 KB,896x896)

Oh wait, I didn't put the folder in there, oops.

Yeah, it's very old hat by now. Anyone not hosting it on their own computer (or awkwardly using google collab) are hugely behind. But, it's also not going to be nearly as simple as the NovelAI website.
LORAs are strong


Bulging thighs...
She's a mother in this photo...


 File:00751-855751705-1girl, sta….png (719.75 KB,704x640)

I've resolved to do a bunch of testing with model merges and I'm trying to assemble a prompt to show various things like water and background detail and stuff. Of course, I had to throw Kuon in there, but I'll have to remove her from testing because I need to remove outside variables.
This one didn't work very well with the Kuon LORA activated, it's too saturated and blocky.
Also "bicycle" gives her bike shorts which is pretty funny.


 File:00795-2526855445-1girl, si….png (566.51 KB,672x864)

All that testing has robbed me of the will to live, so I took a break and generated some Kuon images to lift my spirits. I'm pretty happy with this current merged model, but it still needs refining. Nice shading, but without the weird haze of the AOM thing so many people are using, plus I can set the CFG higher which allows for more stringent prompt commands


 File:00796-2048329164-1girl, co….png (604.97 KB,768x864)



 File:00797-3945597874-1girl, fl….png (3.5 MB,2304x1728)

and now I think I'll go to bed with my spirit healed


This looks almost exactly like a gen 6 portrait!


i did not realise how much those kind of eyebrows contribute to the feeling that I am looking at pokemon art


 File:01336-Anything-V3.0.png (887.48 KB,976x760)

It's time for another AI Kuon update. Today's theme is kimono and kemono


 File:01345-3816960477-1girl, so….png (754.88 KB,736x840)

I wanted to see if it could be done. Maybe I shouldn't have, but it was interesting to see


 File:01341-13524497-1girl, solo….png (813.1 KB,736x840)

Messing around with the merge I made, this one failed to become "furry" but I like the shading.
Also here's an example of an AI mistake creating something cool that I could see being a real thing on a 2D character (the neck wrap around thing)


 File:01342-1205097711-1girl, so….png (783.97 KB,736x840)

AI umbrella


 File:01344-1205097719-1girl, so….png (767.07 KB,736x840)

See you next time. Stay Kuontastic!


kuon's boobs are not that big


 File:Utawarerumono.S02E04.False….jpg (162.7 KB,1920x1080)

Kuon's breasts are deceptively large, although it is a bit inconsistent in the VN versus the anime and also different official art from the gacha and such. She's in a series of women with gigantic breasts and as such she's definitely on the large side. I don't think she has official measurements, but you're right in that these recent images seem larger than her real size. Although, she's also not a kitsune miko


can you do kuon wearing bocchi's clothes


 File:Screenshot from 2023-01-22….png (1.09 MB,1302x770)

kuon has small boobs here
also didn't notice it until now but rulutieh has boobers! thought she was a complete flattie


 File:01354-1383595471-1girl, so….png (820.99 KB,784x896)

It turns out that someone did make a Bocchi thing, as the character would otherwise be too unknown at the time of the database scrape. It takes time to juggle the intensity of two characters so one doesn't erase the other, and even then it's just a slot machine. I can't get Kuon's cute ears to show up, and I used an older model which seemed more compatible with the Bocchi thing which reminded me of how far hands have come in such a short time with the modern merges


 File:kuon poses.png (648.57 KB,1164x767)

Although the size is inconsistent, they're definitely not small! Smaller than some other Utawarerumono girls for sure, but not small. Those girls are MASSIVE! Although, when she has her regular clothes on they're practically not there at all.
I agree that they're too large in the images I generated. I see now what the problem was, I copied part of the prompt from a training image and it had "huge breasts" in it. When testing out a new model merge I was focused on the faces to see if it was tolerable and it turned out decently. I'm trying to make the faces as 2D as possible while still having fidelity on the hands and arms from the RL image merge. Oh, the pain of it all.


 File:01355-1205097711-1girl, so….png (818.04 KB,736x840)

Exact same prompt and seed/etc, but with 'huge breasts' removed. I don't want to do it for every image, but this is an example of what it's like. So much of the image changes


 File:Screenshot from 2023-02-02….png (1.06 MB,1280x720)

Kuon gets to have ALL the bathtime fun.


 File:Screenshot from 2023-02-02….png (1.07 MB,1280x720)

Ok, guess she's canonically not small.


 File:E5BEAEE79DA1E381AEE58D88E5….png (821.68 KB,1200x1920)

"Average" in Utawarerumono has quite a different meaning, really. I think Fumirul's are the biggest, but Camyu was previous the title holder


In the scene in the second VN where Camyu has arrived in Yamato and she is bounding up the stairs with Kurarin wrapped around her, Haku's narration says something to that effect. "The biggest so far yet.", roughly.


 File:01486-2023-02-04(Gustave_M….png (788.72 KB,640x768)

Extensive artist testing and I did some of it with Kuon, of course. Unfortunately I have to lower the strength of her LORA which means things like her ears and outfit and other things don't come through much of the time, but still...
I didn't give any of these major descriptions so that the artist tag would have the most influence.


 File:01483-2023-02-04(Gustave_M….png (775.46 KB,640x768)


 File:01481-2023-02-04(Greg_Rutk….png (691.61 KB,640x768)


 File:01480-2023-02-04(Dorothea_….png (774.28 KB,640x768)


 File:01475-2023-02-04(Beatrix_P….png (789.3 KB,640x768)

Yeah, some of these aren't exactly Kuon, but still it's interesting to see the effect


 File:01473-2023-02-04(Daniel_Me….png (815.39 KB,640x768)


 File:01472-2023-02-04(Antonio_M….png (910.86 KB,640x768)


 File:01471-2023-02-04(Aleksi_Br….png (689.47 KB,640x768)

kinda uncanny valley-ish


 File:01470-(Antonio_Mancini_1.3….png (819.94 KB,640x768)

To be continued...


 File:02103-Anything-V3.0(best_q….png (1.21 MB,944x944)

Hello, it's that time again. Today is Valentine's Day according to pixiv, and what better way to celebrate than to generate some Kuon imagery.


 File:02107-Anything-V3.0(best_q….png (1.08 MB,840x944)


 File:02108-Anything-V3.0(best_q….png (1.12 MB,1120x816)


 File:02101-1girl,_solo,_burger,….png (1.17 MB,944x944)

Until next time. I wasn't feeling particularly creative, but stuff like "retro artstyle" combined with the Lum thing I used earlier at low strength works pretty well


You know all those masterpiece, high quality, etc. tags that people spam? I wonder how well they'd work as embeddings.


 File:02110-Anything-V3.0(Liam_W….png (1.23 MB,840x944)

I actually just today started messing with them again and I still need to do testing to see if they have any real effect on the merges I've made. They usually have a corrupting influence on newer models, but I switched to the 'Anything' model which is a couple months old so I figured I'd bring it back.
Man, I forget how bad the hands were on these. I still love how the 'Anything' model looks, but I've really become spoiled in having limbs.


 File:02348-[Grape! Base].png (551.1 KB,640x832)

I was feeling a bit stressed out, so I needed a cute* named Kuon
This one came out weird, but I thought it was really nice still

*I meant cure, but cute also works


 File:02341-[BasilYiffyNewMerge!….png (647.22 KB,640x832)

Everyone wants Kuon to move into their village


 File:02353-[Grape! Base].png (571.31 KB,640x832)

I wanted to do a rhyme, but I can't think of things that rhyme with Kuon. Gluon?
(thought I had more images to share, but I guess it's only 3)


What about Kuon wearing kuma pantsu?


She's in a palm tree costume!


 File:02668-[Grape! Base]yellow_….png (675.05 KB,640x896)

CSS makes me want to gouge my eyes out, so I need to heal my eyes and soul and you know what that means.


 File:02961-Anything-V3.0sfw,_1g….png (693.68 KB,704x832)

I was originally going to post a bunch of different styles, but the Miyako LORA I trained combined with the Aoki Ume one and Kuon is making some ridiculously cute Kuons. Sometimes it creates doubles which is funny, but also still cute


 File:02956-Anything-V3.0sfw,_1g….png (704.98 KB,640x832)


 File:02958-Anything-V3.0sfw,_1g….png (692.53 KB,640x832)


 File:02955-Anything-V3.0sfw,_1g….png (682.16 KB,640x832)


 File:02960-Anything-V3.0sfw,_1g….png (677.31 KB,704x832)


 File:02965-_AnyGrape 25 Basils….png (681.37 KB,640x768)

ok I lied. One more Kuon!



You've been getting your shabs from a disreputable Kuon breeder. Given the blue-green tinge to her hair, I expect that somewhere in her family tree you'll find a Boro-gigiri...


 File:1668917080204.jpg (15.27 KB,184x184)

The resemblance is uncanny.


 File:03034-[AnyGrape Furrymix C….png (1.07 MB,1024x1152)

Oops. I didn't see this earlier. Hmm, nope. It really doesn't work that well. It gives her bear ears, and sometimes bears (regular and anthropomorphic) appear in the background, though.
And for posterity I'll post Furry Patchy Kuon in this thread, too


 File:03029-[AnyGrape Furrymix C….png (458.39 KB,640x832)


 File:02892-hassanSAnything_011g….png (947.3 KB,760x976)

myaa myaa myaa myaa myaa myaa myaa myaa myaa


 File:03068-[AnyGrape Furrymix C….png (672.74 KB,832x640)



 File:03073-[AnyGrape Furrymix C….png (532.71 KB,896x640)



 File:03196-[AnyGrape Furrymix C….png (868.4 KB,864x976)

Oops, I forgot to post these earlier. Hatsune Kuon. Featuring a shower head in this one in this one for some reason


 File:03195-[AnyGrape Furrymix C….png (839.55 KB,864x976)


 File:03194-[AnyGrape Furrymix C….png (875.84 KB,864x976)


>Hatsune Kuon


The hands look immaculate but now there's something else wrong with these images... when will we reach AI perfection?


 File:03375-[AnyGrape Furrymix C….png (923.36 KB,784x1008)

The Empress of Mankind!


 File:03372-[AnyGrape Furrymix C….png (1.17 MB,784x1008)

looks overexposed, but still nice
Actually prompted like 200 of these and only a few looked acceptable



 File:00072-1girl,_cowboy_shot,_….png (1022.21 KB,760x976)

Dark Magician Kuon


 File:00073-1girl,_cowboy_shot,_….png (887.2 KB,760x976)

Kuon as a squid kid


 File:00071-1girl,_upper_body,_f….png (973.1 KB,864x864)

I wanted to generate more Kuons with this stuff I downloaded, but it crashes and I don't feel like opening it again.
Kuon, sosu


normal kuon from utawarerumono but with bigger boobs


nekone with big boobies


 File:m4n179.png (7.01 KB,360x800)

Someone drew an amazing Kuon image in #qa and I got permission to share it! It's so cute and it's so Kuon!
(and it's referencing some FromSoftware game with a fantastic name).
If you ever try to talk to a chatbot about Kuon, it unfortunately assumes you're talking about the Kuon horror game.


nice pic


 File:00473-1girl,_dragon_girl,_….png (1.61 MB,1024x1216)

Sometimes it really can't resist making Kuon more erotic than intended, but I guess it's okay. This one is also full of errors like that awful hand, but I still like the image.
Since Kuon naturally has a tail I think tail tags work better for her, but I'm not actually sure.
I'm going to dump a bunch of images after this one that are character-based LORAs and you can probably guess what most of them are


 File:00474-1girl,_plain_shirt,_….png (1.02 MB,768x912)

(Kuon gaming feet and some other fun errors in this one)


 File:00478-1girl,_me!me!me!,_pi….png (847.22 KB,696x944)


 File:00481-1girl,_yellow_eyes,_….png (734.95 KB,696x944)


 File:00486-1girl,_yellow_eyes,_….png (827.39 KB,696x944)


 File:00484-1girl,_yellow_eyes,_….png (762.68 KB,696x944)


 File:00482-1girl,_yellow_eyes,_….png (763.25 KB,696x944)


 File:00610-flowers,_spring,_tre….png (2.74 MB,1920x1080)

Thanks to that thing someone posted in a /qa/ AI thread, I can upscale to 1080p wallpaper size for my second monitor!
Isn't it amazing that we live in a time where I can prompt seasonal Kuon images to match my real life thoughts and desires? I'm trying to get into gardening, and Kuon is filling me with motivation!
Although, seeing a little child Kuon there (accidentally prompted) effectively makes this into a "fulfilled marriage PoV" and now I'm full of strong emotions... sigh....


 File:00987-1girl,_field,_hill,_….png (1 MB,768x1152)

I have neglected this thread for way too long.
It's Easter weekend if the CSS image didn't tell you. Can you tell the style for a couple of these images? I'm tired, so I just used the same prompt with different LORAs.
Two of them are fairly obvious, or a least this one is.


 File:00988-1girl,_field,_hill,_….png (1.1 MB,768x1152)


 File:00985-1girl,_field,_hill,_….png (1.22 MB,768x1152)


 File:00986-1girl,_field,_hill,_….png (1.19 MB,768x1152)


Bunny cooch


>Can you tell the style for a couple of these images?
I presume this one is Higurashi? No idea about the others though.


Yep, Higurashi.

This one is the Dragon Maid artist

This one is the artist that does the blonde, green sweater girl with the red eyes that's in all sorts of weird forms. It's not very apparent here, though.


bleh, meant to say >>12779 is the Dragon Maid artist


 File:97936973_p0.jpg (967.16 KB,1600x1200)


 File:104145028_p0.jpg (5.97 MB,7016x4961)


 File:105154125_p0.png (2.41 MB,1512x2150)

I don't think I'm completely done with AI Kuons, but I'm taking a break from the stuff in general. Regular ol' work of human passion now.
Well, I'll see if any of the new mixes I'm working on will fill the void. I should correct the errors in the LORAs, too, but mehhhh.....


 File:04208-1girl,_solo,___lora_….png (903.07 KB,864x864)

OHAYOU! (it's not actually morning)
The Kuon AI stuff is coming out of hibernation! I'm happy with my newer models. Although, I really need to retrain the Kuon LORA itself to try and remove its errors. I did it back in uh, January or something so I imagine the methods have improved since then, but I need to read up on them. I'm posting this images as generated and not doing any touch-ups, so expect errors.

Remember that no one has yet claimed the AB bounty on the Utawarerumono S3 BDs! You'll be a hero to all if you do it!


 File:04233-1girl,_solo,_black_h….png (1.31 MB,864x1152)


 File:04231-1girl,_solo,_black_h….png (1.12 MB,864x1152)


 File:04225-1girl,_solo,_black_h….png (823.01 KB,720x960)


 File:04213-1girl,_solo,_black_h….png (960.5 KB,720x960)


 File:04215-1girl,_solo,_black_h….png (958.09 KB,720x960)


 File:04217-1girl,_solo,_black_h….png (841.14 KB,720x960)

(I need to go back and play the SEQUEL... sequels one of these days...)


 File:04222-1girl,_solo,_black_h….png (741.79 KB,720x880)



 File:04227-1girl,_solo,_black_h….png (1.48 MB,864x1152)


 File:04229-1girl,_solo,_black_h….png (1.46 MB,864x1152)


 File:04237-1girl,_solo,_black_h….png (1.43 MB,864x1152)

One of my favorite armors from MHW, but somehow it overrides Kuon's ears and puts them on the hood. Strange.


 File:04218-1girl,_solo,_black_h….png (834.98 KB,720x960)

Automatic Kuon


 File:04220-1girl,_solo,_black_h….png (1020.71 KB,720x960)

heheheh (I think this lora was trained on minecraft porn or something because I really had to fight against it producing giant breasts)


 File:04224-1girl,_solo,_black_h….png (1.08 MB,720x960)

and last... someone made a lora specifically on the True Love dating sim! This one is incredible!
Okay, that's it for now. I was feeling lazy with prompting and relied on LORAs today. If anyone has requests I'll try to fulfill them!


for me this one's the best
i'd've gone with >>13436 if it'd gotten the eye ring right but that may not be feasible


 File:04211-1girl,_solo,_black_h….png (910.11 KB,864x1152)

Yeah, eyes remain a huge weakness as far as I'm aware. Well, that any of these work as well as they do on a model that is technically mostly furry data is pretty amazing in itself.
I do use something for shots with smaller heads and it helps a lot: https://github.com/Bing-su/adetailer. I'll probably get that installed on kissu's SD thing soon


 File:HvM6.png (8.93 KB,800x640)

IMPORTANT! A person in IRC posted another Kuon drawing!




 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (3.53 MB,1920x1080)

BD Kuon looks very nice in the few parts of S3 in which the quality is there. I really do lament that it was quite budget-y, but I'm still glad it happened at all. Episode 20 made it all worth it, really.


 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (2.27 MB,1920x1080)

bleh the images are listed in reverse order


 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (1.81 MB,1920x1080)


 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (2.87 MB,1920x1080)


 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (2.67 MB,1920x1080)


 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (2.72 MB,1920x1080)


 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (2.76 MB,1920x1080)


 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (2.64 MB,1920x1080)


 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (2.52 MB,1920x1080)


 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (2.6 MB,1920x1080)


 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (2.83 MB,1920x1080)


 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (2.72 MB,1920x1080)


 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (2.8 MB,1920x1080)


 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (2.87 MB,1920x1080)


 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (2.89 MB,1920x1080)




 File:Utawarerumono.S03E20.1080p….png (3.08 MB,1920x1080)



 File:696D67_6368613030313839303….png (746.95 KB,2048x2048)

New round of gacha (ugghhhh) art. 5 pictures.
The first two have the caveat of me presuming it's Kuon. It might be for a flashback, but it might be some dumb parallel universe thing. The scene stuff isn't as good as the older stuff, so maybe they're running out of its already presumably small budget.
These first two are definitely Amaduyu, though.


 File:696D67_6368613030313839303….png (429.61 KB,2048x2048)


 File:696D67_6571753032313035355….png (1010.92 KB,1200x1920)


 File:696D67_6571753032313035305….png (1020.29 KB,1200x1920)


 File:696D67_6571753033313233345….png (952.13 KB,1200x1920)


 File:AQUAPLUS_20TH_ANNIVERSARY_….png (7.42 MB,2333x1892)

From the Aquaplus 20th Anniversery book, but I should crop and compress so it's not 10-20mb files.


 File:AQUAPLUS_20TH_ANNIVERSARY_….png (749.7 KB,1374x1050)


 File:AQUAPLUS_20TH_ANNIVERSARY_….png (6.61 MB,2365x1747)


 File:AQUAPLUS_20TH_ANNIVERSARY_….png (10.56 MB,2317x3493)

Until next time... Keep that Kuon spirit burning!


 File:85a12ada0cde391efe13bb607….jpeg (308.47 KB,720x712)

just realized that my grabber program somehow malfunctioned when grabbing from gelbooru and I have hundreds of Kuon images to manually download...
Oh man, this is going to be great and I'll be bumping the thread soon to dump a bunch (apart from the terrible nude edits)


 File:02432-score_9,_score_8_up,….png (1.25 MB,896x1152)

There's a lora for the Shaft head tilt hehe


 File:02453-score_9,_score_8_up,….png (1.4 MB,1024x1024)



 File:02455-score_9,_score_8_up,….png (1.26 MB,1024x1024)

Aquakuon again
hehe I guess this is more a demonstration of that lora than Kuon, but it's funny


 File:02458-score_9,_score_8_up,….png (1.33 MB,896x1152)

(he probably should have trained the top and bottom out, but it's still cool)


Man I'm way behind on the AI image stuff. Last time I tried was a year or two ago and gave up trying to finagle it with my AMD card. The only successful use of it was with NovelAI, and I was using that along side their text stuff which my computer sure as shit cant do.

That last one came out pretty clear in places I'd assume the AI would get hung up on, at least in the middle. Are you doing any editing to it or just posting a cherry picked output?

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