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 File:00000-1267125283-3girls.png (411.94 KB,512x512)


I've been playing around with Stable Diffusion and having fun making cute images.


 File:00001-822755821-hinanawi_t….png (372.9 KB,512x512)

Illyasviel Tenshi...


 File:00006-3644251707-masterpie….png (378.79 KB,512x512)

At the park with Tenshi (I made too many of these by accident)


 File:00072-2716478953-young gir….png (355.81 KB,512x512)

young girl getting into a heated dispute with a police office over a parking ticket


 File:00083-2666534795-cute girl….png (929.95 KB,1024x768)


 File:00086-3495739936-megumin, ….png (889.97 KB,1024x768)



 File:00131-337397372-surrealist….png (1.07 MB,1024x768)


 File:00136-2573909340-3girls.png (501.24 KB,512x768)


 File:00139-2781889995-mesugaki.png (433.36 KB,512x768)


 File:00296-1151919323-masterpie….png (411.59 KB,640x384)


 File:00297-3520136844-masterpie….png (368.83 KB,640x384)


 File:00298-1820946825-masterpie….png (372.43 KB,640x384)


 File:00299-1820946826-masterpie….png (365.71 KB,640x384)

Love the reflections in these.


 File:00301-1820946828-masterpie….png (383.01 KB,640x384)


 File:00311-2146503981-bad pixiv….png (319.7 KB,640x384)


 File:00314-1270440587-masterpie….png (354.93 KB,640x384)


 File:00315-1270440588-masterpie….png (364.28 KB,640x384)


 File:00318-3749746832-masterpie….png (1.12 MB,1280x768)


 File:00339-1705243068-nsfw, (hi….png (283.29 KB,640x384)


 File:00359-2391038086-cirno, du….png (245.67 KB,640x384)


 File:00368-3396445841-anime gir….png (231.95 KB,640x384)


 File:00369-4263578473-anime gir….png (231.8 KB,640x384)


 File:00370-4263578474-anime gir….png (253.89 KB,640x384)


 File:00371-4263578475-anime gir….png (245.17 KB,640x384)


 File:00372-4263578476-anime gir….png (229.75 KB,640x384)


 File:00407-2046112696-fine art ….png (327.84 KB,384x640)


 File:00408-1523983406-hand, mas….png (322.98 KB,384x640)


 File:00410-1143610808-Picnic, l….png (372.52 KB,640x384)


 File:cute1.png (3.4 MB,1024x1536)


Looks old-fashioned


That was my intention. I used the studio ghibli, 1980s (style) and cel shading tags (among others), along with a low seed, to get that style.


>low seed
Wait... are you saying lower seeds correlate with older images?


¥let me just ignore everything else that correlates with older art style
>Wait... are you saying lower seeds correlated with older images?


Well I noticed all that. I just was confused if the low seed was similar to those. I don't really understand "what" exactly it refers to, I just know it indicates some base structure or something.


 File:00826-438578625-masterpiec….png (276.59 KB,512x512)

Seed has nothing to do with it. It doesn't mean anything unless you have the specific number and the specific prompt to go with it


 File:scale_comparison.png (5.33 MB,3584x878)

Oops, I meant to say scale, not seed. In any case, I don't know what causes it, but I find lower scales tend to give images a more 'washed out' and less sharp look. That doesn't necessarily mean an old-fashioned style, but it can work well for that among other things. Here is the same image with different scales as an example (I used 4.5).


An AI generating images like this feels so wrong


If you think that's surprising, you should check out some of the crazy shit people have done with Midjourney.


 File:FiQmxF9UoAA48xU.jpg (110.05 KB,768x1152)

Surely people must be training their own hypernetworks for images like this


 File:cute_cat1.png (1.59 MB,1024x1536)

Maybe? I'm not sure how to replicate that particular style, and it is certainly a very good example, but otherwise it doesn't look too far outside of what you can generate with the standard models. Here's my (fairly half-assed) attempt to get something similar out of NovelAI for comparison.


 File:cute_cat2.png (1.18 MB,1024x1536)

And here's a bonus image that is less similar but I still quite liked.


what the hell
I can easily find myself following an artist that draws this......


 File:00441-3546638738-Tsukasa H….png (119.97 KB,256x256)


 File:00445-266668545-Hiiragi Ts….png (105.08 KB,256x256)


 File:00455-3165474109-(_Hiiragi….png (1.09 MB,1280x768)

I don't think AnythingV3 knows who Hiiragi Tsukasa is... Although maybe I'm just bad at using it...


 File:00459-2137463996-hiiragi t….png (1.02 MB,1280x768)


 File:tsukasa1.png (Spoiler Image,2.89 MB,1280x1280)

NovelAI seems to have her figured out, at least.


 File:00477-2688553568-Lucky Sta….png (1.29 MB,1280x704)

I think I figured it out. The usual negative prompts put a really strong bias towards that "pixiv artstyle".


 File:00486-3919607715-Lucky Sta….png (255.02 KB,512x384)

Unfortunately, foregoing them also means suffering the usual AI defects... That said, I am stupid so...


 File:00488-3720432794-Lucky Sta….png (203.08 KB,512x384)

cute bedroom...


 File:lounging_cat.png (1.11 MB,1024x1536)

Nothing to see here. Just a perfectly average cat lounging around.


 File:00525-2226221433-hiiragi t….png (346.82 KB,512x512)

Okay fingers


 File:00526-1498071652-brown hai….png (293.79 KB,512x512)

Good fingers!!!


 File:C-1669926188706.png (55.14 KB,175x175)

Why does it always have this texture


 File:00527-257040084-brown hair….png (1.23 MB,1280x768)

Maybe some sort of artefact from halftones from physical scans?


Stable Diffusion's weights have it too


 File:1443922503858.png (22.66 KB,950x950)

Is it trying to generate Tsukasa?


 File:tsukasa2.png (Spoiler Image,2.87 MB,1280x1280)

Yes, the full image is >>9768


 File:tmp7xn73y3z.png (369.05 KB,512x512)



 File:01209-1691636282-masterpie….png (673.44 KB,576x768)

I've been experimenting with the combination prompt thingie:
[remilia scarlet:koshimizu sachiko:15]
What it means is that after 15 steps of drawing Remilia it will switch over to drawing Sachiko. I was testing this with 40 steps, but in the future I'll test it with lower numbers. Maybe 15 is already too much Remi and it should switch earlier.

You can also do this:
[Remilia Scarlet|Koshimizu Sachiko]
and it will switch every other step, but this one seems less effective. I think it's for things far more different than just different girls.


 File:01216-1371848640-masterpie….png (686.68 KB,576x768)


 File:01212-1371848636-masterpie….png (628.26 KB,576x768)

oh noooooooooooo


 File:01208-1615161196-masterpie….png (692.26 KB,576x768)

Low CFG for more randomness is so good


 File:01218-1957437053-masterpie….png (725.18 KB,576x768)

'chibi' really likes to put random chibi creatures around the scene instead of turning one solitary character chibi


 File:x12.png (150.25 KB,438x634)

Cute Remimi!


 File:gothic lolita.png (2.9 MB,1024x1536)




FUCK that is good and I hate it
in a sense, it being one of a kind, the artstyle and everything, is novel; on the other hand I probably won't ever see another art with this artstyle and I feel that regretful


 File:02096-1120396393-1girl, an….png (870.9 KB,704x896)

Chibi Kuon is starting the day with a light appetizer for breakfast


shewont be chibi for much longer


 File:A_day_at_the_beach.png (1.96 MB,1024x1536)


Nice! More please!


 File:lingerie.png (3.25 MB,1024x1536)


wonder why stable diffusion images all have this watercolor paper texture


 File:00445-3332658286-1girl, (d….png (636.92 KB,736x840)

Well, a chunk of the training data was on traditional art and apparently one of the go-to phrases that people use to improve the basic models is to add "masterpiece" which seems to invoke them.

Fran in Yamato! I know what you're thinking, but I can't seem to get my Aquaplus thing to NOT produce breasts. Let's just say it's the magic of Utawarerumono. Also after like 100 generations this was the least suggestive pose. I give up.


 File:00468-4104832710-2girls, h….png (766.83 KB,840x736)

Fuon giving Kran a big hug. Due to how AI does traits I can't really separate the characters. Oh well.


 File:00470-3559341738-2girls, (….png (816.37 KB,840x736)

hehe cute


Argh I just now noticed the arms and hands.
It's weird, I'm so focused on the faces that everything else is just background noise, including what appears to be literal background noise on the left


I'm impressed by just how well the AI was able to draw Fran on the right. Was it somehow trained on some of her art?


 File:00471-3028596765-1girl, (f….png (5.08 MB,2520x1680)

Yeah, I downloaded an embedding of her that someone made from training on screenshots of her from the anime.
This prompt I threw together somehow keeps attempting to make video game screenshots. Cool.


 File:00072-3445370058.png (326.57 KB,512x512)


 File:00083-857175502.png (341.83 KB,512x512)


 File:00007-3535530194.png (1.21 MB,864x1152)


wait a minute...

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