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 File:[group] a80c21ba108c6ea5c5….jpg (422.87 KB,1223x1631)


Is there anything more humanizing than a character eating a burger? Messy, greasy hand food that's often eaten in extremely casual settings among friends and strangers. It is a part of our shared humanity.
The greatest villain. The strangest alien. Even girls with different hats.
None of that matters in the end.


 File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (210.46 KB,1280x720)

I have more burger images, but I wanted to make this thread before I forgot so I'll add more later


 File:725244f6d18ff613cc05b0a10b….png (41.8 KB,768x768)

Burger ;_;


 File:70976529_p0.jpg (1.59 MB,1181x1748)


 File:98124909_p0.jpg (823.37 KB,1204x1341)


 File:70d0bd742b43fbf1a9b22fd5f0….jpg (2.22 MB,1748x2480)

Are you going to add anymore burger images? (´・ω・`)


 File:__tatara_kogasa_touhou_dra….png (623.41 KB,724x952)

Oops. Yeah, I kind of forgot. I was going to scour through a bunch of Touhou images that I had downloaded in bulk and post the ones with burgers, but then realized I wasn't going to look through 20,000 images


 File:1a0a2a78585df51e89f16c9b94….jpg (245.84 KB,1386x1052)


 File:5fa763aa4d5b11c5dfcd798b7d….jpg (728 KB,813x1171)



 File:e1b6de3700f4d0403ab5b8706d….png (1.56 MB,1072x1500)

tasty burgs


 File:af3c2ae09afab41e155eb345d3….gif (144.26 KB,315x250)


 File:e20e764624bc6a8868100befa6….png (1006.98 KB,1260x1680)


 File:94a6d6e11ff4ad931955bac3ae….png (7.49 MB,1947x5000)


 File:6342b09603924a4620ae8b5a51….jpg (66.42 KB,755x755)


 File:0ca7a6c7966b2e01df8a63040d….jpg (875.65 KB,1120x792)


 File:4427954e841d922b583d1ef79e….jpg (123.8 KB,904x958)


 File:20221201_213722.png (5.36 MB,1943x2160)


 File:97420903_p0.jpg (2.12 MB,1200x1679)

HUGE burger


 File:FjOQQriUoAE0cUA.png (868.16 KB,522x873)

So you like burgs, huh?


 File:55jpjg.jpg (635.83 KB,700x824)


 File:44113957_p1.jpg (2.69 MB,2755x2089)


 File:77721402_p0.jpg (1.68 MB,1488x1740)

This one's a bit dubious


 File:74835849_p0.jpg (736.86 KB,1260x893)


 File:80744963_p0.jpg (838.3 KB,1263x1198)

I think this artist is a real fan of cute girls eating burgs.


 File:72390740_p0.png (356.38 KB,800x600)


 File:79341555_p65.jpg (300.25 KB,700x750)


 File:takumi928-もんちゃん.mp4 (3.66 MB,640x640)

Burgers of the Forbidden Third Dimension


 File:illust_103906281_20230306_….jpg (877.37 KB,1000x1412)


 File:3edabe26645a19582410797b32….png (989.68 KB,964x725)

Hamburger steak


 File:IMG_20200323_185944.jpg (174.11 KB,1390x1716)


 File:20230521_020845.jpg (237.73 KB,3065x2508)


 File:1540182063621.jpg (80.55 KB,558x530)


 File:20230529_202107.jpg (573.35 KB,3456x4096)


 File:108655948_p0.png (5.58 MB,2894x3760)



 File:145449.jpg (505.94 KB,2100x2176)

I demand to know the source of this image. As payment, I present to you: Patchouli burger.


 File:_009.jpg (705.13 KB,1403x2000)


Thank you, Anonymous.


 File:FypsgZaagAASoj_.jpg (224.31 KB,1700x1500)

mofu mofu tail burger


 File:425785a3d149436b39857f80b0….jpg (223.82 KB,925x1260)



 File:1688514399626448.jpg (883.47 KB,3840x2160)


 File:[Rom & Rem] Ryza no Atelie….jpg (384.01 KB,1920x1080)

Looks like a visual novel burger. One of the most prized ones, if you ask me.
I do think pic related counts as a burger. They may be in some sort of medieval times, but it's clearly a burg


Gotta maintain those thighs


 File:20230925_103202.jpg (165.71 KB,849x1200)


 File:1695062018296369.gif (355.86 KB,220x220)


 File:1688918552012321.png (869.99 KB,1260x1482)


 File:1688513050034447.jpg (206.09 KB,1024x576)


 File:F7oVWWFaUAACrCU.jpg (336.02 KB,1200x1200)


 File:9beaa41cc9d90b2e054018d971….jpg (207.5 KB,960x1200)

Frieren burg


 File:2d025a8d3d1f6cf0f5e869218c….jpg (693.16 KB,2400x2700)


 File:1ac76c254ac7787fc1ab555e98….jpg (576.33 KB,1700x1700)

red string of sharing a burger


 File:R-1705193714743.jpg (110.13 KB,875x1000)


 File:1bb0521cffa1bf152514666a10….png (221.41 KB,1397x1821)



 File:1c59dbc6409b6646ede42d6a43….jpg (610.7 KB,1000x1000)


 File:ac1e35a01e51bdfc86f7a2ead8….jpg (287.98 KB,1522x2014)

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