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 File:ea173aabcadc0e41fa08a5eb18….png (1.54 MB,2603x2737)


i slept really poorly last night because i couldn't stop thinking about feet


 File:cbdedbfe4cfe889406a1bbbe4f….jpg (1.79 MB,3094x2015)

i woke up like three times to jo


 File:fd36560e3da7d27fa655f28bc9….jpg (3.72 MB,3400x2700)

girl feet can be pretty arousing


 File:e0e69e3cdd755d9e532ebb245d….jpg (698.13 KB,950x1275)

they're so soft and pleasant


Shana's feet are HOT!


 File:lewd-02.png (148.96 KB,479x418)


 File:d9257e18e405e242ba21d85649….png (898.76 KB,800x1200)

I wanna nuzzle


just like the pose of this one


 File:6430720b09d0fcfca5662d70e8….jpg (536.33 KB,2660x1860)


 File:a67a77f5472ad0d916675e7983….jpg (397.36 KB,1583x1300)


 File:9151afc5d98e7cb14c2a32dbf9….jpg (1.51 MB,3202x3880)

really nice thread


 File:0fecd6b4242a97dbd08ecbc695….png (3.06 MB,1500x1500)


 File:b098ec4b567f110de3cd8f0a9f….png (1.84 MB,2530x2509)



imagine tekoki...


oh wait... that's ashikoki... where's the te thread


 File:0e8b2e86ad1ea64147057f9c2b….jpg (5.15 MB,3467x2100)


 File:c9a93a1b72d26a51333a1794c9….png (6.01 MB,1626x2300)


 File:4d47e56930c82b028f9beacc16….png (1.86 MB,2310x3131)

i love kahluas art so much


 File:68b9f09156cfb8d3021246f31b….png (1.45 MB,1890x2613)

me too


 File:8d7faedbe00e645ad376953fb2….png (6.33 MB,2480x3545)


 File:4c583819c96fa2201a86d3d2e6….jpg (1.34 MB,3283x4000)


 File:90687660_p0.png (2.18 MB,2040x2978)

good artist


 File:1619251505176-1.jpg (2.06 MB,2000x2550)



 File:7b8687cbcef0c520ad2c6355a9….jpg (456.87 KB,1200x2396)



 File:99222e23e17b7ed1338ca35c5f….jpg (1.63 MB,3532x1841)


 File:b4a329e27b7ef5ea4d19398626….png (1.46 MB,1000x1399)

smelly thread


 File:1422.jpg (254.32 KB,1279x719)


 File:5d3460f9df2414c4166ebd6b18….jpg (9.86 MB,4337x6749)

heard you guys like this kinda shit


 File:a6cdad9af013d5b4803a7c75b1….png (1.3 MB,1970x2289)


 File:__miyamoto_musashi_and_miy….jpg (8.43 MB,4000x5655)

Wow, perfect thread for me. I've been trying to find good 2D feet pictures to try to model eventually.
Thankfully I was able to track down a guy I only remember as a guy that drew Fate girl feet.
Seems like toes have the same spherical shape that we're coded to find attractive. Then there's the area where two muscles meet towards the toes that also seem similar to other parts of the body.
Maybe this isn't so complicated...


 File:69680728_p0.jpg (484.85 KB,1200x1000)


 File:08972671b787dd0925f7c33a60….png (541.82 KB,800x1200)

>Seems like toes have the same spherical shape that we're coded to find attractive
For me it's heels. I love a big heel that 'pops'. But you're right about toes as well because short toes are VERY sexycute and long toes are gross monkey shit.


It's weird seeing that face on a different type of girl.


they can only draw just the one.


 File:1584028780168.jpg (62.78 KB,1280x720)



 File:05b5eab326535ef5344dae2bc2….png (482.68 KB,639x899)



 File:cc7a955c3d5e7e84500e3499d4….jpg (346.11 KB,1200x1200)

kissable smooth clean soft nice smelling pretty feet


 File:93929234_p0.jpg (3.58 MB,3400x4400)


 File:1643601078604-3.png (2.41 MB,1920x1080)

magical feet


 File:f5df9ba93bda762159f59ac484….jpg (455.75 KB,1696x2400)


 File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (257.2 KB,1920x1080)

the feet show


 File:1645031523035-0.png (2.11 MB,1920x1080)


 File:20220222_121237.jpg (336.98 KB,1773x2048)


 File:20220222_121612.jpg (557.09 KB,962x956)



 File:5043a19c9bd31a47bfdbde2b94….jpg (632.98 KB,1093x1609)



 File:1645537882280.png (7.7 MB,2000x2828)

source please!



 File:1635042649377.jpg (2.19 MB,1694x1198)

thank you!


 File:7173f1b5-8c1a-4bfb-ad51-dc….png (1.49 MB,2480x2907)


 File:illust_96377358_20220225_0….jpg (370.04 KB,712x900)


 File:[PuyaSubs!] Delicious Part….png (1.22 MB,1920x1080)

delicious feety precure


 File:__mona_genshin_impact_draw….jpg (2.08 MB,4189x3404)

Some people are passionate about feet in that /qa/ thread, but I was more keen on them posting examples here, so uhh...
I guess I'll post some references I used and maybe you can tell me what's good or not.


 File:__mona_genshin_impact_draw….jpg (2.67 MB,3466x5617)

Same artist as that one as you can see


 File:__mona_genshin_impact_draw….jpg (1.98 MB,3123x4912)

and again


 File:__niki_original_and_1_more….jpg (779.89 KB,1558x1245)

this one seemed pretty good based on the 'favorites' on danbooru


 File:__saileach_arknights_drawn….jpg (8.42 MB,4096x3918)

this one is a rare view of the top of the feet


 File:__kamisato_ayaka_genshin_i….jpg (231.45 KB,800x1143)

this one too
Is this an attractive top of the foot? If not, what's wrong with it?


 File:__yu_mei_ren_and_yu_mei_re….jpg (599.72 KB,1036x1449)



 File:__hanamichi_ran_precure_an….png (877.92 KB,1061x1500)

precure myne feet


 File:__yae_miko_genshin_impact_….jpg (1.95 MB,5179x6909)

and finally this one seems like a good "shot" of the heel. Are these heels good?
that's it for me


how do I give an image a minus vote?


just right click



Thanks, I'll keep it mind


 File:41ecda5ab81d3aade4fe5185ce….png (14.75 MB,2892x4096)

Pantyhose-clad feeeeeet (and shins and calves and knees and thighs and butt)


Good feet and cute toes


 File:f2e23264b15521c92048747177….png (2.7 MB,1250x2500)


 File:20221001_131131.jpg (276.67 KB,1200x1236)

precure have been having feet recently
what happened to me the last year I became obsessed with feet and also giant anime girls that I wasn't before


 File:625e154560aa2596abfb2d37bb….mp4 (1.09 MB,934x720)

good feet


 File:FmNaoNHagAA0BhV.jpg (261.24 KB,1462x2048)


bloody nice feet mate


 File:82852342_p0.jpg (1.08 MB,1789x1279)


 File:sample_cc7e8ee18251c51aa09….jpg (246.66 KB,850x1275)


 File:104953986_p0.webm (41 KB,480x480)


 File:20200807_094823.jpg (131.22 KB,849x1200)


 File:1689099352694054.jpg (1.96 MB,1901x1069)


 File:15_F.png (1.45 MB,2048x1024)


 File:1696455792196698.jpg (233.84 KB,3000x3000)


 File:1696452525436186.jpg (266.52 KB,2864x2756)


 File:yae miko__wd.jpg (291.34 KB,717x1000)


 File:ce03c9313fde2866285c3ee607….jpg (1.85 MB,3200x4000)

pouted feet


 File:GFbVQhBbgAA3QoI.jpg (717.9 KB,4096x2341)

check out THIS


 File:113746155_p0.jpg (3.05 MB,3054x4046)


 File:ef0c33f42d7200c7ec7c53dde4….jpg (1.12 MB,1539x1603)


 File:1709151913374277.jpg (148.77 KB,1502x2048)


 File:1704668289385182.jpg (218.3 KB,1280x1024)


 File:maam.jpg (4.91 MB,3507x2480)

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