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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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 File:waterfox_mHWcm3UC84.png (1.2 KB,104x66)


I'm making this thread for when I want to link live drawings on pixiv. Many of them will be nude and very NSFW so I won't post them directly, but it's something cool to watch


 File:waterfox_oiR3sEmWkh.png (301.55 KB,903x687)

Right now Zankuro is drawing, and I'm sure you've seen his GIFs at least


 File:waterfox_9DHgr0yIDA.png (120.22 KB,431x355)

ubanis one of the legendary futanari artists is live. he does it a fair amount


that girl has a big penis


girls always have the biggest penises, it's just natural selection



 File:89286307_p0.jpg (6.17 MB,4175x2976)

This artist that draws extremely cute things is live! (also she's talking which is probably why she has 40+ viewers...)



 File:waterfox_8XpkCbyZ6M.png (591.26 KB,974x762)

forgot pic


 File:waterfox_2Ajc65faZs.png (151.85 KB,703x476)

Speaking of Maid Dragon, an artist i like is creating a Maid Dragon animation!


 File:waterfox_srgYQpD2zU.png (580.55 KB,844x636)

Another artist I like, the one that did Avatar Trance (which people have posted about recently for whatever reason), Jun or something, is drawing!


 File:waterfox_bxubLdTESO.png (404.22 KB,993x729)

If you want to see Maid Dragon being drawn live he's streaming again!


 File:waterfox_VSdF8i6AYL.png (1.04 MB,1232x1023)

Sometimes people do co-casts with multiple artists and there's one with four people right now!


 File:waterfox_bp7ZuT5tFA.png (223.84 KB,844x667)

Oh, the Dragon Maid guy 'Coolkyousinnjya' also draws Idaten.
Dang, he's good.


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