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 File:4f1a0bde718f03ec53399d6c15….jpg (169.08 KB,931x1315)

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pictures by artists I used to like


 File:458af8b7cd3f82abf21fa27026….jpg (492.85 KB,768x1024)


 File:f3b728f23e699de6c25398a1d5….jpg (728.16 KB,1200x1600)


 File:63c8422395152f4dfd056df817….jpg (1.11 MB,1600x1600)


 File:5dbb869d053bc49193eef73762….jpg (123.81 KB,960x1200)


 File:33843f636eb4e8e0f561fb9e62….jpg (3 MB,1400x1830)


 File:4ffadfdec9ce067e01363369e3….jpg (170.12 KB,1300x1600)



 File:7495066753281da5f0088e253e….jpg (125.76 KB,1200x1600)


 File:17c2367f5cf1fd21cc7b1b7003….jpg (239.62 KB,1200x1600)



 File:022d60f24820bf8804ab9049cf….jpg (495.79 KB,1352x1744)


 File:f2b8d05ee0f94915e53264885c….jpg (90.55 KB,600x834)



Why used to?


was just about to ask that too...


 File:84500a27d84d7b31e9b7fc72f5….jpg (301.95 KB,710x1002)


 File:65bf531646725fb1d2a95d4955….jpg (1.24 MB,1192x1872)

I was going to make a joke about being an obligate lolicon since I had been posting cowtits until now. For most of them, it's because I have higher standards now. Some of them are because the artist started to draw stuff I don't like or their art started to degrade (Pic related).
He started to draw weird bodies and weird faces recently.


 File:7ec2ec9b7606e4ff0e4a18f36e….jpg (612.84 KB,1188x2128)

compared to before


 File:f2f1276ea694f39a7155570080….jpg (194.84 KB,1276x918)


 File:a56c9fa12898ddf155c3d0b8b6….jpg (267.18 KB,1654x1169)



 File:2bab699599e388d1936ac31d7….jpeg (1.21 MB,1433x1012)

Although this one was cool


 File:d89c452b19c97cb3329f382efe….jpg (540.62 KB,1158x2060)

Is that attenanakusa? The fuck happened? He used to draw the greatest plump girls.


 File:85935184_p3.jpg (907.59 KB,796x1600)

Yeah, it looks like he doesn't want to do chubby loli anymore. The bodies and faces also got longer.


 File:0f1d015422e966c26a6893f5e3….jpg (87.02 KB,636x900)

Too much futa put me off.


 File:34a40f9b0fa4ce3c6998a22cd9….jpg (210.52 KB,1377x1377)


 File:a10afb625142e847ef42aa824….jpeg (119.84 KB,1377x1377)


 File:abed76d92f60765b8507d947c….jpeg (1.96 MB,2046x1446)

I don't even know why this guy was in my bookmarks...


 File:4ba1303e52d5bcb7537699d1f4….jpg (275.65 KB,1282x1396)

Yeah it's odd. It seems like he made the arms and legs stick thin but at the same made the bodies more large in ways other than plump. Don't like the choice, hope he fixes himself.


 File:9293e3794b8e32dce985512d30….jpg (358.51 KB,1888x2048)


 File:28f18db8c82f2bdfd354e50699….jpg (885.16 KB,1200x1697)



 File:94362398885f0ec7471c58ac14….jpg (467.15 KB,863x1200)

I feel like many have only one or two good pictures.


 File:347a13cba16266f14dd71d2522….jpg (109.31 KB,700x922)


That's probably why the favorite feature on pixiv can be preferable to the follow feature.


 File:c5b70651b5940e726006d8a897….jpg (562.04 KB,868x1228)


 File:72697435_p4.png (1.36 MB,2216x2444)

If I like the picture enough I'll save it. I always tend to check the rest of their work before following them, but these follows are quite old.


 File:7a2da0b36f2bc8eaaca46ffacc….jpg (1.23 MB,2501x3524)

But sometimes I wonder if I actually liked this stuff


slutty girls...


 File:82871042_p0.png (1.22 MB,3680x2896)

How does this happen


All I see is a fat girl gone thin, both look nice.
That's what happens when you let your dick decide who to follow.


 File:acfdb09b0e258510bf0b8492cf….png (4.74 MB,2118x3000)


 File:676d10d81a697d68fe9c75c199….png (834.83 KB,951x1150)

too samey


 File:90d494c476e80ac05c05abbb59….jpg (820.41 KB,911x1267)

kz oji influences


 File:562ff3fd283473026e5489eec7….jpg (787.7 KB,926x1280)


 File:1e23195104554e834834159958….jpg (151.93 KB,733x1024)



 File:b620a8ac91ebac7627ac7e4209….jpg (200.26 KB,550x719)

This guy is too hardcore for kissu


 File:12fd068b9a6f5507ea4ac341e9….jpg (2.11 MB,1412x2000)


 File:abee5a4e9e2863759c2e5e467f….jpg (55.41 KB,546x1000)



 File:a1f35c4723444593672ebe0d17….jpg (607.35 KB,868x1228)


 File:0ca0b2bdd81c8fb6789c0f347b….jpg (265.36 KB,850x527)

This guy has like a hundred clones. It's amusing


 File:d8cd248da15957d12591b48b59….jpg (202.67 KB,540x900)


 File:438c5ceba202ede699abbd3f0d….jpg (421.81 KB,715x1000)

another mystery


 File:d12f1dc5f783023fddf9af371….jpeg (677.23 KB,1005x1445)


 File:69d2206e3b9c5e6b20e2d934a9….jpg (200.03 KB,739x1034)



 File:2b9be1b81e91c33aea77712b7….jpeg (827.71 KB,1433x2024)


 File:cce8140ce05f09f3a5e5321e8a….jpg (201.85 KB,1454x1454)

I didn't realize this was the same person that designed the loli belly vtuber


 File:d358a80425fb1c313a619d7a91….png (4.2 MB,2362x3543)


 File:801eb18e18a1cf51068f762863….jpg (1003.58 KB,1066x1491)


 File:6af5f23d128a96f7c6b93349c6….jpg (366.05 KB,1252x2048)



 File:d8af6619a3e98f678604730b33….png (188.17 KB,710x548)


 File:3dff9fa7cd390c4fdb95d97028….jpg (249.79 KB,750x950)



 File:08056822119ad7bdfa4512d87b….png (1.41 MB,1586x1400)


 File:c370dfdf2ff395e559a05e7d39….png (1.5 MB,1162x1600)



 File:efd0c89884c66b11fb90c1b49b….jpg (519.16 KB,704x950)


 File:68224524_p0.png (420.53 KB,1698x2295)

surprisingly, a westerner.


 File:afd3c2b6828327d3ccc3939dc2….jpg (258.2 KB,1500x1855)


 File:926bfbbe158a9c44e02e66dee1….jpg (721.34 KB,2500x4096)

I think this one was because he posted pictures in their original resolution.


 File:79a826430e7205191c35019bbc….png (9.93 MB,5419x3639)


 File:2186c72f4ea310b01413669b0b….png (503.75 KB,1270x1681)

nice lines i guess


 File:f25744936bce39b50347f431a7….jpg (192.12 KB,888x1200)

That was not the image I meant to post, but whatever.


 File:eigaka.png (771.09 KB,1234x2207)

another westerner


 File:も誰.jpg (2.06 MB,1000x1702)

top tier but not my thing


 File:niniidawns.png (1.78 MB,1075x1518)

one good picture


 File:9tuna6.jpg (152.28 KB,1290x1821)


 File:redcucumber.png (2.18 MB,1753x1240)


 File:ukimesato.png (1.19 MB,944x1200)



 File:廃狼.jpg (70.2 KB,636x1000)


 File:arapaima55giga.jpg (464.44 KB,3000x1740)

one good picture


 File:takeashiro.jpg (475.94 KB,1464x2048)


 File:ikomochi.png (2.82 MB,2756x3720)



 File:doushimasho.jpg (691.89 KB,931x1280)


 File:konbu wakame.jpg (764.37 KB,1158x1637)


 File:natthelich.jpg (792.12 KB,1061x1500)



 File:jazztaki.jpg (987.89 KB,1988x2188)


 File:cloba.jpg (1.11 MB,2099x3508)



 File:hayashi_kewi.jpg (933.7 KB,2099x2952)



 File:shirako miso.png (1.47 MB,800x1131)


 File:eu03.jpg (97.49 KB,682x1000)

western power


 File:mika pikazo.png (1.41 MB,1139x1300)

Another one with a bunch of clones. The picture is the cover of a very good album.


 File:kakumayu.jpg (243.95 KB,1009x1517)



 File:rainmaker.png (1.15 MB,1000x1414)


 File:toka.jpg (129.04 KB,680x960)

a clone of that one kancolle artist


 File:inayama.jpg (80.59 KB,640x1000)


 File:lm7.jpg (2.55 MB,2000x2829)

another artist with a lot of influence


 File:176408c8d917aba0abc4d9931f….jpg (3.53 MB,2000x2725)


 File:77gl.jpg (160.89 KB,750x900)


 File:hanekoto.jpg (2.56 MB,2868x2048)



 File:rouka.jpg (1.17 MB,1095x1878)


 File:moonagvaze.png (532.74 KB,854x868)

a furry that drew anime once


 File:misha.png (3.82 MB,2805x2109)


 File:dabuki.jpg (1.53 MB,1488x1829)


 File:kakage.jpg (794.65 KB,1279x2000)

This guy became a vtuber that teaches you to draw.


 File:lack.png (1.31 MB,990x1400)

I always mix this guy up with hungrycliker. Lack is better though.


 File:crab d.jpg (650.9 KB,1300x919)


 File:mirukia.png (514.33 KB,827x1224)

fate fanartist that drew touhou once


 File:shutsuri.jpg (411.14 KB,900x653)



 File:liebe.png (1.2 MB,1500x1433)


 File:hjl.jpg (439.5 KB,1052x744)

one of the painterly anime guys


Can't find myself not liking these artists anymore fate has really nice girls


 File:ice.jpg (542.74 KB,918x650)


 File:tomifumi.jpg (797.41 KB,1032x1457)

the belly artist


 File:8553f06388f53330df1e7a0cda….jpg (933.12 KB,1238x1748)


 File:ichinose_yukino.png (988.1 KB,800x1119)

This is a clone of someone I've already posted!


 File:pyon kichi.jpg (1.4 MB,900x1200)

They say anime looks the same, but you can still tell when someone is not being unique.


which one shion?


 File:arutera.jpg (633.96 KB,3989x3624)


 File:toridamono.jpg (147.98 KB,850x1200)

This guy's coloring used to be a lot more unique.



 File:kikimi.jpg (2.53 MB,2079x2953)

This one was a clone of you know who. I can't recall his name, but it should be very obvious. And then he decided he wanted to be original.


anime girls are very important


 File:luimiart.png (1.7 MB,1600x1441)

I like how this guy used to draw almost exclusively grown women, but then something clicked for him.


What went wrong then?


 File:momokiyo.png (2.5 MB,1295x1812)

I guess I liked him because of how he used to render his pictures.


 File:bibimbub.jpg (2.69 MB,2018x2854)


 File:endou hiroto.jpg (123.22 KB,800x1422)

guess I'll go draw now


I still like him but he said he wasn't going to draw nsfw ever again.


 File:ehokun.png (1.88 MB,929x1300)

Let's start again


 File:723d236d98db2f6b4d5f637f2b….jpg (742.34 KB,2024x1368)


 File:masanaga.jpg (966.68 KB,1131x1438)



 File:sukocchi.jpg (185.29 KB,859x1199)


 File:うなみや.png (1.06 MB,800x1039)



 File:bbbannooo.png (1.41 MB,1058x1456)


 File:ogino_atsuki.jpg (1.37 MB,2563x3652)


 File:cotta.jpg (352.32 KB,800x1257)

the one picture


 File:namanie.jpg (4.84 MB,2741x3920)

can't post the one here


 File:kishibe.jpg (45.82 KB,646x830)

i hope kemono is not too much


not at all, always liked /qa/mono


 File:code-aa.jpg (2.39 MB,1400x2000)

sometimes I don't know who these are until I go a few pages back in their gallery.


 File:NineplusN.jpg (736.77 KB,2485x3214)


 File:izumi sai.jpg (871.7 KB,3624x2038)

This one dropped his more painterly style. I guess it was too time consuming?


 File:kfr.jpg (683.13 KB,787x1250)


 File:106858_.jpg (333.38 KB,2480x3388)

I always thought this sakura was really well done


ghostly eyes...


 File:blue_andwhite.jpg (553.98 KB,1333x2000)

Blurry eyes used to be kind of a trend


 File:M_hisashi.jpg (897.82 KB,3101x2312)

This one drew that one kizuna ai reaction image that always gets posted.


 File:nightmaremk2.jpg (120.34 KB,736x915)


 File:23057.jpg (1.67 MB,1300x2096)

I liked this one because he actually does backgrounds


 File:a9e7f20be9cca6ccd44ec375d5….jpg (107.83 KB,707x1000)


 File:souji hougu.png (11.5 MB,2825x4000)


 File:ee3a396fc9e4be2e9b0c0080fc….png (6.45 MB,2550x3445)


 File:kibadori_rue.jpg (97.92 KB,685x995)


 File:aos libido.jpg (58.86 KB,630x800)



 File:tokki.jpg (141.25 KB,827x1169)


 File:michiking.jpg (658.38 KB,724x1023)

I always get michiking and michitaro mixed up


 File:ruaeru.jpg (374.5 KB,2000x2000)


 File:matsui hiroaki.jpg (3.84 MB,5098x3624)



 File:mignon.jpg (435.95 KB,829x1170)



 File:marota.png (626.2 KB,521x900)


 File:teroru.png (677.56 KB,663x900)


 File:chungu.png (1.23 MB,700x988)



 File:望月けい.png (1.39 MB,1832x2259)


 File:1RBOX_CCC.png (1002.75 KB,1447x2046)

used to like this one a lot


 File:gagayarou.jpg (812.61 KB,2473x3500)


 File:aspara.jpg (294.47 KB,1508x1200)



 File:79688444_p0.png (1.5 MB,2046x1447)



 File:suisogenshi.jpg (13.13 MB,4961x7016)


 File:peko.jpg (629.71 KB,858x1200)

also known as the illustrator of the easiest vn


 File:pine.jpg (57.99 KB,375x750)


 File:jigatei.jpg (95.93 KB,776x999)



 File:poo.jpg (324.09 KB,1003x1003)

Ok, that's it.
Although I still have two more lists to go through.


 File:fuji_shinobu.jpeg (147.74 KB,900x1200)


 File:collagen.jpg (133.27 KB,1200x2100)

let's start again with the lol folder


 File:uousa-ou.jpg (790.18 KB,777x1087)


 File:medakaken.png (277.14 KB,469x372)

rating:safe = 1 result


 File:kinsanta.jpg (1.3 MB,1849x1505)


 File:baba arumi.jpg (201.78 KB,514x700)

I followed this person for a while only because I thought he was rkrk


 File:kanzaki muyu.jpg (86.94 KB,600x896)


 File:racer.jpg (701.65 KB,900x1200)



 File:sasayuki.jpg (82.76 KB,600x1067)


 File:35ee391b55e58b283ffa96c37f….jpg (705.36 KB,850x1200)


 File:1.png (1.64 MB,1920x1080)

Forgot the filename. It's yanagi yuu.
I actually have screenshots from when he was drawing this


 File:なんなる.jpg (278.5 KB,897x1269)

I swear some don't have anything safe.


 File:1=2.jpg (89.5 KB,659x1000)

A friend of 2=8?


 File:uno_(mon_chat_noir).jpg (481.57 KB,900x1200)


 File:shamonabe.png (1.19 MB,1214x1251)

nice picture though


 File:sugimura_tomokazu.jpg (315.7 KB,1920x1200)


 File:done_(donezumi).png (437.26 KB,800x800)

Posting gets bugged if I post too much, but I'm using the old ui so...


 File:ekakibito.png (4.23 MB,2147x3030)


 File:nurugamer-kouyouju.jpg (70.17 KB,750x900)



 File:shennai_misha.jpg (9.52 MB,2961x4142)


i put in something to slow down posting so that it doesn't take up all the system resources if someone is posting a lot.

Are your posts not going through or is there a different issue?


The new reply button gets stuck on posted and the new posts counter goes crazy and I have to refresh the page.


 File:ebba4f6b09cccd4448a10fa508….jpg (229.41 KB,1000x1698)


found the problem


 File:meow (nekodenki).jpg (262.33 KB,600x600)

that annoying bug should be gone now


 File:jiji.jpg (2.84 MB,2436x3492)


>used to like
So, you no longer like them?

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