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 File:EoMH2f3WEAQl5fP.jpeg (869.68 KB,1500x1058)


have you ever noticed how advanced poses are for girls to look sexy
look how she's briding and dramatically arching her back to look sexier

if you scrolldown/ec/ you can see lots of dramatic sexy and cute poses
also hand poses/finger poses contribute a lot towards being the cutest


 File:7d9c822384a16d45c8a082b46d….jpg (2.06 MB,1955x2750)

Yeah, a whole lot of work seems to go into not just making them sexy, but also towards giving them the best pose to enhance sexiness. Like how Ika's got her hands on her squirter dropping casually to look playful but not draw too much attention to it, or how she's got her body leaned in such a way that it puts great emphasis on her hips.


 File:7a1fb871bc515cabc29b3b5a49….jpg (201.37 KB,960x1500)

I think the reason we find such poses attractive is because they very elegantly show off a girl's delicate curves and figure. The female body is a beautiful work of art and should be admired as such.


poses are very important


Interesting perspectives are also important.


 File:e832473e4bb6b8b8eea33346a5….png (3.05 MB,1447x2500)

despite it's appearance, this is a very complicated pose


can i get an analysis on this pose because it doesnt seem very complicated to me


 File:Unsorted 3193 (DR).gif (2.04 MB,480x480)

i always found this gif very erotic, it displays her great control of her own body
its very impressive


an amazing tekoki skill


 File:Eg3Yl4pVoAEmoYA.mp4 (104.39 KB,1124x1280)

Is it a pose if it's moving?



 File:1572319291263.webm (609.5 KB,1280x720)



 File:86141822_p0.png (1.95 MB,975x1510)

quite a bit going into this relaxed pose


 File:003.jpg (445.61 KB,1280x1872)

Would this be complex as well?


 File:87347841_p0.png (531.66 KB,800x1200)

Here's a relatively normal, but still extremely sexy pose


these poses
especially the bottom one omg


 File:EtP4iKEXYAY_8d9.jpg (107.84 KB,849x1200)

some poses are all about perspective
which way do you prefer this way...


 File:flip.jpg (197.37 KB,1061x1500)

... or this way


this but change the background to bird's view from sky


i like this one because it looks like she found me on the floor and im 1 inch tall


How are you on the floor whilst in the sky?


I don't know why but I noticed that this >>2120 perspective is almost always more appealing than >>2121
Must be instict or something.


thats just how it feels okay


 File:1212791921448.jpg (1.07 MB,1600x2037)


want to jo but beethoven is staring at me


 File:1607744831170.jpg (240.11 KB,850x1197)


 File:88397104_p0.jpg (277.42 KB,664x939)


soft looking girls.....


 File:3d478cd1fc6c9292a960a60166….jpg (512.94 KB,3508x2480)

some seductive poses


 File:9ea9f74676ff8d07dc7d95f449….jpg (2.92 MB,2480x3469)


 File:5bd6222a1ceffe9660cc667a78….jpg (2.82 MB,2480x3469)


 File:e9a03c520118f91785e4833f2e….png (17.24 MB,5623x7500)

A toast,
to poses


 File:91008322_p0.png (2.22 MB,1588x2312)

girl's pose




 File:Ller8yc.png (137.52 KB,694x338)

found one


no thank you


 File:1505832150106.jpg (3.75 MB,9048x6072)

A great position


 File:29129281aac8e160a2404b92e6….jpg (585.9 KB,1575x2100)


 File:6049c3c763d04661d72f8bc12e….jpg (186.83 KB,708x1000)


perrine is amazing


perrine deserves to be bullied


 File:illust_94904310_20220117_1….jpg (511.17 KB,1575x2100)

Love the way this artist draws boobers.


 File:FK1vCz0VkAMMpaF.jpg (27.72 KB,500x626)

this is a really lewd pose imo even though she's fully clothed


with my cock


 File:90190085_p1.png (591.12 KB,1000x1003)


 File:1614392858407.jpg (1.19 MB,1999x1200)


 File:FVcLdALaQAA0HRO.jpg (711.31 KB,906x1400)


 File:81108431_p0.png (2.47 MB,1200x2000)


 File:06e9962c280025160f7e9c00ff….png (682.68 KB,700x988)

Very ecchi cute image


 File:20221126_131657.jpg (102.95 KB,744x1088)


 File:20221126_131648.jpg (279 KB,1398x1918)


 File:101519669_p1.jpg (3.99 MB,5109x3435)


 File:101951150_p1.png (776.25 KB,1174x880)


 File:Fkb0seSaYAEWpDt.jpg (392.75 KB,2000x1334)


 File:99112486_p0.jpg (3.97 MB,2704x2064)


 File:illust_103077845_20230222_….jpg (5.03 MB,3685x2195)


 File:9ca6fb0fcddc40e5d98d3c2111….jpg (166.83 KB,680x953)



 File:1c0cfc1abb0caa6b114e238a9….jpeg (6.03 MB,3840x2160)


cute toes


 File:D4b28e8UcAEZuh8.jpg (81.6 KB,648x906)


 File:20230419_041212.jpg (81.15 KB,1200x1200)


 File:20230419_093652.jpg (199.59 KB,858x1200)


 File:20230419_093646.jpg (782.47 KB,1186x1698)


 File:108947250_p0.jpg (518.62 KB,1000x1420)

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