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 File:8a580ee89647f03cda01fc4162….png (1.43 MB,1200x1600)


Whats /ec/'s favorite type of censor?
If you had to chose, would you go with the black stripe or Mosaic ?


Umm, why are there penises on my /ec/?


stripes for sure


they're feminine dicks


like black stripes they're the most archetypical sort of censorship


 File:92928888_p1.png (955.77 KB,1994x1239)

I liked the old-fashioned inverted palette ones because you could uncensor them yourself. Alas, people stopped using them after 2005 or so, presumably because someone blabbed about it


 File:91659049_p0.jpg (504.36 KB,2048x2732)

Stripes, no doubt. You can mentally stitch together an image based on the visible uncensored bits, whereas with mosaics all you get is a pixelated mess.

That said, I hope Akamatsu has "get rid of censored mankos" on his personal party programme.


 File:sample_8d1ae78c886bdc1a075….jpg (212.88 KB,850x1033)

mosaic is fine in moderation


My brain uncensors them in my mind so I never notice anyways. I often go completely oblivious of censorship even in the case of full censorship.


 File:96668208_p1.jpg (338.45 KB,1678x2000)

I'm a fan of convenient censoring.

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