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So uhh... how did you guys think/know this is Shion again? I thought it was Mion this time


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Because of a different world thingie? Why?


Shion is of the mindset in worlds like these that the families are out to get her, and that she needs to pretend to be Mion to be safe. So if she was thinking that to protect herself and K1 she needed to be Mion she'd kill Mion and make it look like she was Shion. However the difference is that in the other timelines the police are closing in on her so she thinks that to be safe she needs to disguise herself as Shion and play the victim while making the culprit "Mion" die.


>she needs to disguise herself as Shion
Referring to how when she takes up the mantle of Mion she refers to Mion as shion, so if the police never close in on her and she kills Mion, then she'll be killing "Shion"-Mion, and then keeping the role of Mion until the end.


File:mpc-hc64_06DXnOdLXD.png (958.47 KB,1280x720)

Here's what I think points to Mion:

1. Keiichi gave her the doll this time, triggering strong feelings.
2. She inadvertently revealed that the 'Shion' that delivered Keiichi dinner was Mion. This means Mion from the beginning is already switching out as Shion, which means some events we see early on as Shion could be Mion, such as the gang thing.
3. Satoshi who? The girl doesn't seem to care about that has-been, at all.
4. Pic related
5. uhhh... I need more time to think


Well if you remember Meakashi, Mion and Shion actually have a conversation over the phone about the doll. So that may inadvertently be why she doesn't punish K1 at all this arc and instead motions to keep him safe.


I don't think we can just go by what happened in the past worlds. I'm going by the information shown to us now


I also think it was Mion.

One thing I wonder about is how they identify the bodies. They said Shion's body was found at the bottom of the well, but how did they tell who it belonged to? Did they perform an autopsy, or are they judging from the clothes? Does the police know about the tattoo and how they switched places permanently when they were kids?


Maybe Shion freaked out and killed Rika and then in turn Mion killed Shion and dropped her in the well where Shion dropped Rika


I doubt it was Mion simply because it has previously been stated (in universe by Rika and out of universe by Ryukishi) that in all of the worlds Rika experienced, Mion had never been the one to go crazy because of her ability to communicate with people and her stalwart personality.


If you go on >>169 they're not supposed to be able to tell the difference between the two sisters supposedly.


I'm not sure that's really the case, it depends on what you mean by "the difference between the two sisters". When Ooishi visits Keiichi at the hospital at the end of Watanagashi and explains what happened, he reports that Shion was found dead in the well, and Mion fell from an apartment window. This is actually not wrong, it's consistent with their birth names. The problem is that no one knows Mion and Shion switched places when they were kids, and that the person who had been living as "Mion" is Shion and vice-versa.

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