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I get the sense that this episode was taking place in some random fragment rather than taking place in the same fragment as Tataridamashi.


You think? I've got a feeling that it's the same as Tataridamashi, and that's why we never actually got to see much of Satoko's uncle doing anything that arc. It was only ever implied that he was beating Satoko due to past issues with her, and nobody ever confirmed it for themselves, so it very well could be that he was peaceful the whole time up until the final part where he's attacking K1. In fact, I think Teppei's change in character could explain why in Tataridamashi Ooishi was acting so strangely.


I agree with everything you're saying, I just think this episode took place in a completely random fragment with a non time looping Satoko. This episode was just to show that Teppei is good across all fragments in Gou in the same way Shion is protective of Satoko after Meakashi in all fragments.


I don't mean to be rude but that's probably the worst theory I've heard. Especially since earlier in the episode it explicitly showed Satoko using her looping abilities.


I don't think that Satoko would've even considered helping or being nice to Teppei if she weren't looping.

File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (160.75 KB,1280x720)


Behold the the majestic Witch of Theatergoing, Drama and Spectating Featherine Augustus Aurora
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I think it'll lead to the conclusion of the Higurashi arc of this, but it in no way seems like the entire story is set to be wrapped up by this single conflict being resolved. I think what comes next is most certainly something Umineko or Ciconia, or maybe even a story set in the metaverse.


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (138.65 KB,1280x720)

this is the future of the franchise


Here's hoping for more naked Satoko.


The future is bright



File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (151.85 KB,1280x720)


¥kills herself every time she draws a wrong card


I think she has some sort of instant reset ability.


File:daf2e28679.png (1.36 MB,1347x891)

I want to protect this smile

File:1615090683193.png (7.08 KB,500x250)


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Uhhhhh, I didn't say she was a ghost, I said she probably visited Satoshi while in one of the Gou arcs. If you mean when she was sent back to the events of the original Higurashi, maybe it's because that's how she views herself in that time. It's not like her body has any set age in the meta world.


Well, I guess it's possible that it's just a preference...


She probably hates her booby body since all it does is remind her of St. Lucia...


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (150.33 KB,1280x720)

Teppei is a good boy who did nothing wrong. It's all Satoko's fault.


File:Teppei saves Rika.mp4 (1.91 MB,320x240)

He's a hero.

File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (185.64 KB,1280x720)


Something I've been meaning to ask for weeks but always forget. Can anyone explain how Rika and Satoko's abilities are able to manifest concurrently? Up until now only Rika was looping, and my personal interpretation was that each fragment exists as a possible reality, but is only actually set into motion when Rika (or her consciousness, rather) enters it, since she is not shown to be able to live through multiple fragments at the same time. Now that Satoko has become a looper, how do her powers affect Rika and vice-versa? It seems at this point in time Satoko is more powerful and so I assume she would take precedence, but then what happens when Satoko resets while Rika is still alive, like the finger snapping thing in this episode?


Her powers themself have no direct effect on Rika just by them being present, however since last episode Satoko decided to ask Featherine to make it so both she and Rika's looper consciousness inhabit the same fragment at the same time. Meaning that while her powers don't effect Rika, she can effect Rika using her abilities. I'm not sure what happens when Satoko resets while Rika is still alive, but maybe I could be wrong, and Featherine's authority makes it so Rika's consciousness is transported to the same fragment that Satoko loops into.


I think that this describes Rika and Satoko's relationship very well.

File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (247.22 KB,1280x1440)


I wonder...


File:satoko and her nee-nee.jpg (119.26 KB,1280x720)

I wouldn't call an evil, needy kid the opposite of a sweet, needy kid. They're different, but not opposites. She's still cute, though. I want her to be happy, even if her happiness comes at the cost of staging a murder-suicide or two.


Think after Gou finishes airing I'm going to rewatch it all again with knowledge of Satoko's looping to see how things change.


Even more will change after you realize that Rena is looping as well.


File:[Kirion] Higurashi no Naku….png (1.12 MB,1280x720)

Trust no one.
Except Mion. Trust Mion forever.
and Rena is usually okay, she still has a pure heart


gou spoiler dont click
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Embeds killed the youtube star


Doesn't work on the new UI, so it got me


File:butt.png (2.17 KB,160x69)

i just tried it out on /test/, embedding on the new does work
it's this itty bitty button down here


I mean the URL spoiling

File:uso da!.jpg (235.61 KB,1920x1080)


I think Rena did it better.




File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (150.83 KB,1280x720)

I masturbate with this hand


L for Loser

File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (130.15 KB,1280x720)


So do we all agree that it's Rika's fault for being a shitty friend?
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Yeah, it fell on Rika to notice this, and her failure to do so even knowing exactly how Satoko is like just exemplifies how much of a shitty friend she's being this arc.


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (353.29 KB,1920x1080)

She had FIVE extra years to catch up to Rika and study or get better at school. What did she do in this time period? And Rika most likely did offer help to Satoko this time around. It seems as though Satoko was deadset on living through High School without putting in any effort or else she would kill Rika. She's certainly deserving of most of the blame.


Rika didn't deserve to get chandeliered, but she should have seen it coming and not guilt tripped Satoko into coming to school with her.


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (144.35 KB,1280x720)

She also doesn't deserve to get Watanagashi'd....


Satoko is such a rebel

File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no….webm (4.21 MB,1280x720)


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It's a brain in a jar simulation, I refuse to explain.


this but the jar is magical


She may very well have actually. Maybe that's also how she pulls the gun from thin air.


File:carlos.jpg (34.54 KB,600x600)

I guess you could say... Satoko snapped


god DAMMIT carlos

File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (67.99 KB,1280x720)


explain this to me, if this were Hanyuu then why would she be portrayed in a somewhat menacing manner in the OP? If the series assumes you know it's a sequel then there's no reason as to why it would expect you to think that Hanyuu is in anyway evil. So therefore this has to be Featherine


File:[RESubs] Higurashi no Naku….jpg (197.31 KB,1920x1080)

I don't know if you can read into the OP that much, maybe it's just how a particular character like views her. Or maybe she becomes different somehow since it would seem something else is going on in regards to the first part of episode 2.


just meaningless ambience


Takano is a witch and also Lambdadelta


But that's wrong, Takano is Lambda's piece. She's not Lambdadelta herself.


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (220 KB,1920x1080)

File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (134.27 KB,1280x720)


It was actually Ciconia phase 2 all along
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the whole channel is
thanks to whoever originally linked it


How good is Ciconia? Seems like R07 has gone completely off the deep end with it, but not sure if in a good or bad way.


I found Ciconia entertaining and the links to Higurashi and Umineko revealed this episode make it even more entertaining for me. R07 even went as far as to spoil events that happened in chapters that haven't been released yet, he's completely insane.


it's got a shitton of characters right off the bat and most of ep1 is exposition or sol, but it's promising

File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (111.37 KB,1280x720)



seriously though it's really bad in this


I don't know, it just doesn't bother me as much when the mouth structure is still defined on the face. How would you prefer they draw that?


File:1614284442405.png (77.15 KB,527x353)

The silhouette still having an open mouth in the correct position is part of the reason it's so unnerving to me. I don't want to do a bunch of photoshop stuff but I guess the right would be the stylistic anime choice whereas left would be if you wanted to be accurate


That does look a lot better. Wonder why they opt to not do it...


you simply don't understand how wide the chesire cat's grin is

File:1614274696592.png (567.12 KB,1192x720)





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