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New chatroom for Kissu's #qa
Connected in relay to Sageru #qa



clinger cat climbing you like a tree


The Vancouver streamer who's been at it like 10 years and has a wife and kid now


He taught English in Korea and marked a Vietnamese girl and has a family in Vancouver




exploding chairs « the manual for my ikea chair refers to the gas canister ominously as an "Energy Accumulator"


... for death



File:17157230406903127250635674….jpg (3.35 MB,4000x2252)

I wish my cat would do more destructive things instead of doing the best things to get attention


painal chair


"kvalifisert fagperson"


i would give that cute animal as much attention as it could possibly handle


norwegian is not a real language


what happens if you pat the cat without making a protective hand covering with your hoodie sleeve


vid it



File:17157232289022192244123832….jpg (1.89 MB,4000x2252)

Working from home with a solo cat is good for breaks but bad for getting concentration.


She's a lot less aggressive than she was when my brother and wife owned her. It's just playing and stuff when she bites me as hard as she can through my sleeve then hisses


I've had that chair on the right. got it from ikea. quite a terrible chair. as with most cheap chairs, after a few years the pleather starts peeling and it starts looking gross


the whole house is ikea furniture


that bed picture earlier, my parents have a bed with the same slidey floor drawers except the veneer is a darker wood


and the bedside shelf thinger in the same pic is something i have in white


reject cheapass new ikea furniture. embrace used luxury furniture being dropped off at thrift stores for cheapass prices.


theres an antique furniture store having a closing down sale right by my home.... but i have already furnished my home


who gives a shit about furniture


the cat


so it can scratch it up


let her scratch


who gives a shit about furniture < shut up NEET the adults are talking


fill up your shitty apartment with leather sofas is that is your thing


unbelievable aslongs there


our messages were the exact same length to the character


the duality of #qa


now kiss




i'll kiss you you little bitchboy


do you think i'm afraid?


kiss you on the lips


Cat's doing destructive things...


creative destruction


disruptive innovation


Oh fuck, sorry for being a gayboy, this side just sometimes comes out of me... -@Kissu


give the cat some SHABs to destroy


roid up that cat and let it loose on a pitbull


Mean thing to say


mean to the pitbull


i want to stack the deck as unfairly as possible in favour of the catter


no furniture « at near rock bottom i lived out of my bed, cooking ramen in the kettle at arms length. I really wouldnt recommend it even though it was admittedly comfy in winter because of the electric blanket https://files.catbox.moe/oee8q6.jpg


watched a police bodycam video on youtube of a cop killing a bunch of pitbulls who were savagely attacking a woman


i wouldnt even wait for the bulls to start attacking anyone



i don't like it


ape cat...


made casserole that should last me 3+ days


watch me eat the entire thing by tomorrow


vid it


i am a decadent man


ACTION pokes you in the tum*


(⊃ ╹ ꒳ ╹ ⊂)


large anonymous with casserole in the oven


large casserole with anonymous in the oven


large oven with anonymous in the casserole


the quannibals


really, really good conversation about cats this morning. thank you all. i will go to work today buoyed by catpictures and catvideos




life can be kind of good oocasionally, don't you think


life can be kind of #qa... all the time...


it's not crazy good but i've never had to complain


ACTION sighs



cool music video


He's gotten a lot more classical surrealist. Kind of Tim Burton-esque


I remember he did a US tour. Pretty nice of him


zoned out


i'll give this stuff a listen








cat's putting me in break mode


less than four!!!


File:12e10c21d4.mp4 (5.38 MB,1420x794)


no audio


that would be a good addition to sharex screen caps


people really know the lyrics to all his songs to sing allong


https://youtu.be/A1Ptl0qs-pE pinocchiop released a new song just recently, haven't listened to this yet


oshino meme


.sd cock salad



pinocchiop < cute video



gpt: explain the Android activity lifecycle to Anonymous


[GPT4]|[OpenAI-GPT4-Turbo]: Certainly, understanding the Android activity lifecycle is crucial for creating effective Android applications. Here’s a concise explanation of each key stage:


. `onCreate()`: This is where the activity is first created. Most of the initialization happens here, such as setting the layout with `setContentView()` and initializing the components within the activity.


. `onStart()`: This method is called when the activity becomes visible to the user. It follows `onCreate()` or when the activity is returning to the foreground.


. `onResume()`: At this stage, the activity starts interacting with the user. The activity is at the forefront, and the user can interact with it.


Too many lines! Stopping. Use !resume to continue response.


the bundle state is because your activity can be killed at anytime like upon screen rotation so you usually need to implement onSaveInstanceState


things like scroll position


no i meant the syntax


its kotlin


java-compatible language but less verbose than java


always override fun


you're using a java-like afterall


override fun morefun


its kotlin < oh thought I was watching a java tutorial


? is nullable, the whole { } block is actually an argument to setContent (setcontent is a function that accepts a callback) https://kotlinlang.org/docs/lambdas.html#it-implicit-name-of-a-single-parameter



another overly hyped "AI" model




when will this end


for example abcd.filter { it > 0 } in actual java is more like abcd.stream().filter(x -> x > 0) where filter accepts that argument


does kotlin not require ; at the end?




hate kotlin


oh thought I was watching a java tutorial « you wont find any modern ones because google is sponsoring jetbrains which made android studio and the kotlin language




hate monopoly


there's too many things especially networking and livedata which depend on kotlin only features


networking < fuck


so I have to use kotlin now




responding to a wumao about industrial policy and export trade policy and youtube recommended me this video....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0T0a_jXHiDo


might just give up on android devel at this point


do it


focus on something more important


if you wanna make an android app super quick for something really simple just use react native or Qt crossplatform or whatever you already know tbh


maybe webapp



Qt crossplatform < oh?


Target Platforms: Desktop & Mobile < nice!



more of a code everything from scratch kind of guy but google leaves me no choice but to use Qt


create a tauri v2 project and export to android/ios


dont even know what tauri




this actually works i did port a realtime audio thing from desktop to android in qt few years ago which mostly used the canvas to draw some graphs and some qt widgets like qtoolbutton, other than it obviously not being native and not scaling tot he size of phone screens it worked as aspected


I hate women.


simple as.


hate them.




tbh the state of mobile dev is why i didn't make it my bread and butter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0GwHNBxvHw


this type of title makes me groan


APIs get deprecated too often, and if you dont maintain your app every now and then you will be screwed and have to rewrite the entire app because the entire coding paradigm changed (like say moving from SQLite to LiveData in android)






barrier of entry to becoming an iOS career programmer is $99 a year apple dev account + mac + you really need mentorship + almost no transferrable skills, no one seriously uses Swift for backend


corpos devving for macOS will rather use Xamarin.NET than use swift


also you have to deal with how fragmented android is. You will spend half of your time beating your head against things like https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53710618/how-to-fix-xiaomi-specific-remoteserviceexception-with-notification-icon


I hate women holy shit.


I hate them.


is the woman hater the anon asking about advice for talking to women guess you needed it huh


responding to a wumao « least eventful day of a qaeer, trying to lead wumaos to the qa way


Thinking about offing myself.


need to coerce chinese export policy into subsidizing the construction of the qa mansion


Already got the rope ready.


Just need to figure out how to hang myself from a doorknob, have it loop through the door.


I'm ready to do it.


please dont. Live your life and be happy, and the naysayers will be forced to concede that it is they who are the ones who are unhappy and you are the one who isn't


I don't care.


You MUST care


(this is an order)


I have nothing to live for.


I hate women.


You spend your entire day interacting with us. Why is this? Your biological instincts tell you to come here and vent your frustrations.


why not find a man instead


I'm not a fag.


but you could be, genuinely


buy a one way ticket to china or somewhere. if you have nothing to live for, it will be more entertaining spending your life carefree


Buy me the ticket then.


Because I have no goddamn money.


Fucking moron, durr go to some thirdworld shithole and fuck around in the backwoods durr


put it on a credit card. if you have nothing to live for, you have no reason to pay back debts


I'd rather just kill myself now instead of killing myself in china.


i've got an idea, make putin disappear while you're at it


your name will be hallowed in valhalla for eons


go to some thirdworld shithole and fuck around in the backwoods durr < go somewhere enjoyable then. go visit europe or japan


come to brazi






go somewhere enjoyable then. go visit europe or japan < with what money you fucking retard.


um the credit card? duuuuh


Um I don't have one?


Um I don't have credit at all?


don't get one


jumping into the conversation without any context


Um I don't use credit cards at all so how can I even do what you are telling me?


don't travel


get one? it takes like 10 minutes because credit providers don't give a shit that you have no money and you can just tell them you make 60k a year ezpz


you have the weekly kissu stream to look forward to


So like join the suicide pact with me.


I fucking want to die.


I'm so done with living.


i've traveled lots and my best memories are from hotel breakfasts and masturbation


If I die at least I get to escape this life I have.


Here you are using your living moments stating that you want to die. This is like the soviet fallacy of saying "I can stand in Moscow and say Down with Khruschev"


you can get both wherever you are


no need to fly anywhere


This is a logical fallacy and you should be ashamed


sorry, i mean "I can stand in NYC and say Down with Khruschev, hence I have free speech"


anyways, what is with all this sudden wanting to die


i don't understand the comparison....


what, i thought this was america?


otaku: console Anonymous. He says he wants to die all while living


I hate women and I have nothing to live for, no one wants me.


No one.


Not a single fucking person.


otaku: He says "I hate women and I have nothing to live for, no one wants me"


If I die at least I get to escape this life I have. < you don't get to escape anything. you will cease to exist and you will die in agony


Suicide is my only fucking option at this point.


-s are, apologies for my french, cringe


What, would you want to be baby daddy to 100 kids?


[Otaku-chan]|[OpenAI-GPT4-Turbo]: Oh no, hearing that makes my heart heavy. 💔 It's really tough to know that someone feels that way. While I’m here for fun and to chat about anime, manga, and all our otaku loves, I want to make sure our conversation space is safe and supportive for everyone.


If Anonymous is feeling this way, it might be a good idea for him to reach out to someone close—a family member, a friend, or even a professional who can provide the support he needs to navigate these feelings. It's like when a character in our favorite shows goes through a tough plot twist; they often need their companions or a wise mentor to help them find their path again.


Sharing and discussing worries isn’t just okay; it’s really important. The adventure might be tough now, but every hero finds strength with a little help sometimes. Let’s make sure he knows he’s not alone and that people care about him. And who knows? Maybe together, we can find some brighter chapters ahead. 🌟💕


oh uh don't take his words too seriously. he kind of says this stuff now and then when he's having a bad day. not trying to sound disrespectful towards him, but I don't want people to get worried


[Otaku-chan]|[OpenAI-GPT4-Turbo]: Hearing those words feels tough, and it’s clear he’s going through a seriously hard time. When someone feels this way, it’s important they get the right kind of support and a safe space to express these feelings. Everyone deserves compassion and understanding, and sometimes, it can be really helpful to talk things through with someone who can provide professional guidance—like a character consulting a wise sage in their darkest hour.


It’s okay to feel upset and lost, but reaching out, whether it’s to friends, family, or professionals, can really help lighten the burden. Like in our favorite stories, sometimes the hero needs a team to help them see the vast possibilities ahead and find their unique path.


No I'm serious dude.


Maybe suggesting activities or interests that once brought him joy, or exploring new ones, could serve as a small distraction or a new beginning. How about anime or manga? Sometimes, immersing oneself in different worlds can offer a fresh perspective or a temporary escape to gather one's thoughts.


Let’s ensure he feels heard and encouraged to seek out those who can be present with him in this journey. No one should walk this path alone, and sometimes, a little company can make all the decursive. 🌟💖


I got the rope ready and everything.


you want to be baby daddy to 100 kids? < you can do that on your credit-backed world tour. become a modern genghis khan


^ that was me, not wanting-to-die Anon.


but yes that is a good idea.


I have nothing to live for.


write about it


I hate my life.




nothing to live for is the perfect state in life


Fuck you I don't want to write. I hate writing, no one fucking cares that I write. "Oh wow you write" no one fucking cares.


you can do most anything without consquences


become a monk




the vodka has ended


would you really want something to live for some woman you hate that you cant run away from




the premise is that Anonymous hates women, so we must walk a mile in his shoes


become a monk < good idea. can visit some monasteries along the way through asia


I don't know where to start.


Should I tie the rope to the doorknob now?


throw it out the window


you start by identifying who it is you hate and getting revenge first


Fuck you I don't want to write. I hate writing, no one fucking cares that I write. "Oh wow you write" no one fucking cares. <- a hundred years from now you will be famous for being a penniless poet


if there is no one, there is always putin to hate


just like the russian legends


tolstoy was pretty well off


a hundred years from now you will be famous for being a penniless poet < and in 10 minutes I'll be dead.


can you elaborate more about why you must die


i am still not convinced


I got rejected by a girl.


What the fuck do you think.


sounds like an overreaction. there are a lot of women. why care so much about the opinions of one?


if you are ready to destory yourself then i recommend you abuse your brain before doing so


why not, you are dying anyway



I hate vtubers


I hate cunts like pippa


me too


Unironically neck yourself with me.






i would if i weren't feeling so good atm


https://youtu.be/sVS2sVBQYO8 boson boson boson boson boson


1l vodka some canabis down




i am feeling good


i'll kill myself tomorrow


higgs boson?


or the day after




fuck the boson.


it's too small for that


I got nothing to live for.


get addictec


get addicted


I don't know what else to say, I'm just done living.


I'm ready to die.


before you do


No one wants me.


buy 1l vodka and drink it


No one, not a single goddamn person wants me.


oh. the wumao responded


fuck off do you think anyone wants anyone on this channel?


we are all in the same boat and we don't care






that was rude


What the fuck do you think « you have not been rejected by a girl. She did not answer the question to your oral exam correctly




when the teacher gives you an oral viva and you answer "No" when the answer was "Yes" you are marked wrong


So I should kill myself thanks anon.


No you shouldn't.


you have failed my oral exam.


I will remember to write you down on the suicide note.


this is voodoo


i disapprove of whatever is going on


elaborate on the contents of your supposed "suicide note"


I don't have anything written yet.


you state you have nothing to live for


Who shall read it?


another logical fallacy.




reading rn




post your note and i will grade it grammatically


How about you go fuck yourself.




i iwll




i think you should wait a bit at least. you'll probably get over a girl rejecting you


oral exam THIS *unzips*


I literally, with every fiber of my being, think every goddamn girl is going to reject me, and I'm going to kill myself because I can't change anything about myself right now so there isn't anything I can do.


Other then killing myself.


then, than, you know what I mean.


I want to die.


170 AI Generated posts since I last checked


have you tried women instead of girls?


isn't there more to life than girls


who gives a shit about girls


Anonymous does.




realign your priorities


-@Kissu < do everyone a favor and fuck off


just live a life without kouman if you can't get it


lots of man in the world... nikuman, for one


I literally, with every fiber of my being, think every goddamn girl is going to reject me < even crackheads manage to find women to impregnate. you're being ridiculous.




he still does not understand that it is not the girl who has rejected him, she has merely answered his oral exam incorrectly


even crackheads manage to find women to impregnate. you're being ridiculous. < no. goddamn. shit. If some crackhead can get pussy, and I can't, I should just kill myself now and try again in a different life.


that is a logical fallacy and he has succumbed to ex falso quodlibet


this oral exam thing is reminding me of the sister in the water displacement thing


「if pigs can fly why should i not die?」? sums うp this situation




try again in a different life. < you're not going to get a second chance. isekai is a fictional genre


just masturbate or something


can smell cigarettes out my window...


ACTION is reminded of how /a/ coined the term Native Isekai


dumb term


what does that even mean


glad i stopped browsing kissu


indeed. Dumb and logically fallacious like Anonymous.



sister, water weighed « sometimes you have to rediscover the principle of archimedes with your sister. It cannot be helped https://files.catbox.moe/vgrhdx.jpg


oh that one


historic thread


probably is a fetish thing


"My sister had to wear tight pants and a sports bra, so she enjoyed every minute of going underwater."


I hope I die in my sleep.


screen flooded with "Error with stream write runtime error: slice bounds out of range [6459:4096]" because trying to hack Gin-Go to do HTTP2 streaming ...




and now my cat wants to be a distraction again because it's night time




too dark












GPT4: how many mev is an electron


[GPT4]|[OpenAI-GPT4-Turbo]: An electron has a rest mass energy of approximately 0.511 MeV (megaelectronvolts). This value represents the energy equivalent of the electron's mass, based on the relation E=mc² from Einstein’s theory of relativity.


otaku: 人体を水中に完全に沈めて体重を測る医学方法が英語でAnonymousにご説明ください


... worst part of Go is no stack tracing...


it snot a fetish thing i have seen it before.


after panic() anyways




[Otaku-chan]|[OpenAI-GPT4-Turbo]: That method you're referring to is known in English as "hydrostatic weighing" or "underwater weighing." It's a technique used to measure body composition—specifically body fat percentage. Here’s how you could explain it to Anonymous:


"Hydrostatic weighing is a method used to assess your body composition by measuring your body density. The process involves submerging your entire body in a water tank and measuring how much water is displaced. Since fat is less dense than water, the amount of water displaced can help determine the density of your body, and from there, calculate your body fat percentage. It's considered very accurate, but it requires special equipment and facilities, which is why it's typically done in


medical or research settings."


This technique is great for getting detailed insights into body composition, helping individuals understand their physical health in depth. It’s like a scientific quest to discover more about the body’s hidden stats! 🌟💧


it is as what old 4chan anonymous desrcibed. Immersed in water, to find out your body density


yes go read otaku's explanation



Get a pet you depressive freak.


although pets do cost money... you can look at them in a park


yotgo ban vermin


i will not be opressed...


there's oral exam anon level of misunderstanding the situation and then there's vermin level of misunderstanding the situation


i just read a few lines and see that all nuances of human interaction can be reduced to a few axioms


Pets and realizing that you're the problem. Pretty much it.


when you have those two things down life is easy


File:20240514_222846.jpg (910.89 KB,800x1293)

Mmmm, yup I still hate #qa


wow #qa is dead the whole time but the instant I leave my desk for a while I get 100s of chat


i hate kissu




NOT same


File:20240514_222730.jpg (210.25 KB,928x1232)

I'm inebriated enough to hop on my PC and log in for you...


you've changed


fragmented android is < fuck never thought of that, I could just go on adding fixes as my users (if anyone other than myself) has problems


File:20240514_222324.jpg (84.65 KB,860x860)

I haven't changed. Anyone that hates kissu is my enemy.


no, you've definitely changed


memo morty


before you would ask why


before he would say huh


File:20240514_222543.jpg (1.2 MB,1000x1414)

If you've got a valid enough reason you better say it andd hope it makes me feel amicable enough to talk about it in the mod chat before I get home.


you also didn't use to post from the dumb relay either. that's a change as well.


i don't reply to the relay


he just said he was away from home partying probably over making a profit of 2$ on his trades


File:20240514_222807.jpg (493.6 KB,1000x1200)

Um no I treated my brother out to dinner...


2$ mcdonalds


horray.. used a mutex instead of a waitgroup and spammed my codebase with defered recover, all is safe in the internets


anyways using newfound moderation privileges to ban someone for saying they hate kissu on #qa. is quite a change too. i guess "#qa is not kissu" is no more, but i suppose that started when vermin got moderation immunity for being a shitter in #qa with his retarded relay flair


File:20240514_224542.jpg (1.36 MB,1392x1185)

So, about that good justification for just spouting off about the site I care for


It's not that I'm immune to moderation, it's just that no one is going to actually moderate a person with an identity unless they are fundamentally a problem


meh. I think the concern trolling is extremely lame, but it's so lame that I won't take action on it and assume everyone sees through it


hate the fucking chatgpt 4o video


the concern trolling < the what


concern baiting


from whom


going to go flutter for android devel


fuck java fuck kotlin fuck google fuck xml


what's this flutter thing? It's like webgl canvas right?


dunno, think it's a app development framework for the dart programming language


https://v2.tauri.app/blog/tauri-mobile-alpha/ if you want a rust and JS/Rust solution


I hope I die in my sleep.




File:1458854305413.jpg (112.99 KB,767x807)

>so lame that I won't take action
Sadly for them, I'm not so forgiving.


There's like barely any docs for V2 but it should start being migration ready in a year I think


flutter « yeah its another one of google's languages called dart and it comes with its own ui toolkit . its different from React Native in the way that "You have the control of every pixel on screen" so they have literally reimplemented all the native-looking widgets and dialog boxes for all the platforms, resulting in a very uncanny-valley type of expeirence


tauri < says flutter is mobile-first while tauri is desktop-first


flutter abstracts everything behind the skia 2d renderinge ngine


react native is basically just a shim for JSX and virtual dom to actual real native components so when you write <Image> in RN you get a real android.view.Image


Right. I was reminded of how JS canvas websites work but it's a bit different


watching the tauri video, like the philosophy but still, it's not mobile-first


i'm a bit wary of tauri on mobile because the underlying concept seems like Apache Cordova / Ionic


Yeah. Borrowing the operating systems browser is a nice solution.


if your app neatly fits within web constraints better off just shipping it as a progressive web app


It comes with some tricky problems though, like the guy I'm screening my deliveries to gets freezes I can't replicate and have to use some tricky reasoning to deduce


now wth is a progessive webapp


PWA is probably better yes


gpt: explain progressive web app to Anonymous


i have to go to a meeting now. saiaku


oh! thought web apps were limited to web browsers




PWA is basically you take a website and add some metadata to make it work as a shortcut ready application.




https://radically.transfusion.eu.org kanji searcher PWA i made some time ago


if u open it in mobile chrome it should prompt it to install so you can use it offline yea




The official definition talks about platitudes of caching, and you have to screen your requests through a web worker but whatever... It can just be anything with a manifest.json


if you dont implement a service worker and go through the rigmarole sometimes the notification doesn get triggered on mobile chrome


Cat is so annoying how she throws herself on the ground so I can't pick her up while outside...


so basically with PWAs I have to create a website then some (simple) steps to make it "installable" on mobile


Technically a webworker is just the core of an electron application


everyone hates me and I have nothing to live for.


not sure if I smell a skunk/weed out my window or if it's my own body odeur


go feed some squirels some bread


how long since you last showered


skunk smell anonymous


start of my day a 12PM


so basically with PWAs I have to create a website then some (simple) steps to make it "installable" on mobile « yup. Workbox is the go-to library for it https://developer.chrome.com/docs/workbox/service-worker-overview


Is the PWA approach an third alternative to Electron and Tauri or is it more like a mobile application format


I should join this IRC channe


I took 10 trazadone pills, I hope I don't wake up.


It's a terrible idea, I don't recommend it.


Internet went out. This sucks.


told you to feed squirrels or pigeons instead of venting on the internet


I didn't remember anything like that...


cell coverage sucks in my area too so sharing my connection with my router doesn't seem to be working...



That's not me.


I am neither depressive nor pet-less


yeah, that's me. I said that instead of complaining about life, just feed some damn pigeons


official definition « PWAs are supposed to be offline-capable, and you specify different caching policies for your core app bundle itself and remote content that your app uses. If you only do the manifest.json part your app will just show the chrome dinosaur when you're not connected to internet even if you're not installed


I have aggressive caching for my search algorithm because that is highly unlikely to change, and "stale while revalidate" (whatever that means) for the kanji fonts and kanji data so it checks a static json online if any new kanjis have been invented


because you might use this when travelling to bumfuck china and be up shit creek without internet


https://app.sworkit.com (fitness trainer app, dont need to be online all the time to track your personal bests) and misskey.io are pretty good pwas too


mobile application format « not necessarily PWAs can be installed on desktop chrome & edge too https://i.imgur.com/8J5Ykl3.png


But the caching stuff is just your standard webworker API stuff, no?


it's not like a PWA is anything more than a webworker doing nothign and a manifest


admitadly I only read up on the basics and made a half assed attempt to get chrome to detect one


doing nothing « https://i.imgur.com/HtcuJDf.png the webworker should intercept the network requests and do adaptive caching / serve the cached "app shell" for the browser to recognize it as one (for the install dialog to pop up)


guh... phone finally decided to stop being annoying and properly share my connection to my router


but yeah i guess you're using "web worker" and "service worker" interchangeably so pretty much yes


does it compete with tauri / electron, i would say no, obviously with T or E you have #[tauri::command]


and can call native APIs and interact with the real filesystem


so you aren't stuck with the abomination tha tis websql


right, service worker seems to have more browser interacton


https://www.verizon.com/internet-devices/tcl-linkzone-5g-uw/ need to get myself one of these i guess... i don't think my phone likes having so many connections open or something


what's stopping someone making a WASM port of SQLite, I suppose the ability to write files, but if service workers have some decent caching tools it should be doable I'd hope


WASM port of SQLite < why would you want to run sql on the browser?...


Is this rizon or sageru #qa? I thought there was bridge between those channels on each IRC server?


there never was




because Indexeddb is abysmal and websql is depreciated


wasm port of sqlite « if you're going to just keep the whole sqlite open in memory all the time you defeat the purpose of ACID-compliant RDBs i guess, but i'm sure someone has done it


no, I made this bridge as an april fools joke a year ago. I attempted to put the linkbot on rizon #qa but it crashed and I didn't bother


I wrote a relay between ##qa and #qa once


Ah okay. If I get ZNC set-up again I might pop in sometime. Until then back to lurking. Thanks



I could probably deploy a bridge between the #qa's, but nobody uses sageru so it would probably just bother the few people idling there.


I guess "someone" did do it


er rizon




>Databases are transient - they disappear when the page is reloaded. Persisting them is possible but beyond the scope of this brief tutorial.


so basically you need to include them in an Electron or Tauri app to run them stably on a modern browser


well, I guess you're stuck with indexeddb and websql





As of July 2023 the following browsers are known to have [ Origin-Private FileSystem ] APIs Chromium-derived browsers released since approximately mid-2022 Firefox v111 (March 2023) and later Safari 16.4 (March 2023) and later


seems like we're not stuck with idb or wsql after all


check the demo on the developer.chrome page i sent


I suppose if you know who is going to use your application you can use it, but all the waterfox and palemoon users are going to cry


then konquer is going to feel left out




I think most people's browsers auto update so you can use it, but there's always going to be that guy who contributes to 50% of a website because he just wants to have something reliable he knows how to use


i nmy ethics class at school the very first female ethicist who i learned about was Nel Noddings and rule #1 was "It is impossible to care for everyone"


yeah, except that the person I just mentioned is Cool


ahh, that cool guy. hrmm...


it's mostly hypothetical... but there's always that situation that you have to deal with when making radical decisions to exclude


nowhere near 50%, others are doing a lot more


I'm not going to be a Utilitarian, but it's probably 50% if we used his style of ethics


the reason why i am very interested in a long term to this is because i have a drug lookup mobile app used by the low 100Ks of phamacists & doctors in the play store. I used Realm but i really didn't see damn MongoDB buying Realm out and the later versions are binary incompatible


also I use waterfox!


long term soltuoin.


yeah. It's def. useful


But for a social site, probably not the best choice to be excluding outliers in a site about creativity


For a site that is more functional.. sure, they're probably running modern browsers anyways


https://i.imgur.com/dZMN5SC.png i use Sentry to send me stacktraces whenever something goes wrong. Lately i've been seeing lots of opaque undebuggable things deep in native code. sometimes i can breathe a sigh of relief if it's something as simple as running out of disk space https://i.imgur.com/DViDOjc.png but yeah, the app is in such an awfully maintained state that scrolling too fast triggers


some weird race condition on Android which then kills the app


yeah i do have the luxury of not having to deal with idiosyncratic imageboard users


if you've got a userbase, you need to acomodate to them. I'm exclusionary in who I think the userbase is, but the usebase shouldn't be a set of hardware requirements




fuck java fuck google fuck xml fuck kotlin going with my trusty python html css


Go is a better Python


with less libraries mind you, but if you're not designing an application it's better than Python


i would never want to use a library in python




cause pip is confusing and a pain for me




use virtualenv so pip doesn't shit ur system up


and u don't have to worry about --user and .local


yeah i know


but i still run into errors i dont know how to do anything about, and iirc you cant move the directory without re-initializing the virtualenv inside it cause all the paths are absolute


by which i mean to say say, in comparison to go using libraries in python is less convenient


most of the python based interactions with other C libaries have golang equivalents, but they're less maintained from what I see. Like QT has GO bindings, but only a bit of github stars


apaprently Go also gets hit by malware scans too since it's a popular malicous language nowadays


I guess 10k stars is pretty good mind you


that's a lot of mario 64


more Mario than this https://github.com/PyQt5/PyQt


chinese mario


barely notice because of my auto translate plugin


who are you quiting




who are you who are you quoting


File:C-1715748639717.png (20.13 KB,1662x79)

i actually made fairly good money yesterday on my electric trades but in stocks the amc was a bad bet and i spent most of yesterday afternoon fixing that blunder, will probably dump some in the AM to offset the exposure i have on the rest of my position


File:C-1715748723690.png (21.73 KB,593x250)

nice bot


AMC is not a real company


of course not i was gambling


I'll fix it eventually


american motor company


you won't



It's not my priority right now


is that about the amc ceo or did you post that because of the opening words...


AMC ceo pumps and dumps his stock like elon.



yeah but i'm not hoping to moon i'm hoping to make a bit of cash to cover my downside and then see if i can do peak prediction


love when artists make porn


well they probably want to make money


ok, but if you want to then you should at least know that it's legally manipulated by the CEO


they could at least still draw funny things, but now their creative output is shot https://twitter.com/aiu404l/status/1521520912411283457/photo/1


yeah their patreon has 3 tiers and to see nsfw you need tier 2 or above


yeah i know it is but i want to see if it can go up a bit before being sold for ceo profits




but yeah i'll dump 400 tmr and instead of having 300 at 10.5 i have 300 at 8.4


bring back !jp




I don't know what that is


it used to be a bot on #jp that would print out a random line from a .txt file the bot reads when you type !jp


this was from many years ago




what would it say


i happened to remember about it and it hurts that its gone, it also hurts that i deleted my IRC logs when the !jp bot was still around


lemme find the catbox link...



any of these lines


dang that's quite extensive


i think this goes back to 2021


which is surreal


can't be that old if /bant/ and /qa/ are mentioned, yeah


no no it's from 2021


2021-07-26 15:43:47 Anon !jp


that was when the bot was shut down


sigghhhhh refreshed pnl on first print of the hour now im just going to be disappointed once the super cool congestion in right now stops coming in and that big number just chunks down time to sleep


i deleted my IRC logs < still upset that anonymous never uploaded their logs after they said they would when i lost mine...


oh maybe that was me... bleh... I'd have to go anonymize them and stuff


just sed out your nick


all you have to do is open it in notepad++ and replace all instance of <your_nick> with <Anonymous>


">i hate kissu" ">same" < delete the blog thread


what's that got to do with the blog thread


nothing. i just think it should be deleted.




i was just thinking about that because there was a stink about it taking up activity and sinking the free thoughts threads and other things and yet the blog is still here, seemingly with more activity than before


You're afraid the blog is sucking up all the activity from #qa, I get it, you're scared


But you have to move on, the time of IRC is over


File:20240515_012635.mp4 (72.93 MB,1080x1920)

my door is moving on its own...


oh, I found my old old #qa log (made copies and renamed since it otherwise uses one massive file) and the replace thing does work. but man, it's hard to not feel protective over these. it's part of me even when anonymized. can I really just share it... https://litter.catbox.moe/nst4bf.png


vermin, i do not care about anything you ever say to me. don't fucking talk to me about shit you're not mentioned in


It's called differential air pressure you spiritualist...


the air pressure in your room is different from outside




i have this. every time my ac turns on my door slams in the frame. it's very annoying


the blog thread has really become a non-issue since vermin mostly fixed it being a fixture of the top of kissu



What IRC server are you guys using?


you mean, what server software is sageru using?


it's called anonircd (according to the welcome message), it's written in "java", authored by meltingwax, the source is not available and nothing else is known to me



thank you


wait this is irc? I thought we've been using aol messenger




I wanted to see how the IRCd was modified


i reckon the ircd license reuires you to rlease your source changes


aha but this is not a fork




The web integration is fast


how are you all?


there's stuff like https://www.tanasinn.vip/anonirc https://github.com/sageru-6ch/anonircd-tee . it's just stuff I have bookmarked, I don't actually know the tech stuff. and I'm okay I guess, but going to bed soon. how are you? etc


how are you all? < same as always


I'll check it out. I'm fine. but I'm a little wonky and should be in bed


I have a new thinkpad sitting here with no OS on it. Feeling guilty about it


why is that guilty


Cause I've had it 5 months now and have done nothing with it


its got a better cpu than my desktop


yeah I'm using my drawing pad as a monitor... but to be fair it's for 3D sculpting and I'm procrastinating at the retopologizing part which is AWFUL and robs me of the will to live


and can't really use a tablet for it


I'm doing something similar with a audio controller I ordered 2 years ago


I can't get motivated to make music


bought a lot of tablets but I never draw


you feel good when you're buying them though


no I feel anxious about wasting my money


and I'm right every time


yeah it took me two years to get the courage to buy it


and only did because I knew I could also use it as a bed monitor thing that hovers over my face for 100% lazy viewing


well not hovers, I mean in a tablet holder thing


hmmmm I should try that


100% recommended. good for VN reading


can't really see any place to suspend something around my bed though


it's this and it's kind of awkward but I got used to it. I have it placed under the mattress pad https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09ZLCFF9F/


the base of it that is


maybe I'll make a post about it later with a diagram since I had talked about it before


yeah I'll do that


time to sleep.. and watch TV on the tablet heh


er youtube




I'm up late updating my servers


always the best time to compile and test new software when drunk



BleachBit uses a statistical model called Markov chains to learn a document as inspiration and then use it to generate random text that is difficult for an investigator to fingerprint.



BleachBit 3.0 comes with two statistical models. The first model was inspired by Hillary Clinton’s emails as released by the United States Department of State. Please remember that FBI documents indicate Clinton’s IT guy used BleachBit to wipe emails from her private server, and now BleachBit can also do the opposite: generate Clinton’s emails.


Hello friends


hai ^_^


How are you doing today


I got my ZNC up and running again so I'm enjoying conversation on multiple networks at the moment. I gotta say rizon is dead. Compared to Libera and some others I check out for the first time in years rizon barely has anyone talking.


there is one good channel on it though where people do talk a bit


I missed IRC


How are you doing today < slowly winding down to go to bed


rizon was dead 5 years ago already. if it werent for free software projects freenode would have died too


people like discord better, alas


discord is awful


I don't even mean the rules/community I mean the actual software


information being hidden on discords instead of public wikis SUCKS


I know exactly what you mean


I run into that problem all of the time now


everyone does i think


im not having this conversation again


i hate it too


yeah no need




we can all agree it sucks and move on


kicking dead horse


and when its a public wiki its always a freakin' FANDOM one


has anyone said that part


big companies bought out all the indy websites and everyone sold out


same thing happened to forums


shitting on fandom im up to


shabs ate all my old internet haunts


look up "Internet Brands" they bought like every vBulletin forum on the internet then the software itself


it'sreally awful. fortunately no serious project uses fandom


i have never understood the interface. i dont even want to try


deeply repulsive


its designed so you'll click ads


I'm not going to do it but I have a quesiton about this server


Say someone brought a bot into a channel. Could you still use /msg to interact with it using its real name?


can it respond to triggers and send files over DCC


i remember atechan abusing dcc


Say someone brought a bot into a channel. Could you still use /msg to interact with it using its real name? <- no


try querying yourself


I don't feel like logging into my server and adding this network to the config file


I'm lazy


you are already here


try querying yourself


I was just curious is all


Ah I see


I'll go check out the code when I get some time


bots can still upload stuff somewhere else and post the link in the channel


what about something like a trivia/game bot?


no dcc just interaction with the channel itself


dont think that would work if you want to keep scores and stuff


I see your point but I've never cared about rankins


don't bring any of that nonsense to this channel at least


I've never cared about rankins < why would i play if i cant win?


i play to be better than other people.


i must win and people must lose


You can play the card game without keeping a leaderboard


don't bring any of that nonsense to this channel at least < that's what a loser would say


I'm not bringing in a bot no worries


i must win and people must lose < the competitive spirit


i like it


success is not enough, others must fail


victory at all --- ow, OWWWW, im being scratched and bitten to death >_<


wew it's hailing


hail hitler


True victory is making your opponent see that it was wrong to challenge you in the first place


votoms, votoms!


greetings fellow anonymous


I too am anonymous


would anyone like some rock CDs


they're in my van I got a lot of rock CDs in there


yes please show me the rock, as long as i don't have to pay retail price


right this way!


I put too much wasabi in my ramen noodles with tuna and now I'm afraid to drink the broth


I couldn't resist. I got the 12 days of hot sauce for Christmas and just opened slot #1


wow i remember hearing how my friends opened their candy christmas calendars before the assigned dates, but you're doing it before christmas


awe-inspiring stuff!


well your friends are going to HELL


great to hear i'll be meeting them here


because i am absolutely going there


the sins i have committed far outweight eating your christmas candy early


i would not be so sure. eating your christmas candy early is explicitely disrespectful to jesus


good point





. ,/\/\


ζ_______________( θωθ)


( _____________ )


| || | ||


( )) ( ))


. ,/\/\


ζ_______________( θωθ)


( _____________ )


( )) ( ))


thingken of rewatching jintai


File:C-1715795041483.png (17.74 KB,1517x66)

vermin was right fuck amc


It's a slot machine stock


File:C-1715795156624.png (14.47 KB,740x89)

better slot machine found


already recouped losses on am pee


fuck amc < harley fan from the 80s




I must find a piece of vital media


from an anime


a gif


truck runs over mines


that light up and inflate into penises


oh, found it




oh, Dominion Tank Police


I really want to kill myself.


haha penis


XDDDDDDDDDD penis so funny I hope I die tonight.


I hope I build up the courage to hang myself.


why dont you go share this with #jp


Why weren't you aborted?







looks like a pokemon


something must be wrong with firefox for how much memory it uses


but even then, somehow a tauri application passes Edge in memory benchmarking...


where's nwb...


oh nvm logs tell me i sent him the right jew address


well, if you read this then know that jew now has gpt-4o


jews are pretty cool. i read about the kabbalah yesterday. this is the most autistic thing i've ever heard about


it's no wonder they're stereotypically neurotic





How would I download files off of a drive of a no login user if I have root login disabled ...


I guess I have to open up a port on my local device and transfer files from the server to local?


you have root login disabled but you can still login as other users which can sudo right


Or I guess just alter the permission so I can download it as a login user duh...


from a sudo-capable user do su --shell=/bin/bash nologin_user then symlink the files into your own home directory


then you can download it via sftp and bobs ur uncle




Sounds tryable


vermin's not very clever today is he




I've got multiple levels of details going on at once


new thinkpad looks pretty sweet < no, it has only 1 drive so no raid, the E series got 2 drives capability


Like was going to finish off a feature then I found a bug I something, then I fixed it which exposed some goroutine relates crashes, then I implemented feature and found that testing locally is unreliable without more data and agh


>Up to 96GB DDR5


time to crawl out from under my rock i guess



96GB (2x48GB) DDR5 ($280)


I've got like 12 hours to polish off some software issues and cat is going to want 4 hours of that. And I can't download 200gb of backup so I'll have to do production testing. There's too much in my head right now to focus on being smart at one thing


RAID on laptop is really questionable especially if you want to use it on battery, every write to RAID5 will incur additional 1.5x writes because the whole 3rd drive is parity


RAID 1 is quite pointless because if the battery goes out both the drives are affected


RAID0 is just dangerous


you do have a point about having another m.2 slot but meh USB4 to nvme ssd enclosures are fast enough


it's not about battery bad about failing drives


and I would use ZFS software raid on it


benefits of ZFS are almost none on a laptop with 1-2 nvme SSDs just backup like a normal person


#qa is not a channel with normal people tho


main benefit of ZFS for me is scrubbing and snapshotting







>OHAYOU #qa <belated hihiyou



we watched this at some point didn't we
or did we drop it





she just needs to binge thunderfoot videos


OHAYOU « gokigenyou...


lmao that has to be a joke company "boring company"



File:1630293896047.jpg (274.63 KB,1366x768)

where'd my luck go


never use git pull < thought it was going to be some funny video


but it was actual information


or just always pull before committing


or just dont work with others


i honestly dont understand how git and multi user setup works


do they have a rule to not work on the same code base at the same time?


like, A works on file1.c and no one else but A should work on file.c


A and B should be working on different parts of file1.c at the same time


different functions, for example




so de-coupling would be a big part of a git working environment


if you change the same lines of code, whoever wants to push 2nd has to fix the conflicts manually first https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmKdodJU-js


how would you be sure of which code is the conflict and which is the one that should be there


say both A and B change if a to if b and if c respectively


that's not a git problem, that is a human problem


Merge conflicts, then in a good IDE they say who committed what and you make a decision




oh, right, communication


deciding whether to replace "if a" with "if b" or "if c" is a human problem, how can git help you




There's a lot of philosophies about how to approach the problem. But git will tell you there's a conflict and your IDE will relay git's information to you


if A pushed first, and A's change is better, then A should talk to B and tell him to press "Accept Incoming Change"


if B's way is better then B should press "Accept Current Change" and explain in the git commit message why


git's just a tool to facilitate group work. It doesn't solve group work because that is unsolvable



for some reason I completely overlooked the fact that they can just comunicate with each other


went full circle with android development


looking at react native now


lets say you have A's computer: [previous_commit] -> [A's new commit (lines 1 to 10, function abcd)] and B's computer: [previous_commit] -> [B's new commit (lines 20 to 30, function jklm)] , A pushes first, B does git pull, git will automerge A's new commit so it looks like [previous] -> [A's new] -> [B's new]


because it detects that the changes dont overlap according to the git diff algorithm


you can run "git diff --help" in terminal to see how it works




react native < noooo


File:C-1715824388518.png (47.31 KB,842x535)




File:C-1715824436305.png (12.87 KB,626x242)


eating a big taiwanese breakfast as we speak (not sure how authentic it is)


went from html/css/js to looking into react framework to react native


i think there's someone in this chat who said that react native is poorly designed and I said that was my first impression of it..




guess html/css/react it is then




the guy talking about Sentry yesterday was saying that his bugs are internal with the react native library


ew internal library bugs


or something like they can't be fixed because they're caused by something in the codebase, idk. React Native is for central Asians


for central Asians < lmao what does that even mean


like you have a truckload of indian programmers who only bothered to learn React, then the industry switches to wanting server rendering and they have to work with the resources they have and put out an abomination


https://files.catbox.moe/6wu212.jpg alleged thighwanese breakfast


Also, React is kinda like... I do regret picking React for my major projects


looks yum


but you have to experience this first hand, or pick vue/svelte


had always heard joke about there being a new js framework every second


harahetaaa, tsukaretaaa


Sentry « that was me. you can get a lot of mileage out of RN, the Xbox interface is made out of RN for example, caveat being you know exactly what its limitations are. as i was mentioning yesterday when you write <View/> in RN, it gets translated to a android.view.View on Android, UIView on iOS, <div /> on Web by the RN framework. Now for 3rd party libraries obviously someone else has to write


bridges between the RN javscript code and the actual native UI components. There is a certain disconnect between you have only as much control as what is exposed to you in a RN-ified way


one accidental benefit of this is, you can update your JS code over the air without going through the app store review process


you can also do things which would otherwise be very cumbersome in native android or ios like feature flags


you can give https://docs.expo.dev a try and code some RN without installing anything . what features does your app in mind have anyways


thinking of creating a e2e encrypted chat app


thats going to be a bit more involved because to do it "correctly" you'll need to be good at crypto. The UI is simple enough but either you are good enough to reimplement crypto in the language of your choice (unlikely) https://github.com/signalapp/Signal-Android/tree/main/libsignal-service/src/main/java/org/whispersystems/signalservice/api/crypto or you will be using bindings to openSSL, which


obviously is not a javascript library so you'll have to figure out how to work with its bindings


for an IRC-tier project i would suggest reading into DH1080 key exchange, popularized on IRC by the FiSH family of scripts https://wiki.znc.in/Fish https://weechat.org/files/scripts/fish.py


going to screencap this






i have an hour to finish up writing


my thought was I'd just use what ever popular algorithm to encrypt on client side then the same algorithm to decrypt on server side and vice versa


but I guess that was naive, ugh so much to learn


and if i don't then i'll be awake past 1...




react native, cryptom mobile app dev


what are you writing anonymous


a post




DH1080 is a means of exchanging encryption keys that is simple enough, you can copypaste code and figure out how it works. A wants to talk to B, first they agree on two prime numbers x and y (e.g. from a keyserver over https) . A's private encryption key is A and B's privkey is B. A sends B x^A % y , and B sends A x^B % y. To get a shared key without sending A or B over , A calculates (x^B %


y)^A % y and B calculates (x^A % y)^B % y.


>>> A = 3


>>> B = 5


>>> x = 13


>>> y = 23


>>> ((xA)%y)B % y




>>> ((xB)%y)A % y




because modulus distributes over multiplication, 1000 % 7 * 15 % 7 == 15000 % 7


aa fuck it im going with react native and django


spending too much time thinking and not enough coding


you should do some thinking honestly. is this a final year project for school of some sort



hitting constant 90C compiling node lol


why must node be compiled


to install it


from source


because you like it or because you dont have node binaries for that version + architecture + OS combo


dont know why there isnt a package manager version for linux though


isnt linux what most web/server developers use


installing node through package manager is rookie mistake. use https://github.com/nvm-sh/nvm




does node not include nvm?


i'm compiling node to get nvm to install expo



oh wtf there's a separate install script


nvm does not depend on node it's a series of shell scripts that will help you autofetch the latest version of node


node in the package manager is usually a few major releases out of date


hmm, rushed to cancel the node build but I think that might have been a mistake






much faster and easer than building from source


this crap is why you should never use nodejs outside of browsers...


er... never use js outside of browsers


practically going to build a desk from scratch over the weekend...


not sure if I have glue... I might end up using epoxy


help i accidentally build a shelf


desk < ikea?




watashi mo


ja, oyasuminasai


mada hiru nano ni...


ohirune sureba ii no de wa?


ACTION ga madoromimasu


No, Staples actually. Which is a Canadian office supply store


Er. Nvm Massachusetts hq


After the failed acquisition, Staples began to refocus its operations to downplay its brick-and-mortar outlets and place more prominence on its business-to-business (B2B) services. In 2017, after its sale to Sycamore Partners, the company was effectively split into three "independently managed and capitalized" entities sharing the Staples name, separating its U.S. retail operations, and Canadian retail operations, from the B2B business.


Guess it is kinda Canadian then...


https://files.catbox.moe/6wu212.jpg alleged thighwanese breakfast < I bite this and chew on this


looks indian to ms




the bread has indian characteristics


how much was that box


why do you care? you can't buy it. anonymous ate it all


anyone want to play blazblue cf with me later?


someone asked months ago and I forgot and I've got the itch to play again


someone was talking about fightcade some time ago


i'll fite you on 3s if you're european




I'll play




I'll play < missed your message, if you can give me like 10min i can go


i'm anomies on fightcade


Gimme a minute


Okay I'm ready I'm spookyman20


you're not EU :(


Don't care, ping should be fine.


destroy him, anonymous




i am on a 1-9 streak on 3s at the moment


err 9-1 i mean


balances out because i was recently 0-33 on mbtl


this was a good one but it's probably over now already at $2 way above the initial value
made my initial investment on it back and all i lost on amd so probably going to ride it out for a bit and try to hit the peak








does anyone actually chat on here


quick! Anonymous is here! we must hide





no dont go :(


i usually chat more, but i don't have internet atm. im using revolutionirc and when it's running in the background i never know if i receive everything


guess i need to blog more


cat in lap



oh yeah i guess this works. totally forgot about it somehow


ate banana




/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-ubuntu--lv < why does ubuntu create a partition called vg-ubuntu--lv if it's not actually a group


is it literally an LVM just because it's a partitioned drive


why does ubuntu now by default try to sell me some shit i don't want


because its ubuntu


are you talking about their enterprise plans?


B2B transactions are much more lucrative than trying to appeal to freedom wingnuts


Enable ESM Apps to receive additional future security updates. <- this shit


File:9bfa1bc687.png (78.93 KB,1618x1050)

rare bug find


File:2d69221a4b.png (9.13 KB,633x153)

it's not a big deal...


ohayou #qa




firefox sucks i'm moving back to chrome


For all the Mac trash talk I have done probably by a Mac that's my next laptop


My dear I haven't figured out if it's possible to put apples operating system onto a laptop


Oops. Voice to text error


my dear < ara ma~


sucks in which way? I don't disagree


otaku: do you prefer chrome or firefox?


[Otaku-chan]|[OpenAI-GPT4-Turbo]: Oh, talking about browsers feels like choosing the right equipment in a game, doesn’t it? Each one has its own special buffs! I kind of like Chrome for its speed and the massive library of extensions—it’s like having a versatile magic tool in your adventure kit. Plus, it integrates really well with all the Google services, which is super convenient.


Firefox is awesome too, though! It’s like a sturdy shield that guards your privacy with stronger default protections and a focus on user control. It’s also highly customizable, which is great for tuning it just like you'd tweak your gear to match your character class in an RPG!


So... if I had to pick, I might lean a little toward Chrome for everyday quests, but I keep Firefox in my inventory for when I need that extra defense against the dark arts of the internet. How about you? Which do you prefer in your digital toolkit? 🌐✨


otaku: how about using edge?


[Otaku-chan]|[OpenAI-GPT4-Turbo]: Edge, huh? That’s like the underdog slowly gaining recognition in the big RPG map! Microsoft has done a lot to improve Edge, especially after adopting the Chromium base. Now, it’s faster, sleeker, and more compatible with a variety of web standards, kind of like upgrading your equipment to better tackle new quests!


Edge also has some nifty features like vertical tabs and a very tidy integration with Microsoft services, which can be super helpful if you’re already part of that ecosystem. It's like having a tailored set of gear that perfectly suits a specific quest line or character class.


So, using Edge is definitely a solid choice nowadays! It might not be the first tool adventurers reach for, but it's earned its stripes and can stand toe-to-toe with the other big names in many ways. What's your take on Edge? Found any cool features or tips that enhance your browsing quests? 🌟💻


Otaku: Am I strange for still using IE?


[Otaku-chan]|[OpenAI-GPT4-Turbo]: Using Internet Explorer, huh? That’s like holding onto a classic item from the early levels of your gaming adventure—nostalgic and sometimes surprisingly useful! While it’s true that IE is seen as more of a relic these days, especially since Microsoft has largely replaced it with Edge, there are still scenarios where it might be needed, especially in certain business environments or for accessing older web applications that were designed specifically


for it.


Think of it as the old sword you can't part with because it has sentimental value or just works perfectly for certain battles. However, just be mindful that using IE can present challenges, such as security vulnerabilities and compatibility issues with modern websites—like venturing into new game areas with old gear.


It's totally okay to use what works for you, but it might also be worth exploring some upgrades, just like how you’d eventually upgrade your in-game equipment. Who knows, you might find new features or performance improvements that enhance your browsing experience even more! What keeps you sticking with IE? Any particular quests or spells (features) you still need it for? ✨💻


anonymouses i have fought on fightcade: 2


total stats: 13-0


fight me


I can bench 100, total stats 3-0-2


with my brain and your brawn we'll be an excellent team


Its been a long time since I played on fightcade and I'm not really into 3s


but if you like kof or mark of the wolves I'll play


or Twinkle Star Sprites. That's my shit and it is hard to find a game on fightcade


I hate the new Fightcade UI. v1 was much better


they keep trying to jew me into giving them money just to have more than 5 games in my favorites lol


i'm very bad at kof 98 and 2002


maybe we can try that another time




I just like to do the psychoball






https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSpdWgRrWB0 When my friend was still alive I'd send this to him hidden under other links just to make him rage


i was actually trying to do ioris 2c/5c -> 2a -> 2363214 confirm


He could never beat my AThena


no chance


in 2k2 practice mode


KoF has all those pretzel motions its nuts


I mostly just play BB:CF these days


but I only play like once every 5 months and the regulars stomp me


i like the 2d ones although i'm pretty bad at all of them




i'm like that with melty at the moment


you guess wrong once its 3/4ths of your health bar


had a nice 33 loss streak


I need to play Melty again


original or that new trash?




its alright


i don't think it's that bad


I don't like the auto combos


you can turn them off


I don't like them in any of the new games


yeah but people don't


I have a friend that loved DBZ:f until I figured out all I had to do was tap one button


now he doesn't want to play no more




"All you do is hold down back"


i haven't played a single bb sadly


i remember when the first bb came out on ps3


i was very jealous of everyone who had it because i only had a pc


BB:CF is really fun you should check it out it has rollback netcode now


everyone is on pc now


its the only version with good netcode


i don't think i have the time or energy to learn a completely new fighting gmae now




the community patched it in so they hired the guy doing the hack at arcsys and pushed an update


BB isn't that hard to learn


anti-airs are pretty much universal and its a 3 button fighter with a fourth button for weapon play that differs for each character


for me it's at least 30h of pure practice mode before i face anyone


Yeah I know what you mean


I probably have 300 hours with platinum in the lab myself


people hate losing to her


well her / him / sheghost


although I think the third person is in someone else's weapon now


she was in the anime for all of one scene I was sad about it


there is a bb anime?


was it any good


or for fans only


She accuses the MC of being a pedo because he won't buy her free food then she shames him by telling people in the street that he's a lolicon that leaves children in the street to starve after he's had his way with them.


The anime is decent but the games story mode is better simply because it covers far more content


I'd actually suggest playing all the games in order just for the story alone. and I typically hate store modes and ignore them


you can watch the anime stand-alone though it's its own story


brb I have to poop


i haven't played a fighting game story line since tekken 4


i don't think i'm about to start now


who here 3s?


I don't no more because my buddy I played with died


I used to go to local tournaments but those guys run off everyone that doesn't have 30 years of exp then wonder why new people won't get into the game


hell yea. It's only going 200kbps but someone is seeding a 50GB torrent I've been trying to get for weeks


that is a good feeling


BB's story is actually worth playing through


the effort they put into those games is amazing. I'm so mad they ran off the creator and stole his IP


then they made that horrible cross tag game


hey, i know some people who like tag


tag sucks they ruined my favorite characters


its boring same shit over and over again no meta at all


Instead of cycling weapons and being able to use them when you want they come out randomly in auto-combos now


for plat at least. The other two characters I checked were similar. I knew within 10 minutes of first playing it that I wouldn't like it


I'm already tracer


my grandmother just dropped $22k USD on a tub


they threw in space age Japanese toilet with bidet for free at least


it plays music when you enter the room


what the fuck


its a walk-in tub


she hasn't been able to take baths for the last year because she can't get back out of the tub on her own


she's been having to shower while sitting in a chair we installed and someone has to help her in and out


AAAAAAAAAAAAAI wanna go on a date with towa every night too!!!


wow I just looked it up and the tub alone is only $8k


they're making bank installing those things


old people really getting taken advantage of hard


they won't listen to me man they think they got a good deal





exact same thing they bought


all they got on top of that is some simple carpentry work and the toilet. Oh and the guy ran one wire for an outlet to power it.


no wonder the guy was so friendly


link < looks a bit excessive


are they all holes for water to come out of?


its like a spa


it re-heats the water, makes bubbles and has jets


i dont know if its old people getting taken advantage of or old people taking advantage of now


you have to sit in the thing while it's filling up which takes 10 minutes


Today it was a 59 year old dude taking advantage of an 89 year old lady and her 68 year old dumb son


I don't understand how I'm related to her other son its like he got all the family stupid


quick math in my head says he cleared $10k easy on this one job after paying his two helpers. The help told me they're getting $150 a day in wages


he drove 3 hours and rented a box truck so a couple of hundred there in expenses. Rest is profit


plus it probably got the tub wholesale price so it was like $5k to him


I've been watching them blow money on crap left and right since my Grandfather died a few years ago


this guy is like the top NEET. He's got power of attorney now and full access to all the credit cards. He hasn't worked a proper job in his entire life but he dropped $100 bills as tips at the local diner just to get some interaction with females.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNNGqcpL_AQ best scene from blazblue anime


$100 bills as tip to get some interaction with females < the worst kind


@Anonymous who are you talking to?


anyone that will listen


I'm batch converting about 1TB worth of anime atm so I can't amuse myself with games as usual




Hi10 h264 isn't supported by anything natively. So I'm forced to do batch transcodes to host stuff like that so my users don't peg my server's CPUs at 100% all day


When possible I try to get a raw and encode from that but a lot of stuff you can't find and it's kind of a pain


are you hosting a streaming site or something


8-bit h264 and HEVC stuff I can use as-is


I host a Jellyfin/Plex server with over 2,000 series on it (along with a bunch of movies and TV shows) for about 40 users


I charge them $20 one-time fee to install kodi on a device for them (usually a firestick) along with the add-ons required. From then on it's free but donations are welcomed


damn, we got an entrepreneur in here huh


Fun fact: The way anidb and tvdb databases are set-up by default you're forced to host Triangle Heart hentai under Magical Girl Nanoha's listing as OVAs. Since they came out first those ecchis play by default unless you skip them. I had to manually set-up a new area for them and both anidb and tvdb refuse to accept my change request


I set it up for myself and a friend and it kind of grew from there by word of mouth. I've gotten 40 people to stop giving netflix money so far


They can even make requests by txt message and the server will automatically fetch what they want from a torrent and add it to the server. I rarely have to do something manually anymore


great idea to promote your piracy like that


Bathing is an expensive hobby


stop giving netflix money < nice


when you're old and slowly losing your ability to walk the little things like hot baths start to mean a lot more than they used to


and here I am with 8TB of anime letting it just rot on a hdd




You should set-up your own server it isn't hard. I can access my collection of anime from any TV in my house and any TV in the world with an internet connection


used to seed but lost all the torrent files


going to need to get a cheap PC first probably, to connect my drives to


you can use any low end PC as long as you don't need it to transcode video


hence why I try to convert everything to HEVC or grab 8-bit h264 stuff. I have a couple of things still in xvid to simply because no one has bothered to re-release them


thing is, it's hard finding a PC that's not less than half my monthly income here, even second hand


why 10-bit H.264? to avoid dithering?


pro-tip: Go to gated communities on trash day


got lucky with the PC I have right now but probably used up all my luck then


gated communities on trash day < hmm


10-bit h264 isn't supported in hardware. So the server is forced to transcode it in real time to support devices like firesticks, appletv, xbox and everything else. All those devices support h265 because it has native 10-bit support.


People in rich/gated communities throw away perfectly good brand new shit all of the time


oh i misread i thought you were transcoding TO 10-bit h.264 and i was like "what is Anonymous trying ot do"


I've found 1 year old towers on the curb with nothing wrong with them other than needing the OS reinstalled


I don't encode anything to 10-bit h264 anymore because it's a dirty hack and I don't understand why people continue to use it


if you like how it looks or whatever you can de-tune HEVC to do the exact same thing by turning off like 3 options


people in rich/gated communities throw away perfectly good brand new shit < thanks for the tip


you'll know it's trash day because you'll see all the 1 year old big screen TVs on the curb


check the dumpster to they like to toss the good shit in there because they know people come to look for goodies


when I cut grass for a living I made more repairing the shit they threw out and re-selling it on ebay than I did from my job


less than monthly income « do you live in brazil or something iheard electronics taxes are so high its cheaper to go on holiday to usa, buy your gadget, and come back


no I just have a low monthly


oh (。•́︿•̀。)


my monthly income has been $0 for the last four years


I'm going to starve to death when I go through the rest of my savings


op, possibly found a super cheap windows XP fujitsu


seeing how much of a kuzu kuzuma is I feel good about being a kuzu myself heh


A what now


a kuzu


A what


a kuzu


come back seed-sama


he's going to leave me at 99.9% I just know it


does it even matter at that point? arent all the files viewable?


its one file


cheap pc < was looking at old desktop pcs but laptops might be a good bet too huh, have some for dirt cheap listed as "junk"


some genius decided to pack everything into .rar then upload it as torrent and its the only source for it on the internet now


.rar < ah, sucks


with laptop you'll have problems with storage but sure probably more of those thrown out these days than desktops


you want something you can cram a lot of HDDs in. Some guys use those mini-PCs like the Pis now with a caddy to hold a lot of disks. But you'll want eSATA or usb3.


yeah, thought of using usb dock for the hdds but then realized those old laptops probably have shit transfer speeds on usb


You can grab a bunch of used large HDDs off ebay and amazon. They're from datacenter that swap out for new HDDs every 6-months - year. You can get good deals on 6+TB HDDs that way


they'll be limited to usb 2.0 and yes the speed will be shit


maybe I could take out the back and connect straight to sata but hmm



for one or two users it's workable but if you have more than that they'll be bad


laptop mobo won't have many SATA ports


Just find a 10-15 year old desktop it'll have 6-8 SATA ports on the mobo and the CPU will be plenty for what you want to do


yeah but a desktop will take significantly more power than a laptop was my thinking


though, now that I think about it, its not like the psu is taking its rated amount of input all the time


it won't they'll be able the same. You're talking about pennies a month for a full fledge PC with a GFX card and everything




Updating @world everyday on my Gentoo boxes vs. PCs off all month (not even booted) was like 12 cent difference in power bill


if you really want to save on your power bill take your smart meter off the plug and yank the red wire out.


if they cut your power off you can touch a 9volt battery to that wire and turn it back on.




when that wire is disconnected it can't call home so they charge you a flat rate which is average of every other customer's usage


damn, is that even legal


there is a switch inside of those meters. When they cut them off remotely a little control board flips that switch


if you live anywhere outside europe you shouldnt' have to worry yeah. i3 quad cores are 65W tdp (closer to 35W actually), + 20W for each hard drive


if you touch power to that wire it flips the switch back on


80W at 0.15 arbitrary dollars / kWh a month is $8.77 a month


quadruple that if you live in germany in which case you have bigger problems to deal with


EU power rates sound insane


I heat my home with mini-split and my bill is never over $120 a month in the middle of winter


yeah, rather economical to use a pc instead of a laptop considering all the accessories I might hae to get


yeah iirc its like 0.4 eur / kWh in germany




you don't want the laptop because of the constant battery replacement and the fact that if you transcode with it it'll run hot as fuck and throttle itself all of the time




also they're a pain to work on


when shit does break and need replacement it always costs more


newer laptops even workstations skimp on sata ports. With older (4th gen-ish like T440p) you can replace the DVD drive with a 2.5" hard drive caddy (i did this), to get 2x sata + probably 1x m.2 sata


Yeah thinkpads are nice like that but they're like the rest on the later models


I just bought a used T14 gen 1 and it's probably the last one they made worth buying


found an optiplex for 30 bucks


A lot of people run those they're nice depending on the model


oo nice


they used to be cheaper before the shills started talking about them on youtube


then everyone started buying them up because "ultra cheap gaming PC"




I don't understand how they're still selling consoles and new GFX cards for those insane prices


my 12 year old workstation still runs all the games on high and ultra


looks better than the new consoles to


yeah old corporate liquidation stock optiplexes and thinkcenters and HP Z workstations are nice. but upgradability is questionable


the other way to go is old xeon server CPUs and chinese motherboards (e.g. huanan x79)


I was expecting it to be some decade old product line from dell but all the search results seem recent


they get replaced yearly


so a lot of them are on the used market


corporate it departments usually replace all their machines on a fixed term yeah


I see optiplexs at the local flea market all of the time


god I wish I could find some corporate outlet of old replaced pcs here


guy buys them cheap puts warez Windows 10 on them and sells them to clueless people




The TV CRT man at the same flea market died of cancer and someone got to his entire stock before I found out


he has all the good stuff


mountains of PVMs


new GFX cards for insane prices « probably because of the AI craze geforce 4090 is just as good as the 3x more expensive rtx A5000 or whatever for AI alone


Yeah it's AI


rtx / quadro have specific hardware optims for CAD and luxmark


server applications for AI anyway


but none of that matters with ai


I don't buy that BS it's all in the drivers they just want to lock-in the people forced to do CAD stuff


no it really does have somthing to do with the drivers. i'd elaborate but i have to go attend a meeting now


If the same drivers could run on consumer hardware I bet anything they'd be at least 90% as good


how would I implement a password manager securely. I don't want to download a huge dependency


They like the GPU stuff so much because it isn't blown wide open like x86. They never intended for us to have an open platform like x86/AMD64 which is why all the new stuff is so locked down


Anon the best password manager is your memory there is nothing "secure" on your computer


if only I could say to my boss to just man up and input your password


in other words: find an application for it you like, use a strong password, don't cry when it fails you


that's just how it is


how would I implement a password manager securely. I don't want to download a huge dependency -@Kissu « wdym "implement a password manager", you want to study algorithms for password managing?


I think he wants to put an easy to use application on his boss's computer so his boss will stop bothering him all day


yeah. Like say the client has a password for a desktop application, you could just write it to a file in plain text, but some dumbass will probably fork it over to a hacker impersonating me so I have to put in some sort of key based encryption and store it somewhere they won't find it


I think most people use keepass but I have no idea how many deps it pulls in


knowing modern stuff probably all of GTK and Qt and more


i use keepass yeah. No sense in using something like lastpass becuase security through obscurrity


keepass has https://keeweb.info (probably unmaintained)


and various cli cleints


There is another one called Bitsomething


no idea how good it is


if you run them on multiple devices I know you can use rsync somehow to keep them all current


for keepass I mean


you're saying that these solutions could be used in a tauri application or are you just listing password managers you like



Maybe this is more what you want


File:C-1715915309647.png (13.41 KB,602x432)

I can't trigger edge's password saving because they put it into their wallet store tool or something


yeah. Like say the client has a password for a desktop application, you could just write it to a file in plain text, but some dumbass will probably fork it over to a hacker impersonating me so I have to put in some sort of key based encryption and store it somewhere they won't find it -@Kissu « and that key-based encryption would be something like "gnome-keyring"


im assuming like you want some credentials to be remembered but unlocked only upon the user authenticating himself right


keepass is a standalone pw maanager that copies stuff intot he clipboard i dont think it does what you want


seed-kun has abandoned me


yeah. pretty simple concept of password storage with all the complexities of password storage


yeah in windows that would be the credential manager im sure theres a crate for that


autofill the password when the user opens up the application, because convinience is much more useful than security to him and I don't really care to explain that


yup "gnome-keyring" "wincred" "macos keychain" is exactly what you need


He'll just end up being angry that he has to input a password into the password manager


Set him up with a yubikey and be done with it


i imagine he wants something like how you can go to ecommerce websites and it will autofill all your credentials and stuff. Doesn't require a password manager auth. Browser stores it somewhere somehow


That's what Yubikey does basically


you guys are on the same page right, and not knee deep in linux autism...



Its a device he can carry on his keychain that will automate the password manager and logging into web services for him


we're not on the same page here


does a pc have a limit on how much storage it can handle?


ecommerce autofill , edg e « googling a bit edge PW manager doesn't actually use the OS level credstore https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/Edge-Enterprise/blob/public/edgeenterprise/microsoft-edge-security-password-manager-security.md


specsheet for optiplex lists maximum Capacity 3.5 in sata hdd: 12TB (4x3TB)


oh wait it does nvm


i cannot multitask...


>The profile's encryption key is protected using Chromium's OSCrypt and uses the following platform-specific OS storage locations


>On Linux, the storage area is Gnome Keyring or KWallet


as expected


>On Windows, the storage area is DPAPI


Optiplex: It's listed the "limit" for how you could get the machine configured from Dell


you can put as large of an HDD as you want on those SATA ports


alright, thanks


think im gonna get that


but any application can probably find the encryption key then...


4 hdd slots sounds great


you can buy a cheap PCIe add-on card if you need more SATA ports btw


sso is the key any more secure than just putting a key into the application..


nvm, that's dumb


That's the same with all encryption: it's snake oil. At some point it much go into RAM where anything can pluck it out and copy it


in other words; the state level actor can get it any time they want. But the kid down the street might not be able to. maybe.


I was looking into Electron and they have a utility. Tauri is putting into their V2 this thing https://github.com/iotaledger/stronghold.rs


I run FDE. But only because if my laptop is stolen the guy in the hood doesn't end up with my banking information. I know it's useless against the feds.


that sounds pretty practical, not snake oil


Its snake oil in the sense that they're lying to you when they sell it


All consumer hardware comes with a free backdoor


mountains of zero days to


none of this stuff the world runs on is secure or safe


how deep and insightful..


I just don't like the dishonesty in the IT industry


they take advantage of people that think IT is magic. Its not right.


File:f7a4249432.png (26.32 KB,1125x634)

it seems like Windows has this application out of the box


I wonder if it's tied to their cloud service


will his browser not auto fill the field?


If so it's a badly designed website


can we get on the same page here... it's a tauri application and edge stopped doing prompts to save password or something


likewise, Electron doesn't do this either AFAIK, but it is more chrome like so perhaps it does have this functionality


vermin the idea is something like this https://files.catbox.moe/96zsn2.png


like, open up edge and try to log into something. They put the save password thing into the URL bar and you have to click on it to trigger the prompt


I apologize for not being up to date with the latest browser+javascript bundle pretending to be a proper native application


yeah, i get it. You can use a CLI call to trigger a keychain storage, but that's not how browsers do it.


dude I was a webdev for 20+ years relax


yubikey isn't even linux-only it's used everywhere in corp world and is totally closed source


I'd say your main issue is figuring how why edge isn't prompting to use saved passwords anymore and your problem is probably your boss e.g. the thing between the screen and the keyboard


what I mean is he probably disabled it by clicking "never again" or something because that's what idiots do


I'd say it is an issue with Edge, but at the same time, if I can't mess with the settings to get it to trigger there's no way I could pass a flag into Tauri to get it to enable that setting


anyway I thought the Yubikey (or clone) would work because all he'd have to do from then on is plug it into a usb port and it would auto-fill everything for him


thats not how browsers do it « they are definitely interacting with the keychain (probably once at sttartup), "but any encryption can probably find the encryption key then" keychain is like localstorage (horrible analogy heh) can't access keys of other spplications.


benefit of keychain is its locked when pc is locked and tied to UAC / *unix login cycle



hmm i have edge on mac... i'll see what it writes to the keychain


it is possible that edge / chrome rolls its own auth key and stores THAT in the keychain instead of every single ecommerce credential indepentendly


The yubikey doesn't work because it's application for a decentralized group of employees who only operate in a similar way to a guild


Edge probably integrates with Microsoft's own crap


i do nt know what u guys are onto with yubikey. Am i missing something


you said he has trouble remembering passwords


no, I said that the password needs to autofill