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File:cry.png (631 KB,1280x720)


hello, i noticed that several javascript pages and inline code on your website do not have a license and are therefore non-free
this one especially seems to be an obfuscated botnet of some kind
pls fix


You can read what the program does and raise any complaints with me about it's function


this mostly applies to the inline javascript code, it needs a license to be free software
i am also being blocked from posting a url to the GNU website saying it looks like spam
this is clearly another proprietary botnet


When you post on kissu you consent to a group hug


File:1423913608321.png (184.69 KB,298x360)

this should be explicitely stated in a hug-type license
https://www.gnu .org/software/librejs/ free-your- javascript.html
also please free the gnu link



also if success, then add a license to the javascript


I'm not the owner of the script, why would I be allowed to give it a license? Besides, you can see what the code does on the github link. Isn't that good enough?


author rather


this also applies to your code
if the license is not explicitly stated in most places it is considred copyright all rights reserved and non-free code
non-free code is a problem and infringes on my mental problems


so download the code from github, build it yourself, then you have a copy.
Voila, it's free! Or are you implying that you want to take this chunk of minimized code and use it in something else? The public files of mikecao/umami are not going to benefit you in any way


you still do not understand
it is not that i want to use it, it's that i can't if i wanted to
this not only applies to those projects but also to every <script> or on*= attribute on the website


umami has been removed from the site.

It uses way too much disk space, was unused by staff and causing too many legal/tos issues


i wasn't going to call a lawyer or anything
i was just funposting, i'm running windows


Regardless, it's a worthless disk hog and not worth dealing with potential legal issues


free javascript is not usually a legal issue but an autism one


wanted to say diplomatic issues, but legal sounds cooler

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