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File:a7310cbfebdfb3977b06bbe65c….jpg (193.24 KB,1200x1725)

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This is the next iteration of Kissu's feedback discussion AKA devblog. Though there's not much in the way of dev there are still bugs to fix. This iteration will hopefully focus on admin-blogging or tool development.

Important Note: If you want a new software feature (or a really any sort of change) provide me with a detailed proposal. It must be at least 3 sentences long and tell me why it's needed.

Kissu's features are in a good place. There's no reason to rewrite anything, only improve and fix. On the outside, this is a unique site with an appearance you won't find anywhere else yet still your typical imageboard interface. This puts software at the software state we were sitting in 1 1/4 years ago before I started drafting a new UI except with more features that were more optimally integrated into the package.
[det]Nerd Things
People may not fully realize it, but Vichan is a dead end and their HTML and JavaScript implementations leave developers at a dead end. Not that I really endorse alternatives such as JSChan or Lynxchan which think NodeJS doesn't have similar problems as PHP... at least the UI is more moddern
Positives: No major raids or attacks on the site yet I've still been promoting Kissu. FAQ and Rules have been clarified to make it more clear to newcomers about what Kissu is about or how to use the new UI.
Negatives: Previously noted that we'd have an IRC channel, that exists(rizon#kissu) for when it needs to be used, but there are other ways to communicate that are better. Finances are what they are.
Future Tasks:
The tl;dr is that I just want to fix bugs at the moment. There are some software that I would like to write, but I can't justify spending the time on it since the gains will be so minimal that it's not effecting anyone except my pride/ego. Chances are the main software that I'll write are tools that support me doing specific tasks.

[det]Though it's in my head that I want to (1) Rewrite/Merge the entire backend in Rust with some other things, (2) Write an IRC server in Rust with some other things, (3) Do major refactors to the UI to make it look pretty and be easy to modify ; Chances are I won't because (1) is a waste of time since the PHP+Golang+NodeJS backend can do everything I want anyways. My spam testing show it can maintain a theoretical PPH of 300 which is faster than any other Japanese themed spinoff. (2) I don't have the means or want or appeal to cater to spammy people and give them a software, Sageru works perfectly fine for everyone and can easily have a bot written in it to do auto-moderation if need be. (3) is more likely to happen hand in hand with optimizations, but refactoring the code to an extent where everything is rewritting would create more bugs and waste time. It's not really worth it.

Further promote the site. Try to expand reach.
Certain organizational issues are present with topics not meshing together. I think this is causing a slight loss in activity. It's a much more blurry question
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It's "Yaaaay~".


It's the Show by Rock "yay"


Oh, you already changed it. It was the sound effect on clicking the admin icon.


File:SHUBI SHOCKER.mp4 (677.25 KB,1280x720)

Ah, yeah it's the 'yay'. Huh... not sure where 'nyaa' was then. Sounds seem cool at first, but sadly get old pretty fast


The polling implementation isn't handled very well for this feature. There will be a bug, but I won't fix it unless it becomes a problem because fixing it could either be a pain or not be a pain, and i don't feel like doing hard thigns



File:(clipboard)1651291577540.png (3.64 KB,112x65)


feel like I found an easter egg


Speaking of polls, it might also be valuable to have a "hidden poll" option where the results are only known once the poll ends.


too much effort


Yeah, I figured. It probably wouldn't be used much anyways. Thought it would mainly be useful for the seasonal stream polls.


Something I might do that takes effort is adding in the 4chanX reply chaining...

The reply chain window kissu has doesn't fulfil the same role that I envisioned it doing


Seems like this can't be done without reworking the counter system.

Didn't account for this issue when adding the feature.
I'll keep it around on my issues list as something on the complicated side


done with other CSS fixes


I made an update to fix this problem.
I can't cause such a thing to happen, but I'm half expecting someone doing something dumb with markup will cause pages to break someday.




File:(clipboard)1651636193906.png (214.86 KB,1920x978)

K, I have to make it so that posts with no body in them don't get placed into the summary feed.

Maybe there's a better answer, but I can't have the feature become completely unusable because someone is dumping images


Didn't even know that existed.


I have an idea! How about a sequence of no body posts get ignored except the first post until a non no-body post shows up?


yeah, that might work better. Show the first and last posts in a series of empty posts and omit the in betweens.




File:(clipboard)1651636913099.png (126.97 KB,1233x362)

I don't know... so many kissu features I've yet to explore it seems. I only ever pay attention to the posts area; the area in the image and everything below it.


yeah, i guess there is a bit of a feature overload...
I basically only browse the site through that feed nowadays so I assumed everyone was on some levels similar to me. Don't even use /all/ half the time.


So I made it that if two posts that count as either [-File-] or [-Video-] are posted next to one after another in the same thread then it will get condensed into becoming a [-Image-Set-] item.


File:(clipboard)1651673490236.png (2.49 KB,152x24)

lol thought Anonymous posted 8000 images


ye, needed some sort of identifier to show when new posts are made, but the visual language is kind of contradictory here for reasons you just said.
Some alternatives could be:
[-Image-Set-] :8000:
[-Image-Set-] {8000}
[-Image-Set-] [8000]
[-Image-Set-] "8000"


What about the usual >>8000 or something similar?


asymmetry doesn't look nice in that menu


how the hell do I resolve this...


Would be easier if I had websockets, but I think I've thought up a solution...
Will be the last bugfix on the kissu-ui agenda


fixed some unintuitive markup issues and information display bugs. Still have another rare bug to fix with the hover previews on posts with [read more].


File:Screenshot_2022-05-11 Home….png (55.05 KB,806x391)

Yenposting does not show up in the preview window.


Looks like there's spam links getting posted as replies on /trans/. I only see them on >>>/trans/2148 so far.


that was just verm testing


Oh. False alarm then.


File:simplescreenrecorder-2022-….mp4 (703.37 KB,854x480)

Possible bug in the hidden threads page: every time I scroll down, it takes me back to the top of the page. Also,
>89 Threads Hidden
when I have none.


noticed, but decided it's not noteworthy enough to fix. Although, maybe hidden could untoggle when nothing is hidden


and the hidden count is correct, as as I intended, however I think it should change


What do you mean by working as intended? Is it supposed to show the number of all threads hidden site-wide regardless of who hid it?



I put in a partial fix to this issue

and resolved this one


the properties.json file is going to be added to in order to fulfil this request >>9509

https://kissu.moe/api/properties/all.json and etc will have a post_feed field that will keep track of the last 10 actions on a board

Will have fields:

type PropertyFeed struct{
  No int `json:"no"`
  Resto int `json:"resto"`
  Board string `json:"board"`
  Sage int `json:"sage"`
  Deleted int `json:"deleted"`

This way deleted and new posts inside of hidden threads/Boards will not have an effect on the new post counter placed on top of threads


I'm not fully testing your feature request. Tell me any bugs


Caught up on all the UI issues that were brought up. Dismissed/shelved some feature ideas.


all reported issues have been resolved. So then, back to the assignments I had previously started... UI-API, userscript, stats pages


Current list of things in the log in no particular order:

- API to modify UI behavior and allow modification of the QR
- Modify URL downloads to be client side(store as option that's default off, will be needed if kissu goes to single server config)
- Kissu Stats page
- Donor user-statistics page+login
- Donation reward of a User-Script with various complicated to implement behaviors

That's basically all my medium term goals.
Most notable thing to take in is that I view the current site as stable enough to release a User-Script API and am looking at services surrounding kissu rather than modifying it directly.


Long terms:
Kissu Vichan replacement(includes many adjustments to existing features)

> Delete-post/thread API Optimizations
> Mod action API Optimizations
> Remove thread items(or disable) in a locked or 404 thread
> Doing major rework on vichan's markup to help make Fr easier (https://imgur.com/GMm33B6 ,
https://imgur.com/qSimILr , urls in preview )
> OCR scanning color profiles


Backlog - Likely never to be touched:

> Catalog revision
> mobile notifications
> full Rust rewrite of backend
> Rust IRC server and integration into site
> More SEO optimizations
> Infinite scrolling opt-in
> FA Brands
> IndexedDB where appropriate instead of localStorage(with localstorage fallback)
> Reply hidinging chains
> Hiding/unhiding a post should also hide all replies to said post.
> Advanced menu. Replaces the preview into something allowing advanced features such as thumbnail selection on webm


File:C-1653257328017.png (4.13 MB,2142x2686)

UI dev API looks to be in a good starter state. Will be released as Kissu-Fr 4.16.0. Not sure if I'll make use of it now or later since I intend it for vip features. Stats page goal has some an all purpose nature to it.
Before uploading making a thread about it(and an update to the FAQ)Have to tend to:
- Modify URL downloads to be client side(store as option that's default off, will be needed if kissu goes to single server config)
and - Improve the navigation error messages(timeout, 404, 403, 500 etc.)


perhaps I should document the JSON API as well in another repo

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