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Kissu has a unique UI. Love it or hate it, this is a big step in creating a unique identity for the site. For the next few weeks I plan to leave things as they are and gather up more bugs and issues with it.
What's required is more feedback on what you like and don't like. About Kissu, about software, about me. Everything is appreciated though I may not always reciprocate on your opinions.

Since last edition there have been no external conflicts. Legal concerns are always on my mind, but I have no reason to think that there will be any issues, minor changes to /ec/ that don't effect current users for example. Cool and Berun have handled most internal issues fine.

Current goals are an official site IRC, financial BS and continuous improvements on the Kissu-Fr front-end and Vichan+Hazuki backend.
Final goals will be the clarification of site objectives and social/software infrastructure.

This site's 1.0 phase(vichan amateur hour) is coming to an end. The Kissu 2.0 period is about building an identity on the internet. An imageboard as a real website and not something hiding in the corner is a very tenuous situation, many things can go wrong.
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updated to 4.0.6 which fixes some issues with the cards that show up if you link this site from a chat platform with URL previews. Made it so that you can tab into the QR submit and file buttons since that was unclear.
Some mobile and summary notification bugs.

Also added JFIF to previews which someone should confirm for me.


Resolved an issue with user delete speed,
was very slow and is now back to being fast


Going to do a temporary listing of /test/ today or something so I can test how the site performs when getting a flood of posts and the capability of stopping bot spam under the assumption that none of the proxy/tor bans work.


I'm beginning some tests on the server so performance might be degraded


Test scenario: None of the anti-spam messures work
Result: MySQL will catastrophically fail

Reality will be that captcha, antibot and proxy bans will filter out spam, but it shows that the site performance will completely die at 4/r9k/ levels of activity.


>Reality will be that captcha, antibot and proxy bans will filter out spam,
from the looks of my current test my basic filters prevent spam from slowing down site use


In fact it does look like it could handle 11PPM after I changed the posts database's to use InnoDB instead of the Vichan preset of MyISAM.

I'll try the previous test I did earlier soon


File:(clipboard)1628082186640.png (2.79 KB,225x49)

I think there's a bug in the post counter. I was out for like an hour max, it's up to 202. I've noticed something similar previously as well, in a matter of minutes the post count had gone up to 30+.
Is this a bug or is kissu getting extremely active?


yes, I wrote myself a spam script to test how the site performs under heavy load and listed /test/ to get a real number.


see >>7904




Say if you notice it again later, I resolved some issues I had with handling bot spam so I won't be doing any floods again.




I think /test/ should stay listed. No real reason to keep it a secret I think, it encourages people to test out things on the site and play around with making posts.


Well, if /test/ becomes visible I need to move temporarily uploaded CSS stuff to a more... secret board. I guess it could work.


I don't mean it needs to be visible, but I think keeping it on the sidebar wouldn't hurt anything would it?


Uses up page space on something that no one cares about


File:waterfox_WYZReqRfFW.png (207.21 KB,469x910)

Well, there's space, but it does seem like an extremely niche use and a visible /test/ board on the sidebar when there's already a banner does seem kind of overkill.
It's hard for me to explain, but it seems kind of tacky, too.


looks like jfif isn't actually working so I'll fix that.

Aside from this:
I've been thinking and I'm probably completely done with the front-end software.

The only question is if it's worth spending more time on the previews. I'm tempted to say that it's not worth it for reasons.

The preview is something that works in most cases.
If I list the scenarios where it doesn't work right:

1) Youtube videos for images
2) Converting URLs into Cites
3) Video thumbnails
4) Handling CORS errors

However it's main usage is:
0) Verify that your markup tags have worked properly
This, it does fine.

But I do realize that I made a mistake with enabling JFIF and the size of the thumbnails is off. That will take only a few minutes to fix. So I'll see how many of these issues I can cross off in a day.
In order of priority: 2 , 1 , 4 , 3


File:(clipboard)1628297377023.png (99.84 KB,1346x450)

Don't know if this is intentional but the normal reply box doesn't update with the quick reply box.


And vice versa.


If it were me, I'd still try to get the preview feature as close to complete as reasonably possible.


Syncing post forms is not straightforward, but this might be something to try.

Finishing all of those should make it complete. It would be an act of correcting discrepancies between what gets posted and what gets previewed after that, which is up to users testing the program.


looked into how 4chan handles these sorts of text walls
going to replicate their decision to autoinsert <wbr>, but need to also change the UI to accept those tags


Added in word breaks tags, meaning text walls get formatted properly
Added form synchronization. Syncing up files between forms will require another person asking for it.

Updated catalog CSS to look nicer and changed something about catalog hiding.

Altered CSS of font awesome icons that can be placed into comments

Fixed simple preview bugs/weirdness(no new features yet)


Looks like I've done the first set of fixes.
Markup might be broke somewhere I can't see, the usual, so report bugs..

Inadvertently, because of the custom markup functionality I added kissu allows you to add font-awesome icons to your posts. Icons from this set are available for posting.
If you think emoji suck because they're too colorful and want something more plain these are available.

to input them create an fas or far(solid vs regular) and then place the icon inside them:

[s fas]
   [s fa-2x]
      [s fa-blind][/s]
      [s fa-blind][/s]
      [s fa-blind][/s]


apparently a bug that i'll have to resolve
&#93; is ]


kewl 




I said the &# 93; is a bug for ]


I don't have a degree in CS, I'm just a mere nuclear physicist.


The markup system is very free form, as a result if you input things wrong it might render the entire post as garbage.


oh, I thought that putting HTML entities into [code] wouldn't convert them but it did >>7947


you broke it >>>/jp/21767


yeah, [sjis] and [code] aren't doing what I want them to. There's a chance I can edit-fix it quick


Syncing is awesome! Thanks for finally doing it.


the text is good, but doesn't sync the files yet


><a onclick="return highlightReply('7959', event);" href="/b/res/6312#7959">>>7959</a>


i'm trying to test something while cool's stream is happening


resolved a bunch of markup issues (i think)

Last things on my list for today are the 4-5 preview additions.


I just noticed that you can't preview posts from the form at the bottom of the page. How much trouble would it be to add that?


uh, kind of. There's only one preview so the toggles need to be linked and there's also the question of who's file gets used since those aren't linked at the moment


File:nDxvNYI.png (238.17 KB,1026x642)

Updating the previews wasn't as hard as I thought.

Previews now handle youtube/nico thumbs, translate Kissu-URL->Cite link, Create a video thumbnail and create a preset image when loading fails(due to CORS errors and similar issues)


So with that out of the way, all issues have again been solved.


File:1628076812925.png (289.74 KB,1920x950)

siiigh.... the good old days...


File:1628076818815.png (369.61 KB,1346x882)

Remember when the UI didn't suck...



The current version's way better, what are you smoking?


is joke


I'm going to be creating a new dev thread since the site's software is stable for the foreseeable future and dev' isn't a major issue. I guess just a generic admin and dev QA thread.

On this I want to resolve an issue relating to >>>/poll/1554
This issue is backed by the reasoning behind prior creation of >>>/jp/

Thread perma status off

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