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Use this thread for testing features on a live board. Pay no attention to the content of the posts.
Hiding this thread will stop notifications and annoyances.
For thread testing and tests that don't involve notifications there is >>>/test/


Reminiscing on /qa/ I realized there hasn't been one of these in a while
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nice SHABs




















B- Test






🎲 Rolled 5


hello staff I would like to inform you that your test image ban is a flipping mistake let me post let me post


put a catbox link to the image here so we can figure out what's going wrong with the image ban





File:n20pmn.png (Spoiler Image,28.17 KB,497x924)




Image ban is a really bad idea due to the false positives. If you want to filter the CP bots it's best to implement a 24 hour captcha or something.


the problem wasn't false positives. It was that it was catching the spoiler thumbnail.

If you want to fill out a captcha every 24 hours, I suggest you go to a different imageboard. I'm sure you will be able to enjoy all the captchas you want elsewhere


I don't think you even realize that the CP spam is done by hand. So put your terrible suggestions up your ass and fuck off.
Retarded pedophiles on this website compromising it's existence, as they normally do.


And if it catches something as innocent as that don't you think it would catch a lot of other images as well? Captch isn't desirable, but it would be the easiest solution for that.

No, it's not. It's spammed on multiple different websites. There's no way it isn't automated.

Also, you sound like a woman who just menstruated, teenmin.


Go to a website and fill out captchas for 0.1cent a piece. It will do you more good than posting on imageboards


What good is a imageboard where you can't post images?






There's a signifier which shows if a post is from the new UI, old UI or a bot. The spam comes from the new UI and you can't bot post from this without a javascript bot which is able to dynamically render pages.
There's also ocasionally signs that people who spam these sites monitor their lists and check for changes to the software.

You are just a retarded teen who thinks they can save imageboards without realizing who you're dealing with.
Stick to posting your retarded pedo bait


hold on, you might not be completely retarded and have given me an idea on what this "thing" is doing differently.


And you are faggot who is a terrible admin and has constant emotional outbursts like a woman. The site would be a ghost town if not for your other two mods.

Also, I haven't seen these kind of posts in sites that have captcha.


File:c0c4b94a79cde5c60e4437aee5….jpg (250.75 KB,500x707)

wwhy verm is piss. why verm is piss #italiano


I see, they actually are abusing the old UI


wait... nvm... ignore that they're using the new UI. I forgot the password patterns and behaviour between the two UI.

So I'm correct yes, you don't know anything about spam.
I bet you think the CP ads that shows up on 4/h/(of the same nature as here) is done by sophisticated high tech bots.


>I bet you think the CP ads that shows up on 4/h/(of the same nature as here) is done by sophisticated high tech bots
I searched for the same keywords this bot uses on multiple 4chan archives and couldn't find anything. Have never seen it live there either, but it does show up often in sites that don't have captcha.


Before verm shows up again and gets pissy I'll tell you that to his best knowledge the spam is manually done to only certain sites so a forced captcha wouldn't do anything to stop it.


yes. it's what I said.


The thing is that I specifically targeted the spam with a captcha at one point and it didn't work.

It's possible that I could try again with a temporary aggressive solution and see the outcome.


Wait, so that spam on all the boards I go on has been one faggot manually doing it this whole time?


with 70% certainty. I mean, it's possible that the one time I tried I made a mistake and the spam wasn't actually getting caught up in the captcha...

I suppose I can try again when it becomes a major issue again


Smoke some weed and chill out, bro.


Since when has marijuana been an antiandrogen.


Hmmm... never knew that THC blocked androgen receptors


File:Screenshot from 2022-05-21….png (255.89 KB,1920x1080)


this was a joke and i didn't mean to be rude
i thought it would be fixed in an hour because it said test


what you mean? it's fixed. didn't have any hard feelings

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