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File:[MiG_MuX] Pripara NCED - 1….png (2.58 MB,1920x1080)


Let's start a club to help teach our dear vermin how to hold a successful discussion without resorting to fallacies and other terriblenesses out the ass. I think it will be a good learning experience for all!


File:1580969594915.png (304.28 KB,776x720)

All your arguments are invalid, god speaks to my mind


File:vodka.jpg (102.17 KB,407x400)

Correction: I am god


that's a devil lying to you
you are being tricked by lucifer that you have divinity reserved only for God

source: I received a vision from one of God's angels

File:85888011_p0.png (1.69 MB,1080x1080)


To preface, I think that /qa/ has been wonderful so far. It’s provided a place for people that want to get away from the crappiness of the modern internet and has proven to be a nice haven for those rangebanned off of 4/qa/. There’s nothing more I could ask of the admins in regards to how things have been handled so far.

My concerns today stem from /jp/, the secondary board made to be /qa/’s dumping grounds of sorts. Its purpose has always been murky and shrouded in a veil of vagueness, but I believe today that there is a path for kissu to clear this vagueness and give the board a clear purpose alongside being a side for less important funposts. My proposal is that the moderation of the board become more hands off from the staff, and more hands on for the posters. This of course, excludes crap that doesn’t belong on a 2D/Random board in the first place such as 3D, cancerman/frogs, and politics discussion.

The for this reason being that while /qa/ has appealed to the section of 4/qa/ that liked to take it easy and talk to each other about meta, otaku culture, and the like, there was also another portion of 4/qa/ that has been largely ignored by kissu from the getgo. These posters being those who were interested in /qa/’s unique clash of cultures which lead to the creation something wholly unique and fun. That 4/qa/ from 2017 has been mostly lost to history, and while some may think that the current “board wars” going on are representative of it, I think it to be a wholly different concept. The clashing cultures of 2017 were more closely related to each other, and weren’t really vying for presence on the board, but rather the clashes were due to the differing philosophies and values of those posting. Leading to passionate arguments, lighthearted shit/funposting at each other, fun trolling of each other, and a lot of positive inter-board interaction. For the most part this doesn’t exist on kissu in its current state, mostly that’s due to staff moderation standards. While not being the exact same, they’re a bit too similarly strict on both boards towards those that clash with the current culture, thereby making the possibility for this to occur once again extremely, if not entirely, unlikely.

That is why I believe the moderation on /jp/ should be even more lax than it currently is. If the possibility is there, then I believe kissu also has the capability to pull it off. I think there’s a fair amount of people who may have been intPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I still think it is regardless of whatever you meant by that. If you can have a good community without any mod intervention it means your community is very dedicated and cooperative.


>It was what made the board good.
Again, not in and of itself. It's like praising the drive shaft of a car and not the engine. The drive shaft actually allows the car to move, sure, but without an engine, all you've got is a husk. To my point, 4/qa/ still has plenty of self-moderation, regardless of whether it offends you to consider it such. The wojak-spammers are extremely militant and defend their posting while likewise maligning others who dare to criticize them, while also pushing threads off the board to make more space for themselves. But, here's the thing: they have no real community. To be frank, their "community" is shit, and no amount of their style of self-moderation is going to or will ever change that fact.

>If you can have a good community without any mod intervention
Nothing about self-moderation implies a good community as you've been presupposing is my point.


It's just mindless organized spam from a discord in their case. They're nowhere near as dedicated and caring as the 2d/random posters were. Not comparable.


But I think it's funny that the same thing happened to them. They were kicked out of there by the manager as well made their own spinoff as a result.


I think bad posts and threads should be deleted on sight, because allowing them sets the precedent that they're acceptable. Most of the imageboards that gradually go to shit are the ones that lean too heavily on user moderation, which doesn't work in the long run.

File:1597444665699.png (339.83 KB,539x635)


the new homepage looks nice and all but can you please change it back



and I actually kinda like it, though it could do with a couple improvements maybe

File:1453475874653.jpg (67.11 KB,500x640)


Come to zzz/tech/ (it is not a warzone)


No thanks



kuso thread

File:1ad498892a5c253320d00eb7bb….jpg (126.72 KB,1000x1000)


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part of me knows this, but she's a neko arcueuieuiid


neco-arc is still my homeboy


is this on autosage?


both UI ought to have an anchor on the OP, that means it's on autosage


actually. old one doesn't have the icon it seems

File:vermin.png (521.6 KB,718x539)






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They're back now after the EFF wrote a response to the complaint:


File:1491719637356.png (541.98 KB,811x710)

Always a good day when the record labels are getting fucked.


But they're not?...


In a way they are since the RIAA represents them and does copyright fuckery for them


No, I mean, absolutely nothing detrimental is happening to them. Sure, they didn't get their way, but that's not them, "getting fucked." A VCR/cassette-type lawsuit where a court rules on the ability of individuals to make personal copies of music or videos, that's them getting fucked. This? Not so much.

File:autism dance.gif (2.98 MB,480x270)


gif autoplay option when, the people have spoken
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hste people calling anime girls autistic


File:1481378711717.png (741.81 KB,600x900)

even when they actually are?


They can't be, Autism isn't real.


File:mashiro autistically peeki….png (115.42 KB,500x539)

Mashiro-chan wouldn't exist if autism wasn't real


there are no canon autistic anime girls. it bothers me the most when they are actual autists doing it because they want to relate to the character.

File:waterfox_ymC7cKEcWV.png (12.65 KB,430x140)


Do you use a listed CSS on kissu and are dissatisfied with the color of sage? What theme is it and what color do you think it should be?
I'm going through and correcting them, but some input from people that use the themes would probably be for the best.
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The one on dark and tomorrow should definitely be changed. It's pretty hard to read. Make it a lighter blue maybe.



File:xIViSTJui3.png (2.56 KB,377x70)

sage names are too dark, pic related is how the sage color is supposed to look like


i forgot to remove my test tripcode from the name field


File:o3k5ULraBu.png (14.45 KB,536x196)

almost forgot
this is what the sage color looks like on kissu rn with the tomorrow theme

File:1525997487801.png (830.01 KB,770x650)


It's pretty annoying having to click "View Hidden Options" every time I make a thread.
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File:yA1McvE.png (360.48 KB,1852x947)

This was how I had it originally, but changed because I forget why. I might change this back, but in general vichan's UI is going to stay the same and improvements are going to be made on the 4chanX-like UI that's in development


>changed because I forget why
I believe it was because you wanted to make tripfagging and namefagging more difficult by having the name field not carry over between posts.


I know why I made it like that originally, but I forget why I set it to the way it is now. I think because the new tripcode style was done and wanted to make it more appealing to trip


File:1fce2eee6c.png (25.86 KB,456x292)

It looks like you're going a bit for the 4chan-x design somewhat, but you're missing the good CSS choices it made. Like the rounded corners, better reply-bg, and the slight shadow to make it appear more above the rest of the page.


css in progress. There are a lot of technical details to work out.

File:arai-san updated arch.jpg (402.99 KB,800x800)


Is there any problem with fetching the JSON of all the threads on /qa/ at once?
I'm completely new to this kind of thing and don't want to do anything obnoxious...


probably not. I haven't tried


Guess I'll try with /aut/ first and see how it goes


The server does a lot more complicated and intensive things than fetching files. It shouldn't even exhaust thread resources because file fetching is multithreaded in any professionally designed software. New NodeJS UI may have problems with serving too many clients at once due to how it's constructing pages from cached components, but API is just files and NGINX will always be doing this because that's their specialty.


Thank you. I expected as much but wanted to be sure

File:1f7a9f5aac862dbf260e200379….png (2.32 MB,1000x1816)



Why did my /qa/ bug not show right on dark-kissu theme? It's the only one where it didn't.
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converted to lucida sans


font on dark-kissu looks worse than before now...


inconsistent spacings or ugly font...
Verdana is closer to Lucida Sans Unicode without unique spacing


In a few days no one will remember the bug (no offense) so I think it's probably to revert it. How often are people posting ASCII?


I was planning on making a thread dedicated to posting ASCII now that you said that. Just researching some places where to get it from first.

File:listen here.jpg (39.89 KB,601x625)


I just realized that it's almost impossible to read colored text on a light theme: >>>/qa/57768 I was using Yotsuba B because it's the default and I couldn't read shit there. I think the default theme should be changed back to a dark one given this.


that's weird im on yotsuba B and can read it just fine
you might want to adjust your screen settings


it's not easy to read


I'm in a one sided platonic relationship with kissu dark




tomorrow > kissu dark

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