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File:pout.PNG (551.02 KB,606x697)


love the new captcha question or maybe i havent seen it until now, but still, love it


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (281.45 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, there's also a blep one: ":p"
Neither are new, but they're reasonably rare I guess


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how does firmware hacking even work...


Depends on the system.


Unless you're working with relatively simple hardware, low-level programming is not an easy task. There's nothing wrong with attempting it, but unless you already know what you're doing in high-level programming, you're probably going to end up hitting the upper bounds of your skill fairly early on.


I've got no idea how I'd actually go about putting the firmware into the system. How do I get the Assembly onto my computer


Again, it depends on the system. Different hardware works differently, as does the firmware that they come preloaded with.

File:IMG_20210508_004623.jpg (1.67 MB,2976x3968)


you're watching a video when suddenly your web pages won't read cookies and localstorage anymore...

you type reboot into console and it won't shut down
you restart and it locks up
it tells you to run disk fix
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all is fine


this is what tanasinn is like


File:[Commie] Bishounen Tanteid….jpg (317.06 KB,1920x1080)

It was the world reminding you it's time to back up


I cast magic missile at the darkness


linux handles fucked mounted volumes so badly when you try to reboot
easily in the top 10 things I hate the most about it, especially when dealing with nfs shares

File:Magic.webp (100.15 KB,703x549)


I'll delete this later.

Image posting functionality will become a bit more unstable than usual when I bump this thread later today. Uploading images to the second image server has some problems and has been disabled for the past week. It'll be enabled again onto /test/ so there shouldn't be any problems, but I'll be modifying image uploads and testing it on the server meaning /trans/ will be spammed with test posts and I might break image uploads accidentally.

This and a problem with the catalog are the last updates I have planned out. Assuming no more problems come up this will be one of the last major updates to the site.


File:approval girl.jpg (48.26 KB,300x265)

thanks as always


i got a bit bogged down trying to improve the catalog.
Going to try and get 2/3 of the fixes done starting soon. Finish off the last later.


done messing around for today, fixed unspoilering and webm uploads, still have to resolve some delete issues


File:1606526415092.png (107.38 KB,240x240)

seems done. what a pain. FTP doesn't have any ability to copy files.

File:[danganronpa][enoshima jun….jpg (228.75 KB,480x480)


Since this is the only board that allows people to talk about other imageboards without it being a happening I guess, has anyone heard about:
https://lolcow.farm/ ?
Apparently it's a /cgl/ spin-off that is on par with Wizchan if that makes any sense?
Also general imageboard discussion thread. What imageboards do you people explore and find?
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i hate women


i hate you


Josh is a pretty ugly woman


cow reminds me a bit as a spiritual successor to /i/
I have a strong curiousity with such dens since they link back to my own edgy chuuni anonymous legion days, but these at this point in life I don't have the time to track and observe people who track and observe some 3DPD girls obsessively.



File:d2vV1ag.png (483.65 KB,1546x613)


Why would anyone want to discontinue the old IMDB pages?


Because staying static doesn't please shareholders.

File:f70877435bdb4b0cbd923c658a….jpg (62.16 KB,1200x630)


What's the actual name for one of these cards?
You put data onto them(bus or train passes) then run it across a scanner and it reads/writes data.

I want to do some research on how they work.
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IC cards (ICカード)


you can get phones which are able to read them


My Suica card on it probably still has like ¥300 on it.
Poor thing must be feeling sad from being unused in so long.


don't worry, I think I read somewhere that they're valid for like 20 years without being used!


File:1609903722754.jpg (94.39 KB,933x933)

sasuga nippon!

File:IMG_20210424_064859.jpg (353.58 KB,1080x1153)


jesus christ.
Do I honestly have to use find.4chan to find bugs/issues?
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I posted on his github to get back to me so we'll see what's going on. It likely is an issue that could be fixed with what you're suggesting(on 404 redirect image requests to luna server).


Just stopping by to say that screencaps suck.


I think it would suck more if I posted an unrelated image


turns out that wasn't the kuroba dev


So idk who that was,


Nice design


Don't you know? Design now means drawing a picture of what you want the product to look like.


It's not bad design, it's expertly crafted accelerated planned obsolescence.


if it werks it werks



Self driving cars look like a university grad's philosophical thesis on ethics and not a practical application of real world technology.

In this video the car regularly drives or stays in wrong lanes for longer than a second. Reports have been that people using automated steering have been pulled over for looking like a drunk driver. This is the result after a 2 years from peak funding in 2019.
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Noticed I can't even find a hazardous environment test for these anywhere. Worrying sign.


Computer vision problems tend to be alright. But the stats about saftey are misleading because it's a luxury vehicle and people drive these more cautiously.

And participants to this program have to make a down payment of 10,000 dollars to get into the beta(and most people who have given money haven't even gotten it!)


unrelated, but bursting AI dreams is like candy


I thought it was common knowledge that forced 60 fps looks like ass.


But don't you want to know why?

File:convite3.png (152.35 KB,600x1000)


we have an /int/ too!

File:oOiTRvt.png (184.22 KB,854x684)


I was concerned over the amount of bandwidth polling consumes on clients so I compared it with something like reddit the pages are ~20MB for a page load.
So heavy. Kissu on >>>/qa/4165 is only 4MB on FR and on Vichan it's 2MB

I imagine they make optimizations for mobile, but it goes to show how pointless load times and optimizations are when it comes to search rankings or having a userbase. It uses so much data while the pages main content is text, but no one cares.
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regardless, no one cares about optimization was the point of the OP, not that I think one system of design is better than the other.


users do care about optimization, if they still stay on the platform after optimization becomes worse it's purely out of habit


Does the average user really care about optimization? At least speaking for myself, I have unlimited data and fast enough internet speeds that for something as simple as a page load, the difference optimization makes is basically zero. While things might be different for those with worse internet, how well optimized a site is is very low down my list of priorities when choosing what I want to use.


you're talking as if you're the only user of this website
unlimited phone data and fast speed is a rarity in the world scale
practically only people living in urban areas of developed economies have access to both of them, and not all choose to get all of these
i don't use my phone much so it's on a budget plan with limited data, but feel free to call me poor just because i don't want to spend more than i need


I meant unlimited wifi, not unlimited mobile data which I don't have either. Anyway sites like Reddit are overwhelmingly used by at least moderately tech--savvy people from Western nations so the situation in the rest of the world or among low-tech people isn't of much relevance.

File:Screenshot_2021-04-07 qa ….png (217.59 KB,1357x483)





File:yande.re 2041 hazuki trans….png (309.39 KB,1600x1200)


I always liked how doujin.moe would hold polls every week for random things and how to change their site.



File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (312.4 KB,1920x1080)

*cough* >>>/poll/


I broke the site doing this...


File:apo_n dance 1.gif (728.4 KB,640x360)


i got all the targets, where's my prize


i added a new target

File:book of irc.jpg (31.99 KB,377x500)


>but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed

I want to discuss the shitshow on the #qa IRC channel.
Just who is the mod there banning everyone?
Why is he doing it?
Why do I feel like this is not the first time that it has happened?

It's not being moderated the same way as /qa/ as previously erroneously stated. I would like to see this discrepancy resolved.

This thread has been certified not to break any rules by my rules lawyers back in rules lawyersville. Please do not delete it to protect anyone from criticism…..
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bought my Dad a 50$ bottle of wine


There's way too much to talk about here, but I'll focus on the more pressing matter: what's the point of forcing anonymous when everyone knows each others' nicknames? What's the overlap between these people and those who tout the virtues of anonymity?


I've never cared for /intl/'s reuse of *gag for imageboards other than 8. Every site deserves its own uniquely tailored derogatory nickname.


>what's the point of forcing anonymous when everyone knows each others' nicknames? What's the overlap between these people and those who tout the virtues of anonymity?
it's fun
being able to say something without anybody knowing who you are is great
being able to talk about "x person" or "y person" or "[nick]" is also sometimes useful

not everything about being anonymous is a good virtue. did that answer your question


don't listen to this, I was promised access to a secret area of VIP quality and all I got was cummed 25678 times

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